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35 Thoughts to “How Much to Start Trading Penny Stocks With-Tips for Small Accounts & How I turned $600 into $30,000”

  1. Jānis Apinis

    I want to join the movement of life!

  2. GottaC 13

    I did my application.

    My name is Wigberto Abinader. I live in Charlotte, NC

  3. Lo Mas Duro

    what do you think about the robin hood app for iphone?

  4. Mauricio Fernandez

    I have $2000 and i wanted to learn my friend. I’m ready, young, and determined! i’m not new to trading, I just feel like i’m not trading to my full potential. Turning $600 to $30000 is a great accomplishment.

  5. Pamela Stewart

    Don’t fund less than 2K? According to the title of this video, you started with $600.00.

    1. Patrick John

      +Pamela Stewart maybe take the time to watch the video and not just read the title.

  6. Gail Pugsley

    I really wanted to scream at the 200th “you know”!

  7. Kevin Runyon

    Tell Tim Grittani you cant trade penny stocks with 1,500$ hes pushing 3 mill now. Lolololol

    1. Travis In Canada

      +Kevin Runyon Actually Tim Grittani invested $1500 of his own money and also borrowed $13,000 from his family, his total account was almost $15000 total. Still a very impressive turn out for him, but he most definitely did not turn $1500 into 1.7m

    2. Trading Fraternity

      1 person out of 80,000? sounds legit LOLOLOL

    3. Mikaze Pacleb

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  8. Nas Kahn

    What website or app do I use

  9. Zaid Alchalabi

    dude where do you actually have videos actually TEACHING people what to do . ????

    1. lX V1P3R Xl

      @Legit Sniper CSGO/UNBOXING/CAR VIDEOS I live in the Milwaukee area. Do you regularly penny trade then? I’d absolutely love for someone to show me how!

    2. LegendaryGamingChannel

      @lX V1P3R Xl tbh i need help myself too but im 15 and i dont live in that area i lvie in chicago IL

    3. lX V1P3R Xl

      Oh I see. Do you trade right now though? If you do, who taught you?

    4. LegendaryGamingChannel

      @lX V1P3R Xl I trade on demo account but i kind of taught myself my parents wont let me trade yet with real money i dont think they want me to trade at all

    5. lX V1P3R Xl

      What is the provider of the demo account you use? I’d like to make one

  10. krughan henderson

    I started trading 4 months ago so I’m a newbie. I started with with $50 I could only afford 1 to 3 micro shares.and I did day trade.
    I had discipline and low to no emotions. before each trading day I would pick a market like eurgbp and I would watch and understand the chart patterns. to me the patterns are clear as day and I know when to trade. anyway to July I now have $2,350. you may laugh but for me I have learnt a lot about chart patterns in 4 months. it is possible to begin trade with low capital it’s the traders ideology, outlook and plans that are most important. when I started I didn’t want to make millions in 1 week. all I wanted to do was and still is to to at least double my initial trade. once I did that I was out till the next day….. so my advice for poor traders like myself is simple you must have discipline and a plan that is no way near ridiculous. stick to it and use the demo platorms to really soak in and understand what’s going on. with just that. you won’t lose

    1. jack rick

      I wanted to get into it, and wanted to start off with 50 bucks.But the problem is, i really don’t know which broker I should go with.Right now im checking out Optionshouse, would be awesome if you tell me which one you used.

  11. jack rick

    Wait, so u said u started with 600 bucks and turned it into 30k, yet in ur video u said not to start investing if you have lower than 1k

    1. Trading Fraternity

      exactly, I showed what you can do with that amount, but It would be foolish to advise people to bet half their account on one play!

  12. George

    You’re wrong about the startup cost. I started with $300 a year ago and I’m already up to almost $800. There are definitely strategies you can use for really small accounts. I started when i was 15 so i didn’t have a lot of money my parents would let me trade. If you don’t have a thousand dollars to trade don’t worry! YOU CAN STILL TRADE WITH A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS as long as you have good risk management.

    1. Eddie Morell

      Thanks George, I have always wondered about that and now I want to start educating myself about it


    Where can i paper trade?

    1. Nadia Venice


  14. Max Trafford

    RIP my idea of starting with £100

    1. Max Trafford

      Thank you for the advice.

    2. Trading Fraternity

      hell ya man! glad you are receptive! You will be rewarded for your wisdom and patience!

  15. Thomas Michael


  16. shaneey larkin

    That 20 grand would do me for the next 5 years regarding housing arrangements and university.This is real motivation thanks for sharing your insist

  17. eS Gabriel

    Information starts at 16:35…

  18. MrElopez123

    oh okay let me just sell my car so I can get a quick 5k to start trading!

  19. Rick J

    Food for Thought for sure. It’s amazing how many people comment before watching a full video ! I am still using a paper account and have slowly come to the Conclusion that I need more $$$ to start out with, which you covered nicely. After watching I now will have to dive into understanding Options. I believe to many people jump in the water before they know the temperature of the water and then get all freaked out when they realize how cold it is and they can’t understand why since the air temp s 80°, and still the next summer they do the same thing and still don’t understand why!!!! learn as much as you can before you risk real money ( feel the water with you toes before you jump in ). Great Video. Sub’ed

  20. Dan Britto

    You back up everything thing sykes does , and no you canot start a SMALL account with large caps, duh!!!

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