Penny Stocks 

How To Find The Hottest Penny Stocks Every Day | Step By Step



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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28 Thoughts to “How To Find The Hottest Penny Stocks Every Day | Step By Step”

  1. Yash Patel

    Very helpful Tony. Thank you.

    1. Tony Ivanov

      glad you found value in it!

  2. Mikemix

    Nice video! Does EquityFeed have the ability to find runners (like what you were showing with Tradeideas) ? Is it possible to get those type of alerts with Thinkorswim?

    1. Tony Ivanov

      EquityFeed has a standard ‘alert’ window, but it’s not nearly as customizable as trade ideas. It simply shows you the HOD on certain stocks; with trade ideas you can make different ‘strategies’ within the same window to filter down even further and differentiate between certain plays all within the same window. I’m not sure if its possible on ThinkOrSwim

    2. Dody Hesseltine

      If you find that TOS does would you let us all know? Thanx

    3. Living in Sky

      Mikemix What’s Equity Feed. I am using Thinkorswim as well.

  3. Dody Hesseltine

    Great video. I believe I learned quite a bit from this video. I am going to try and hook up with Trade Ideas. I have looked at it before but never really got to know it.

    1. Tony Ivanov

      Dody Hesseltine it’s pretty essential especially if you’ll be trading these low priced penny stocks that I do!

  4. Zaga

    The video was of great help to me. Thanks!!

    1. Tony Ivanov

      That’s great to hear!

  5. M M

    love when you explain your mistakes ! man you rock for being that young ! keep it like that, you are really helping

  6. Mian Amir Manzoor

    It is amazing educational platform, I learn a lot, please keep it up

  7. Michele Holley

    Becoming a Tony fan ! I love these videos!

  8. Tiwana Brown

    I’m new and did not understand anything


      Tiwana Brown keep going your not alone God is pushing us to get that stock money

    2. Rafael Rodriguez

      Like Kali said keep it going I watch videos everyday while doing my 10 hours graveyard shift and I’m telling you I will get this done ✅ I’m tired of working hard I wish I could take some classes on this to be honest

  9. Onkar Bhide

    Hey Tony! love your videos. They helped me a lot with my trading business. Keep up the good work, god bless you.

  10. Dan patino

    Looking for a penny stock site to trade on any recommendations

  11. szopinski family

    brand new … so fun, thanks for the help!

  12. Living in Sky

    First of all, thanks man for all these videos you created. How can I have this alert of new float? Is it a software? I’m using Thinkorswim platform. I hope you answer my question.

  13. Sean Mcgrath

    great vid Tony, cant get enough of you training video’s

  14. ian clarke

    love the fact that even though you got a paid course out that you still dont hold anything back in your free videos .great way of teaching to .ive watched loads but only yours seem to sink in.

  15. Bradley Baze

    like the video helped me out a lot

  16. Duvan Flores

    Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you. great video! learned a lot

  17. 4thcoming

    Free apps they have for stock screeners. Nice and informative video btw.

  18. Krilla10k

    Bruh how do yall learn how to use this software so good and understand the terminology??!?!?!?

  19. itz ya boy polarbear

    Great vid, very informative

  20. Ronald Cueto

    im brand new how can i learn what your doing?

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