Candlestick Charting 

How to Read CandleStick Charts!


If your attempting to become a Rewarding DayTrader you require to understand just how to Read Stock Chart CandleSticks. This set of the basics of Day Trading Supplies! Candle Sticks reveal us the price activity of any given supply showing the opening and also closing cost of that chart time frame in genuine time. Trading off a Candle sticks is preferred and also some people go as far to become experts in Candle light Stick concept. Candle light Stick graphes are a fundamental of Day Trading!

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26 Thoughts to “How to Read CandleStick Charts!”

  1. Patrick Wieland

    Do you use CandleSticks to Trade?

    1. TedTheAtheist

      Of course. I’m a student of Warrior Trading, and they give us the in-depth teaching, as well as how to use volume to determine when a reversal will happen in conjunction with a bullish wick.

    1. Patrick Wieland

      No problem!

  2. The Man LB

    thanks bro…

    1. Patrick Wieland


  3. Russell Pena

    Awesome breakdown bro…wayyy better than those boring Warrior Trading tutorial videos lol

    1. Chilungamo Ndalama

      Whoa Whoa hold it here – Warrior Trading tutorial videos are clearly mid to advance explanation as he put it this video this was “quick and easy”.

      Warrior Trading helped me and a lot of people – in fact for FREE tutorials cant complain or compare. – Peace.

    2. Patrick Wieland

      Keeping it simple. Day Trading isn’t rocket Science

    3. TedTheAtheist

      Exactly. Warrior Trading goes much more in depth.

  4. Will Hunter

    Nice intro to candles. Off topic question: how do you set price alerts on DAS? Also, what moving averages do you use?

    1. Patrick Wieland

      Don’t use Price Alerts. I use 9 EMA 20 EMA

  5. b.cage

    What type of information/programs/course do you offer people who have the basics like reading candlesticks and a basic understanding of tech analysis down?? like what is your purpose to these videos, are you offering mentoring or just showing newbies a bit of the strategy?

    1. Patrick Wieland

      Started this channel 3 months ago with the goal of creating a place where someone can learn the basics and overtime Ill make more and more advanced videos.

    2. b.cage

      PlanTradeProfit Sweet looking forward to it!

  6. Edward desouzia

    Great video simple and easy to understand

  7. elias weber

    you read my mind on what I was hoping you would post. this is the fundamental i was missing among other all the other statistical analysis

    1. Patrick Wieland

      Perfect timing then!

  8. Garpot

    #props Patrick!

    1. Patrick Wieland


  9. Von HB

    i made the mistake of spending years analyzing candle stick patterns. what ive realized is just stick to a select few and be really good at it. trying to master the all will give you headaches

    1. Patrick Wieland

      Agreed! Keep it simple. Master a few

  10. Neelam Wadhwani

    Great video..great explaination! But you talk to fast. I had to watch this twice to catch what you were saying. I will probably have to watch this video two or three more times to understand it properly.

  11. Donald Wolfson

    Robinhood just announced they are going add candlesticks as a feature soon, wanted to find out how to read them. Thanks!

  12. A Lynn

    What platform do you use?

  13. Diving Chipmunk

    So how do you actually use them to trade?

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