Penny Stocks 

How To Start Trading Penny Stocks With Just $200!


This is exactly how to start trading cent supplies with simply $200. You can become rich making 15% on each trade everyday beginning with just $200! This investor signs up for Tim Sykes Cent Stocking Silver training. He took the time to discover and currently he makes money constantly everyday investing a small amount of money. In this video clip he demonstrates how he dip purchases when trading. It is possible to become a millionaire in time naturally, however it can be done.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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33 Thoughts to “How To Start Trading Penny Stocks With Just $200!”

  1. Aaron Dizele

    which software do you use for trading?

    1. Vincent Burke

      I need this too!


      Aaron Dizele looks like he’s using thinkorswim.

    3. Timon van Dael


    4. Trading Fraternity

      I explain the software/platforms on my channel, take a look!

  2. lolzz TV

    I want to do it please put link

  3. Justin Head

    How does taxing work with penny stock trading? When and how are you taxed?

    1. Tony Morales

      Justin Head you have to file your own when trading.


    Hi can you make video about platform, how toopen and close trades? good info and inspiration, because most here have 200 bucks

    1. Stockafella

      I’ll definitely do one this week for you and put on my channel hopefully this guy doesn’t take the video again


    Hi can you make video about platform, how toopen and close trades? good info and inspiration, because most here have 200 bucks

  6. Nomad Wizard

    Do u realy think it’s a good time for a newbee to get into the market ?

    1. Stockafella

      it is a great time the markets ben on a rally , but i dont suggest getting in with out studying

  7. Stockafella

    I use TD Ameritrade and thinkorswim

  8. ricardo vega

    What program do you use

    1. Stockafella

      ricardo vega think or swim


    *What you need to make a profit?!*

    *1. do not use indicators !*
    *2. do not listen to the analysts !*
    *3. risk per trade about 1% !*
    *4. remember the price – the main indicator !*
    *5. do not risk money family !*
    *P.S. also see my trading results, you will be surprised*

  10. Murray Windham-Simmons

    what brokerage do you use??

  11. rob smith

    75/mo yeah prolly worth it

  12. Stayler17

    Ok so you have been doing this for a year. How much have you grown till then?

  13. Stockafella

    Thanks for posting my video!!

  14. Murphy Clint

    They say no man knows it all but Mr scott Adrian has fully convinced me that he is a trade god, all he asked was that i should listen and follow his instructions, which i did and today i can gladly call him a legend, making 13k$ weekly with his strategy is more than a miracle, am grateful sir

    1. Cooper Colton

      Awesome strategy am proud to call mr scott my mentor

    2. Parker Cameron

      only trade experts like mr scott have such amazing strategy. It is the best i have ever seen

    3. Murphy Clint

      contact him via email :

    4. eatign ass


  15. Sumi Garcia

    how does tim charge for his teachings?

    1. Stockafella

      Sumi Garcia i got the silver package which was 149 a month

  16. Gary Smith

    how can I get started

  17. Andre Cummings

    Hey, I need help on learning how to start penny stocks and understand everything.

  18. Stockafella

    Thanks for posting my video!!!

  19. Damian Masztalerz

    Have you tried StocksToTrade? Which should i start with first? Pennystocking silver or StocksToTrade subscription?

  20. Ligia Ho

    Which broker should I use if I’m in Australia

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