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19 Thoughts to “Price Styles & Candlestick Chart Types”

  1. Jeep&Me

    Sir reply asap

    1. MarketGurukul

      send me a mail at gurukulforex(a)gmail
      I will reply tomorrow, … going out now

    2. Jeep&Me

      Mailed you a lot of times no reply please sir reply back

  2. Awadhesh Singh

    Sir commodity ka chart kab tak add ho jayega

  3. Kamran Shabbir

    nice video edward bhai

  4. shehla fazal

    dear bro. can u pl. let me know how i can see currency chart, because i could not find any currency chart pl. answer me, i m ur regularly viewer. ……………………. zafar supari

    1. MarketGurukul

      try mt4


    sar mene Aap ke bahut share video dekhe he shar me Aap ko dill she dhanyawad deta hu


    Nice video.


    thnx sir ur knowldge is very help ful for mi

  8. mukul agrawal

    GUD 1 SIR

  9. Parveen kumar

    sir i have started to watch your videos these r very helpful to increasing my knowledge

  10. Faysal Akand Parvez

    Your tutorial was a nice one. I like it very much Mr. Edward.

  11. ashutosh kumar

    this helps… really…thank you very much..but is your website still up and updated ??

  12. Aman Jain

    hello sir… how r u? if its possible try to make videos on differnt chart patterns like flag.. c/h… rounding bottom… double top… etc… if already made plz sent me its link…. thanx


    very help ful for mi

  14. Richard William

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    Apparently, not all overbought or oversold will culminate in this long reversal. The price will continue its up and down as the trend is still strong. In order not to be caught up with false signals, it’s recommended to combine the RSI and some technical indicators. This is where *Mr. Kelly Micheal* comes in.

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