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The #1 Mistake Too Many Penny Stock Investors Make


Save large on my blowout birthday celebration sale at as well as discover not to make the # 1 blunder that way too many people perform in dime supplies, and that's what leads to BIG losses!

0:05 I wish to look at these dime supply pumps that are taking place now. There's cash to be made as well as there are securities market lessons to be found out.

3:00 Not every penny supply pump bounces. You need to think of the past with these pumps.

6:50 I do not understand why the supply is dipping, I just know the pattern inside and out. I want the supply to jump, I do not want it to keep decreasing.

10:00 The problem with several of you people is that you can't give up. You don't know win to cut your losses. I don't care who you are, you can not take the chance of shedding 50% on a setting.

13:00 Learn, remember this. I do not cherish in anyone's losses however you need to learn the rules of the game. You have to discover the patterns of the stock exchange.

16:00 I'll be seeking a potential dip-buy since that's the pattern that I look for. It happens every day, do me a favor and also do not think into any one of these companies or their tech. That's the # 1 mistake that penny supply capitalists make. They believe in the hype.

19:00 Learn to take earnings, find out to leave the roller coaster as well as simply take revenues. There will certainly be various other pumps, take the earnings and run. Do not buy right into the buzz, find out what jobs and also leave a comment listed below "I will not go down with the ship."

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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28 Thoughts to “The #1 Mistake Too Many Penny Stock Investors Make”

  1. Trif Marian

    Keep doing your thing Tim , you are the best because u teaching the people , U are my mentor and Grand Cardone …Love you from
    Romania …I appreciate your hard work

    1. Bobanonymous Official Page

      why would you “dip buy” a crashing stock!!!!!!??????

    2. Trif Marian

      Bobanonymous Official Page I like his knowledge..

    3. YogiJogi HK

      Yes, Timothy is the best about speaking truth on stocks trend based on technical charts. And he always tells people to do more study, and do not put everything in one basket at once. Wise man’s words

    4. Eduard Bulgaru

      Salut. Poti sa-mi recomanzi te rog o platforma gratuita unde pot sa exersez.

  2. J Z

    I will not go down with the ship! I’ve been in Davy Jones Locker holding that mystery bag of gold. The problem is that bag keeps you weighted down underwater and you miss out on the compounding your money could be doing. This is my 8th month since I started watching your videos. The hardest thing to admit as a trader is when you are wrong. Cutting losses quickly solves the whole thing though. My goal is to not make this mistake anymore.

    1. Hal Knowles

      Joseph Zinser Glad you’re starting to get it bro . I’m saving up for proftly as we speak

  3. DubTenProductions

    Let em believe Tim. We need paid promos so Michael Goode can make enough money for his lavish hair salon sessions.

  4. Jacob Carson

    I really like that Ferrari analogy πŸ˜‚

  5. Hal Knowles


  6. Cruz PT

    Bruh Tim. I had a homie of mine that got in OWCP super early. At 18 cents a share. He rode it all the way to 3.72 a share and never sold it for over 60k he just crashed and burned. He put me in on it, and I sold mines. This was over a year ago. He still has the stock til this day. Hoping for it to come back.

  7. Vincenzo Migliaccio

    Tim, I always heard that seeing is believing but then some wise guy by the name of Eben Pagan taught me that it’s the other way around. Believing is Seeing. You won’t change their belief system and, although they’ll end up losing everything, they will rather do that than looking for the evidence. But thank you for sharing the videos anyway. It helps me a lot (I know I am a selfish bast..d πŸ™‚

  8. Broke and Boujee

    “I get it, cheer-leading is fun.” hahaha that made me laugh. Keep killin’ it my man, I love your videos and content.

  9. shockwave 1

    I’m on my way Tim you’ve been tremendous help in my education.
    I wont go down with the ship ever brother! Thanks

  10. D13

    There is a freedom that comes when you finally let go of the “hope.”

  11. Leamon Lucas

    “I will not go down with the ship” unless I’m shorting the ship 😁

  12. Bladeawwe Rawtr

    This has to be the longest video for the shortest message I’ve seen in a while. You’ve said what you know many times over in semi-different ways.

  13. daniel gally

    “” a lot of these promoters are cokeheads”…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You the man Tim. Realest guy in this game I’m convinced after three years of studying various mentors. Thanks for what you do. I’m not profitable consistently yet but when I am I’ll give you some credit even though I am too much of a Jew for ever paying for your stuff

    1. Timothy Sykes

      it’s true I wish they would do less drugs and be more effective at pumping

  14. Eric Thomas

    I will never go down with the ship

  15. Trigendy Omar

    Are email pump and dumps still a thing in mid 2019?


      Have the same question πŸ˜‚

    2. Trigendy Omar

      @UNITED MONEY lmao

  16. Real Estate With Star

    I wish I could give this video 100 likes!!!

  17. TJ Paymard

    Good Lessonβœ”οΈŽ Y.N.Mβ™›

  18. TJ Paymard

    Good Lessonβœ”οΈŽ Y.N.Mβ™›

  19. serfduke

    Whenever I need a pick me up… I listen to this video… it always makes me laugh… I love the truth…and hard honestly … its videos like this and teaching like this that make me learn from no one else but Tim and his crew…

  20. Mario Noriega

    I’m a believer, are you interested in tapping into the Latin market (spanish speaking)? Have you had a mexican-american success story, I’m interested. I will not go down with the ship.

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