Penny Stocks 

The $1 Penny Stock Short Scam


The $1 Penny Stock Short Scam

If you have actually been trading penny supplies, or wanting to discover exactly how to trade penny stocks, the term "shorts" is something sprayed on a routine basis. Cent stock shorters get criticized so much the good sense of it all, given the actual rules, has actually fallen to the waste side. If you are trading stocks trading for $.10 or reduced, particularly sub-penny stocks, then do not enable individuals to rip-off you over by misleading you. Allow me discuss why none of this makes sense when you take a look at the numbers.

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46 Thoughts to “The $1 Penny Stock Short Scam”

  1. Jose Moz

    Everyone is saying “Shorts” on DCTH message boards. Makes sense…..

    1. ClayTrader

      Not surprising at all. Lots of people dumping and they need someone to blame.

  2. Piranha Wolf

    Am always love watching ur videos.. it’s great & refreshing always..

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoy.

  3. Vincent Titone

    what if you short a stock at $2.51 and it drops to $2.49?? Do you still need the capital?

    1. ClayTrader

      That’d be a question for the broker.

  4. PulseWave Trading


    1. ClayTrader

      Cheers. Thanks!

  5. Michael Keeton

    clay, great video, i have a clear understanding of this now….. do u have a video like this but explaining market movers/people talking about the MM’s. thanks!

    1. ClayTrader

      I have an entire video training course on it (and much else) –

  6. biznakrivera

    Great Video! I try to stay away from penny stocks, It is way too risky to play around in the high Volatility environment. That being said, today I got out of HUSA with a gain of around 2k. Sometimes you can’t help it haha.

    1. ClayTrader

      Great trade! Congrats.

  7. exsxpx1

    why would you short when it’s trading at one penny?

    1. ClayTrader

      Very very good question. Some out there think it is a good idea.

  8. t61turbo

    I see lot of comments, “Clay trader shorted this and that, causing the price to drop” on ihub and other forum sites quite often. When I just started to trade about a year ago, I didn’t know any better and I really believed what others were saying about you. People need to be educated. Not just relying on forums. I think your chart technical analysis is awesome and helpful. I really appreciate your YouTube uploads!
    Keep up awesome work and inspire others!

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks for the feedback. Good for you for admitting to yourself that you were just being ignorant at first, which allowed you to learn. It’s sad how many people refuse to learn and choose to simply keep their head buried in the sand.

  9. Nates Pics

    This guy is a machine, u can see the charging port thru his shirt!

    1. ClayTrader

      That was supposed to be hidden better. Me being a robot is a secret!

    2. GreatWhite_KLM

      Nates Pics haha

    3. Son Lê Hoàng

      Kudos for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one off product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy at last got astronomical success with it.

  10. Mr. D

    Clay you’re a beast!! Thanks for all this videos you been posting. I have learned a whole lot from you. Thank you!

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome! Glad you’ve been enjoying the content!

  11. Steven Stam

    You should have told everyone what happens to your $250,000 account when your $0.01 stock goes to $1.

    1. Alex S


    2. TechTechInc

      Whoever shorts a .01 cent stock deserves it.

    3. Alex S

      @TechTechInc it’s pretty dumb especially when you need $2.50 on the penny LOL

    4. Carles Tutusaus Marrugat

      well… if you are shorting, you will lose lots of money

    5. Alex S

      Everyone gives this nightmare scenario but any short seller with half an IQ point is going to cut his losses WAY before that stock even goes from .01 to .02 you definitely do need to know what you’re getting into though, and be ready to cover at a moment’s notice.

  12. HowToExcel

    Thanks for explaining that. Now I understand it fully!

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome.

  13. Deadeye

    lol i loved that sentence ” there is no hope for you ” 😀 good video Clay

    1. ClayTrader

      Thank you 🙂

  14. Adel Farag

    Thank you Clay for This Video

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome.

  15. Gonzalo Toledo

    the way you explain things … just great !!

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks. Glad you enjoy.

  16. Gary Williams

    Why y’all hating on Penny’s.. I love Penny’s

  17. xicer1

    You lost me when you said you had to wait for the stock to go to zero. I always thought you wanted to stick to go up, not down. Im confused

    1. ClayTrader

      I’m talking about “shorting”. More here

  18. Chewie 13

    Great Video. I like your math, gives facts and taking out the emotion. Lol. 👍

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks for feedback.

  19. Virg

    Thanks for that information clay, me and my dad was about to buy in this penny pot stocks. Thanks for that!

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome. Glad it could help.

  20. Billy Hills

    Thank you clay. I didn’t know this

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome.

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