Candlestick Charting 

Charting Stocks/Forex for Technical Analysis Part 13 – Changing candlestick shadow color matplotlib


This is the thirteenth video in the series for supply price analysis, training you just how to modify the color of a candlestick graph's darkness in matplotlib. The function of the videos in this collection is to show you how to program your very own charting and also evaluation of supplies or Forex.

This is beneficial for you if you prepare to do any sort of algorithmic, high-frequency, or any kind of type of automated trading. sentdex. sentdex.

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7 Thoughts to “Charting Stocks/Forex for Technical Analysis Part 13 – Changing candlestick shadow color matplotlib”

  1. Paulo Santos

    in ubuntu matplotlib files are in mainvarlibpython-supportpython2.7matplotlib

  2. Tommy C

    fyi, it seems the black high/low problem has been fixed by matplotlib folks. just use candlestick_ochl instead of candlestick

    1. sentdex

      Have you tested that? Last I looked the _ochl function was significantly different than the candlestick funciton.

    2. Tommy C

      @sentdex Actually, I have now plotted both ‘candlestick’ and ‘candlestick_ochl’ and they look the same – both display correct green/red high/low, so they probably fixed both but will be phasing out ‘candlestick’. Previously I went straight to ‘candlestick_ochl’ as I got the following whilst coding it:

      /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/matplotlib/ MatplotlibDeprecationWarning: This function has been deprecated in 1.4 in favor of `candlestick_ochl`, which maintains the original argument order, or `candlestick_ohlc`, which uses the open-high-low-close order. This function will be removed in 1.5 

    3. sentdex

      @Ashley Wood Awesome! I’ll soon be digging into some candlesticks again for an application I’m building, glad to hear I wont need to hack at it so much this time.

  3. Martin C

    I’ve installed Python 3.4 on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit platform and the matplotlib module is located in the directory: 


    In Python 2.7 I found the matplotlib module in the directory:


    However it gets more complicated as is a shortcut file to:

    /usr/share/pyshared/matplotlib/ and this is where the actual file resides for Python 2.7

    This is interesting as Python2.7 as has the following directory:


    but matplotlib is not there.

    I checked out Paulo Santos’s suggestion and the folder is shortcut folder that goes to the /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/matplotlib location containing the shortcut.

  4. Anupum Pant

    Great tutorials Harrison. Thank you.
    I wanted to add that to save better resolution plots I added a little dpi parameter.
    fig.savefig(stock+’_candlestick_chart.png’, facecolor=fig.get_facecolor(), dpi=1000)

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