Candlestick Charting 

Cryptocurrency Trading How to read a candle stick chart Candlestick explanation


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27 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrency Trading How to read a candle stick chart Candlestick explanation”

  1. misterinonly

    Thank you. Now waiting on how to determine confirmations as you always say before entering a trade.

  2. j lo

    Simple but effective. Scaling and custom tool bars are my takeaway bonuses.
    Instructing techniques first class.
    Thanks Boss

  3. Yamcha

    Nice tips on speeding charting process!
    Next videos, maybe explanation on indicators you use such as SMA, RSI etc

    1. 51 Percent Crew

      People need to crawl before they walk. I have already noticed by simply showing people how to use a fib tool I had to back up and explain how to read a candle. It will all evolve over time. My goal is to create the basic series and then once people understand how to do that show them how to apply all the stuff they learned to trading

    2. SBM i&c

      Agreed, next video on indicators please.

  4. Attila Banhegyi

    Would love to see your entire process start to finish of picking a trading pair, picking the entry or entry stages, setting targets, and execution. I believe this would require a series of videos to adequately explain the indicators used for the decision making process.
    Do you have a check list such as:
    Price action

    1. 51 Percent Crew

      A well seasoned trader has a vision. It comes down to predicting the market movements. He will not stick to a checklist. Every market is different and constantly changing therefore a single set strategy can not be universally applied. The key to a successful trade is being able to read that market and adapt a strategy. What works in some markets can wreck you in others. I kind of get what you are asking for. The videos will get more advanced as time goes on.

  5. GuildF40

    Could you at some point please do a vid on Volume. How to know when its going up/down buy sell signals. Thanks

    1. 51 Percent Crew

      I have it on the list. Its pretty basic so it will be covered earlier on in the series

  6. Noi157

    Really good video Todd, thanks. Would be great if you could explain some good indicators to use.

  7. DreamKrypto

    Kind of like you’re prescient as far as the exact thing on my mind with every TA video you do. Like scaling, fibs, and the favorites toolbar were just what I had been trying to figure out. For a non-tech person, Trading View can be be challenging (especially if you have never used other editor-type software) but every day I get better and a lot is thanks to your last few videos. Cheers

  8. King Steve-o

    Thanks brother ..

    Ive been sharing them on my pages and helping you reach more noobs ..

    Love your work brother!!

  9. Steve Smith

    A few people have said it already, but a vid on interpreting volume action would be great. Keep up the vids!


    Thanks Champ!

  11. Errol Tiozon

    Thanks for this Todd!
    I think it will also be helpful if there will be a video of what strong candle or candle patterns you look for when you see a chart.
    Overall, love the video because it is straightforward and l learned about how important it is to be accurate when doing some chart reading and of couse how to save up alot of time by using the log and auto and also the favorites!
    Looking forward for more videos Todd! πŸ˜€

  12. The Fallen Crows

    Hi Todd, thanks for the awesome tutorial once again, I think keeping a running number on your tutorials will be great for reference. You can name your first tutorial as 51PC0001 follow by the title, and then 51PC0002, 51PC0003 and so on…

    Also, I don’t see you use indicators much. I’d love to learn more about leading/lagging indicators, especially the common ones like MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Parabolic SAR and Bollinger Bands.

    1. 51 Percent Crew

      I use indicators all the time. Generally when I post a TA I have already removed them and cleaned up my chart.

  13. Amit Dhawan

    The shortcuts are things I didn’t know. Learned something new today. Thanks man

  14. Paul Pereira

    Loving these vids, appreciated. The shortcut will save me so much time πŸ‘

  15. Paul Pereira

    Ideas: can’t be covered in 1 vid, but having some of Todds entry and exit points strategy, how many indicators do you look for before pulling the trigger, with some examples. Or more vids on fibs. Many of us use MA crossovers to trade, I’ve noticed you don’t..why? its not a good indicator? Cheers

    1. Mama van D

      Paul Pereira Was just about to write the same. That would be great Todd! You’re a great professor, keep going please.

    2. 51 Percent Crew

      That will come in the future. The issue I run into is if I do stuff like that without doing the basics first I have to answer a million questions of the same thing over and over. That is why I decided to do this series and to work from basic to more advanced. My goal is to create a library of 100’s of short videos that people can go back and reference what they need. It just takes a lot of time create content.

  16. vivek sen

    Thanks Todd for giving your time

  17. Pascal A

    Thanks Todd, you’re videos are really helpful!! Looking forward to see more. Thanks for helping others thru facebook, youtube etc!

  18. papabearinachair

    I just want to thank you so much for these videos. This is my second time through them and I am way more confident in the market now. Can’t wait for some more videos with more advanced information. Love the Facebook as well. – Patrick Provance.

  19. kieren robbo

    hay man I’m right into setting my charts with 2 ema 13 ,36 on half hour candles interested in your thoughts on this therory

  20. Tim Pace

    watching at lunch. Gonna be Todd Jr in no time LOL

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