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How to become the trader you wish you were | Futures Trader 71


EP 082: Just how to end up being the trader you want you were w/ Futures Investor 71

For the 2nd time on Conversation With Investors, my visitor is Morad or better referred to as; Futures Trader 71.

As you can picture, FEET is a futures trader, he's also extremely short-term as well as has actually been trading for around 16 years now. During this moment, he was the founder of an effective prop company and also more recently, has actually begun a brokerage; Stage 5 Trading.

Very first time around (on episode 37) we talked thoroughly about FEET's course of coming to be a trader, market account and quantity profile, and creating a legacy. This time around we mentioned all brand-new subjects …

For example; just how to find out a brand-new ability, exactly how to measure your progression besides PnL, exactly how to eliminate attachment to the result, how FEET utilizes a regressive danger administration technique, and plenty a lot more too.

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22 Thoughts to “How to become the trader you wish you were | Futures Trader 71”

  1. S3VeR

    The 4 Trade Loss Rule is really interesting. I might try that also 🙂

    1. Chat With Traders

      +S3VeR, yeah I really liked that risk management approach also. Definitely gave me something to think about…

  2. Grant Shuttleworth

    This interview was absolute gold. Thank you.

    1. Chat With Traders

      +Grant Shuttleworth, I’m thrilled you thought so! Thanks.

  3. Andreas Bukontas

    Best interview i have heard so far, brilliant.

  4. eclipseNF

    4 people who lost everything trading disliked this video

  5. Costa Konti

    Great Interview!

  6. Keks 'Van Tlou

    This podcast is just on point all the way..

  7. DTacro

    You jave to interview Marco Gomez from the Institute of Trading and Finance IOTAF

  8. Sink or Swim

    Another interview that hit home. Some of these lessons and thought processes will stick with me. Great interview. Thanks

  9. Joshua Mayo

    25:17 is gold

  10. tammy serafini

    Thank you for these interviews..have watched/listened to over 60 so far and I must say for me this was the BEST!!!!..So much valuable info. Will be listening to again.. Fantastic..many thanks to Morad just superb!!! Thank you for taking the time to pay it forward…

  11. Christ Diver

    FT71 is Highly Respected, Thanks Mr. FiField for this interview. Great Interview !!!

  12. macaire O'Farrell

    this was my favourite interview for some reason

  13. Miguel Mojica

    Wow. This interview was AMAZING! You could write a best seller out of this interview easily. Thank you Aaron for working on these and sharing with the world.

  14. Buildnrepairs23

    Fantastic interview thank you!

  15. Aluna_M 888

    Great interview…I had to listen to it twice…utterly brilliant

  16. MCR123321

    Liked the podcast but was really intrigued by 27:00.

  17. Paul Barr

    Outstanding interview. Thank you, Aaron.

  18. Luca Puzzoli

    wow amazing content here

  19. Ariel

    Another master piece !!

  20. Mark Gomez

    The BEST interview I’ve heard wow!!

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