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John Carter Live Trading ES Futures


From June 13, 2011

Live Trading the ES S&P Futures contract. John Carter utilizes the tick chart to day trade the S&P futures.

John Carter is the writer of Understanding the Trade as well as co founder of Profession the Markets. John Carter has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox business network, tastytrade radio. He is a factor to thestreet and SFO magazine.

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22 Thoughts to “John Carter Live Trading ES Futures”

  1. askchrishetrades

    take all 2k off next time

  2. Rahul Sharma

    Also, when using tick-charts, how many ticks do you use? It says 144, is that right? And why that tick-count? Why not use time charts? Thanks. And really good work. Your vids are great.

  3. Rahul Sharma

    sorry to keep bothering you, but i just rewatched the video and you seem to be using a range chart? what are you observing on the right ladder of your chart when you want it to stay below 0? Is it volume? Momentum?

  4. R Ting

    John, for this video, what was the risk-reward of you getting the first 2 points in the trade? It is high but in hindsight, can you put a percentage on it?

  5. brianstacync

    this is ridiculous, waste of time

  6. BillG37

    Funny, I was going to mention what a great song he has on his cell.

  7. Rikard Rasmussen

    From someone who has no clue what’s going on; how did you learn all this?

  8. Vincent La Rochelle

    Auto stopped watching after he was talking about working out then his cell phone went off with the dumbest song ever

    1. Kari Michael

      Your loss. I just came from a video made by a guy so poor at trading that he didn’t realize he was poor at trading and found this nice video. Even if you don’t like his personality he stresses winning habits and is clearly a very good trader. 10 contracts doesn’t impress me but 10 contracts traded well on a daily basis is huge.

  9. Kari Michael

    1 year ago
    “Great trading plan. It made a new high and I think the market is exhausted. So I will go short. That is why he is selling a service on YouTube..”

    It’s much more likely to consolidate and go no where, or retrace, than to simply take off on him. Seems like a logical trade opportunity to me.

    1. Jorge Silva

      maybe cuz you know how to trade. others struggle a lot, some dont even make it in this field. isnt it sometimes easier to sit back teach and make more money on a none trading day? id think so. maybe failing traders out there just sell the Education to make quick cash. makes some sort of sense since now anyone can trade from anywhere and dont need to pass your series 7 exam to work. lol 

  10. Jon Jones

    Haters gonna hate lol. John Carter recently made 1.5 million on a tesla trade over a couple days. ld say he knows a thing or two about trading.

  11. Eric Heineken

    bud – if your going to make a video – TURN YOUR PHONE OFF !

  12. Colt

    is this like trading forex but with some media news involved. Im good a forex and equites. 

  13. Burrows Investment Group, LLC

    Is John really listening to who let the dogs out?

  14. Sung Chung

    Can you just not tell where you are or where you had been?

  15. Tech Geek

    Everyone has their own way of taking john carter’s trading. He developed a strategy and he deserves to make his own price like all others in the trading business. Now the question is are you sold to his style ? I personally don’t like his way of trading. Listen everyone makes money and loses money in trading. I can flash only the winning trades along with few losing trades that doesn’t make me any better trader. You will not find many live trades video online of john carter , but many competition videos of rob hoffman’s . That’s why I am more leaned towards Rob hoffman. I personally don’t like chart full of indicators with 25% space for candles. I prefer charts with 80% on candles and rest on indicators. Remember the more indicators the more proprietary concept comes. When followers get used to trading based on indicators they had a hard time to detach or unfollow the strategy. It is a kinda indicator addiction which will hold the clientele. There are many like that one example is ValueCharts. Once you are used to these indicators you have a hard time to think beyond that.

  16. Gibran Escobell


  17. Eric Gilliland

    Who let the dogs out? Who?

  18. Nicholas Huss

    Nice trade.

  19. George Trader

    crap! i am not going to buy anything from this guy not even his book from amazon

  20. John Smith

    Excellent video and instruction. Thank you so much!

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