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Nifty (Intra-Day) Trading Strategy – Futures & Options – SAR & RSI Indicators –


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I am sharing an intra-day trading strategy that i use for Nifty Options. It has functioned well for me.

It works much better when you recognize short-term and long term Nifty fads as well … To find out more around long-term fads, read my Publication on "Art of Supply Spending – Indian Stock Exchange" @

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “Nifty (Intra-Day) Trading Strategy – Futures & Options – SAR & RSI Indicators –”

  1. Manikandan R

    Would love to hear feedback after you tryout the strategy … Cheers!

  2. Rameshkumar Palanisamy

    WOOOH GOOD info…. i just started nifty futures but booked some loss. hope this help me in terms of refined investing. 😀

  3. Rameshkumar Palanisamy

    I had gone through your book. It’s simple and have good tips regarding fundamental analysis. good work !!!!

  4. Shreyas Patwardhan

    Hi. Thanks for the video. hope this helps in improving my trading strategy!
    I had one question. My trading portal does not have SAR indicator so instead of that can I use EMA for detecting trend reversal? if yes what should be the period for the EMA?

  5. Manikandan R

    On Stocks, yes it works … But, fails when there’s some external news or factor pushing the stock higher or lower, which defies technical’s …

    For swing trading for 1-5 days, go for 30 minute chart …. might work better 🙂

  6. syed shameel

    thank you very much Mani.
    Applauds to you for the wonderful tips that you give.

  7. Manikandan R

    I am glad that you find it useful 🙂

  8. Khaja Mohiddin

    sir ji
    excellent video can we catch 2 to 3 rs in nifty option with this strategy

  9. bala subrahmanyam


    Let me congratulate for the vision on developing such a short, beautiful, ….. videos on making reasonable profits as these methods definitely gives profit.

  10. Manikandan R

    Thanks for the feedback Bala …

  11. Amit Dhakre

    This combo seems good. I saw you recommending stchastic. By this you mean slow stochastic, right?
    How to keep SL with this strategy?

  12. Manikandan R

    Well, on days when you see highly bullish or highly bearish trend, you can use Fast Stochastic …

    On days when there is no trend, follow Slow Stochastic …. Use the PSAR dots as stop loss …

  13. Anil Kumar

    Hi Mani, Thanks a lot. It looks very good.

  14. Rahul Grover

    can you please share the stock. parameter (14,3) ..(10,3) ..or (5,3)..i use google charts so need to define parameters…

    1. Manikandan R

      @Rahul Grover … you can use the default settings in Google finance

    2. Rahul Grover

      okk thnx alot 🙂

  15. Bhavani Prabu

    Hi , can we use 1min chart for this stratergy?

  16. Jishnu Choudhury

    nice lesson mani.. more positional stuff can be more real and useful. Also can you tell us the success ratio of day traders.???

  17. vignesh Vignesh

    Can you pls specify the SL for this strategy?

  18. STUDIO8 Ahmedabad

    From where can I get this chart live? Pls. let me know.

  19. Bhupendra Ghanghoriya

    Sir what is the value of RSI period?

  20. Govind Tidke

    I want to join the training programm. how to join?

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