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Optimizing Stochastics for Forex and Futures Trading


Discover to take control of your technical evaluation by using multiple settings for Stochastics and also various other indications in Forex.

Optimizing Stochastics for Forex and Futures Trading

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24 Thoughts to “Optimizing Stochastics for Forex and Futures Trading”

  1. Trading Mastermind

    I have used almost every known charting package and looked at the Stochastics side by side. They all look identical. So far I have not experienced that I need to know the formula in order to continually make money. I do not use Stochastics at all myself and don’t really care about the “real” George Lane forumula but that is nice to know. I am more concerned about making money than having an “authentic formula” and that is going pretty well.

  2. dex38holland

    This is fabulous video. Making SSTO “better” fit the price cycles is crucial whether using your method, the ehrlich cycle finder or counting.

    Personally, I don’t like clutter and think pattern recognition, volume and SSTO(combos)would satisfy most. I’ve been taught by both George Lane and Jake Bernstein and still would suggest struggling traders to check out this video. Keep up the good work!

  3. Mujeeb Ur-Rehman

    Thank you very much. This is very useful lesson on Stochastics. 5 stars.

  4. Mujeeb Ur-Rehman

    Thank you very. This is a very useful lesson on Stochastics. 5 stars.

  5. Trading Mastermind

    thanks. I agree. the only leading aspect is the divergence

  6. Master Stock Coach, John McLaughlin

    Interesting video – friend and subscribe for day trading, day trader, day trade videos, technical analysis…

  7. James Brown

    wow, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Donna Pole

    great video. Hope to make more videos about forex. thanks

  9. Nancy Young

    can you explain more about Stochastics?

    1. Trading Mastermind

      Stochastics is an oscillator that goes up and down with price. It is much better to read the shape of price.

  10. J

    Hi! Nice Video.
    Why are you Fibonacci numbers not (8,2,2) (13,3,3) (21,5,5) (34,8,8)?
    They are still fib ratios and also closer to the standard when comparing (14,3,3)&(13,3,3) especially. 

    1. Trading Mastermind

      Hi@J JSA, Fibonacci numbers are mainly used for price retracement levels.  expansion levels,  and time projections. To attribute some meaning in the periods of oscillators is almost in the realm of superstition.  A scientific test of this is to change them to all other numbers and see if they tell something different.  They won’t.  It’s just an oscillator and all it does is go up and down with price.

    2. J

      You might be right about that. I thought there might be a correlation with Fib time frames in your choice.
      (13,5,5) is skipping over 1 fib number. (13,3,3) is skipping over 2 fib numbers.
      You’ve inspired me to use (13,3,3) on hourly chart decisions coupled with (34,8,8) for long term observation. I’m sure you noticed I skipped over to Fib digits in the series to be closer to the (14,3,3) standard ratios. 
      Thanks again.

  11. Djinn

    Hello Scott.  Dinjin’s Predictive indicator is ALWAYS accurate within ONE tick.

  12. Cat Hill

    Great video!!

  13. Barrie Strong

    some say Stochastics is not good for trending markets however place a line @ 40. So for an up-trend as long as both lines are above 40 then you can expect the trend to continue. The reverse is true for down-rends.

  14. TheComposer1979

    good video but man who can we trade with Stocastics?

    1. Trading Mastermind

      Putting the stochastics oscillator on a chart regardless of any setting, will certainly not enable a person to know how to trade. The only way I have found is to learn to read the market by noticing the shapes of the collective highs and lows and seeing that there are consistent patterns sometimes described as Elliott Wave. Unfortunately, there is crucial missing information in what is normally taught in Elliott Wave and it causes people to become confused and not be able to see the high probability trades. That is partly because the emphasis is on counting rather than seeing obvious organic shapes that make counting irrelevent. Once you are trained to see this it becomes more and more clear and easy.

  15. koison busani

    thanks for the video bro and i would like to know which charting program/platform are you using & may you please tell me the settings numbers as to which number belongs to which setting . K,D, RSI length / stoch length.

    1. Trading Mastermind

      @koison busani Thanks for your feedback. This video was made a few years ago. I forgot the name of the charting platform used in that video but don’t use it any more. I don’t use Stochastics or RSI for trading. I focus on reading the patterns only and price action. This video was more for general education but not about how I trade. I recommend not using Stochastics and not relying on indicators crossing up and down to show when to enter or exit. Hopefully all of the later videos will show this better.

  16. ONEARTH1001

    One of the best videos on stochastics ive seen thus far.. keep up the good , educational work..

    1. Trading Mastermind

      @ONEARTH1001 Thank you for the feedback!

  17. Matt Dathew

    wow, this old video is still great, thanks

    1. Trading Mastermind

      Thanks! It’s ironic there is a principle demonstrated in this video I was just demonstrating to traders just the other day about how every trend becomes overbought or oversold right at the beginning of the trend. And yet many people get out of trades at the beginning of a trend because the stochastic or other indicator reached the overbought or oversold zone. Glad to see this is still getting some mileage.

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