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$1,000 to $20,000 Penny Stock Challenge | Day Trader Growth Plan


I would love to welcome any individual with any inquiries to message me or email me as i would like to be a component of your success.

For those that are interested in trading penny supply or spending join my group absolutely free:

My e-mail is: please enable 48-72 hrs for a reaction.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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35 Thoughts to “$1,000 to $20,000 Penny Stock Challenge | Day Trader Growth Plan”

  1. The Dank Engine


  2. The Dank Engine

    nice vid
    also how do i get the fidelity charts you use in your trades. I went to fidelity i saw something like it but it didn’t look like the one you used. Can you please make a video step by step on how to use the one you do. Thank you.

    1. Jon de Martimprey

      in order to have full access to Fidelity’s charts you have to be using them as a broker I am pretty sure. After that you just have to customize them.
      I use they have nice charts that are easy to customize

    2. The Dank Engine

      My dad used to use it as a broker. How do i customize it?

  3. Kevin Rutland

    You should try to compile some live trades in this challenge, just to show people. That would be legit

    1. Kevin Rutland

      oh ok cool

    2. Yemi Yesufu

      Ricky Gutierrez try AZ recorder

    3. zach stevens

      what app?

    4. zach stevens

      what app?

  4. WiscoMatt

    How can we make the $75 each day if we are limited to a few daytrades each week without becoming marked as a pattern daytrader?

    1. TheCornbeefsoup

      Another way to do this: 7% return per day is 35% return per week. To stay within the PDT rule shoot for a 10% ($100) return for each 3 trades which is 30% per week instead of the 7%. Same principle applies. I bit more difficult (not by much) and with less return (%5 less per week) but the satisfaction is pretty much the same with similar goal.

    2. PDUBS32

      I had the same question yesterday (after watching some of these videos); but I am glad I found this answer today!

    3. TheCornbeefsoup

      You can also use Suretrader which is am off-shore broker located in the Bahamas that allows you to day trade with a minimum of $500 with 6:1 leverage and it does NOT apply to the PDT rule. So you can trade as much as you want. But their commissions are crazy (ECN fees are $0.01 per share!) But if you’re disciplined and have a great strategy you can grow your account wayyy faster than $75 a day.

    4. Mikos Vlogs

      Swing trading

    5. Chase Ramos

      If it’s cash you can make as many day trades as you want

  5. Sgt. Crypto

    I use “stockwars” app to paper trade

  6. Do Do Do

    Thats literally exactly my goal ^^

  7. The Dank Engine

    i sent you an email plz check

  8. camelio10

    So where is the plan for new investors exactly

  9. Top Questions - Minecraft

    I’m going for it and beyond.

  10. Grant Scott

    What is the price range of stock I should try to stay within with only a 1k account in order to get good returns of 5 to 10 percent?

  11. anthony lopez

    How do I contact u?

  12. Deya Sh

    I found a Lego piece 😂

  13. Jovan Rodriguez

    What is that chart everyone uses for trading? How do i get it?

  14. Maggie Wiise

    GREAT….but i will stick to my strategy

  15. zach stevens

    hell yeah

  16. Brian Beard

    If I want to start doing this, what video should I start with? Seems like you have a system in place, and I want to start from step 1 and move to step 2 and so on. Thanks for the help!

  17. Just Esther!

    How I need step by step . Can you make a video ,where you show us how to go online and understand how we start and then trade and sell also explaining how the charts work and all those different colors .

  18. Jason Angeles

    It’s only 1 order you can make in the Robinhood app?

  19. Kevin Santiago

    +Ricky Gutierrez I started a new account with 1,000$ (simulator).That was on Thursday and today is a Tuesday and the account is up to $1,600.

    1. Gifty

      Kevin Santiago what app or website did you use? Please guide me

    2. RK 740

      Gurtej Singh there’s an app called trading 212 and you can start a practice account with 50,000 virtual money

  20. David H

    If you’re watching this in 2019, just know he failed and ended the series with $1256

    1. Lincolnthagod


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