Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire


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Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire meeting
" A supply investor or equity trader or share trader is an individual or firm involved in trading equity safeties. Supply investors may be an agent, hedger, arbitrageur, speculator, financier. Such equity trading in big openly traded firms may be with among the major stock market, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange, which serve as taken care of auctions for supply professions. Stock shares in smaller sized public business are dealt in over-the-counter (OTC) markets." – wikipedia

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75 Thoughts to “Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire”

  1. Doppel Ganger909

    If you need a chatting with a broke college student who doesn’t know what their doing with their life and has constant anxiety let me know Andrew! Haha

    1. Pig

      i hit bombs update?? idk ppl say college is a scam but my medical degree has me making 70k at 20 and in two years when i’m done with medical school and residency in three on top of that so five, i’ll make 600k per yr and eventually he a millionaire making over a million a year after i’m done w residency.

    2. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

      @_skyZ .i know ppl who went to college.and came out and worked midnights at McDonald’s

  2. Umar Ashraf

    To answer some of the questions people have:

    1) How’d I have 20K saved up at 18?
    I Bought and resold items off craigslist, primarily iphones. Worked two jobs and I was very smart with my money and frugal and barely had any expenses at the time.

    2) How’d I have such a high credit card limit?
    I opened a capital one credit card at the age of 18 and used it every month and after 6 months, I requested a credit limit increase and then opened a discover account and used it every month. (Many people here need to educate themselves on credit cards and how to get a higher credit limit and ways around it)

    3) “Never take a cash advance and start trading. Worst trading advice”
    First i didnt do a Cash Advance, I did a BALANCE TRANSFER with a 3% fee for 18 months. Basically, you pay 3% on the money you take as a one-time fee and don’t get charged interest for 18 months. (look it up). Yes, I know what I did was risky, but at the end of the day, you need to take risks to get forward in life and from what I​ see most people here look at risk at a terrible thing. I believed in my trading strategy and it was working so I needed more funds to get over the PDT rule (need 25k+ in your brokerage). I took the risks I was comfortable with taking and worked out, no one needs to take the same risks.

    4) “Trading is gambling”
    Trading in fact isn’t gambling. You need to learn how to read price action and purchase stock whenever theres a lower risk and high profitability in play. For people that know trading understand, for the ones that dont, theres things called Moving Averages. MACD, RSI, Trends, Support, Resistance and so much more that help you align your trades.

    5) I post all my trades on my IG story (IG: umarashraf) including losses and show transparency.

    6) I never said I took my total brokerage account from 25K to a million. As I got better, I funded my account with more money through jobs I had and then eventually was involved in other businesses and always kept funding my account and kept living expenses to a minimum.

    This is to educate people on youtube that are starting out that anything is possible. You will need to take major risks and invest TIME into whatever you may wanna do. Don’t let “youtube Trolls” discourage you by showing everyone who is “successful” is either a scam, or from a rich family. People put their own insecurities on others so don’t let them bring you down. Good luck to everyone trying to get ahead in life, wish you guys nothing but the best 🙂

    1. Shahana Style

      Thank you for sharing so much info. “Scared money don’t make money.”

    2. Opaque Motives

      Yeah the price of gold has gone up 600 this year, which sucks if you make jewellery.


      Dude can you share your blessing to me? Any stuff or money will be appreciated.🍻

  3. Mohammed Rafat

    The host looks like he is stoned.

    1. Damnit Bobby

      Dude: I had $20,000 I had saved up.
      Dude: I bought $20,000 worth of stock.
      Host: How much money did you have?
      Dude: Dufuq??

    2. Donny Rickles Jr.

      That guy is stoned like the apostle Stephen at a Phish concert.

  4. abram grey

    The host is so suspicious😂😂

    1. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

      I gaurentee andy put money in the market.after this interview. I hope he did good and invested in crypto or 🍎

    2. George Gottschalk

      You will make profits from +447520 673098 forex trading business proposal if you are interested .

    3. Wallace Santos

      He’s just awkward lol that’s why he got so big on YT in the first place

    4. ZNom

      i think he just doesnt know much about finance/investing

  5. Tyyrant

    6:58 watch with captions. You’re welcome.

    1. Aleksa

      very disrespectful to the guest. not funny at all

    2. Zaid A


    3. Arjun Soumithran


    4. Daily Spoonful Of Earth


    5. Passive Income Hack


  6. Brad Strongman

    The interviewer doesn’t know much about basic economics.

    1. Mr K.

      Stephen Murray yeah people.know more about fucking atoms

    2. Maniac 3709

      Most people don’t know much about basic economics

    3. Lydia C

      how can people learn more about basic economics, in your view?

    4. Donny Rickles Jr.

      Brad Strongman or how to ask a question and actually listen to the answer.

    5. swagmeister

      has nothing to do with economics. tf are you talking about. dummy

  7. JTL

    Interviewer is a buffoon, yet here we all are.

    1. Diksaca Yehovah

      Dude doesn’t even know about inflation.

    2. Amity Mortem

      @Diksaca Yehovah calm down u millionaire xD

  8. TrueTimeTV

    This host is either clueless or on some drugs. Maybe both ?

    1. mank

      He’s just an awkward fuckwit always has been
      . But yeah drugs too.

    2. Damnit Bobby

      Dude: I had $20,000 I had saved up.
      Dude: I bought $20,000 worth of stock.
      Host: How much money did you have?
      Dude: Dufuq??

    3. eXpas04

      @Damnit Bobby yes yes I saw it already

    4. Jay Jay

      TrueTimeTV clueless junkie

    5. Kevin Toth


  9. jersey boy

    How many times did he have to explain to this guy that he took 20 k and put it in to one stock. That stock was JCPenney. This guy is a little slow

    1. Mcarthur Emre

      @Zedo Pomart point..!

    2. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

      He is drunk or something. Maybe he smokes ? No idea. Doesn’t he take speed

    3. Soci0

      @Damnit Bobby we saw ur comment already

    4. Damnit Bobby

      Dude: I had $20,000 I had saved up.
      Dude: I bought $20,000 worth of stock.
      Host: How much money did you have?
      Dude: Dufuq??

    5. Soci0

      @Damnit Bobby lmao alright dude

  10. Noah

    What I learned.
    1) “It’s not a gamble”
    2) “Trade on margin!”
    3) “Best decision ever is to get a line of credit and use that for trading”

    1. Bryan M

      @MapleLeafAce renaissance technologies has entered the chat

    2. Joe Ebanks

      what you shouldve learned.

      Trading is one of the most valueable skills you can learn. its not easy, but it will stay with you for life and is applicable thru everything.

      2) you have to take risks to win.

    3. Boglii

      @MapleLeafAce you are really clueless

    4. Bruno D

      More important thing is emotion and trading psychology… Because you will lose so much and you can’t let it get to you.. Its a big part… At the same time if you’re successful and earn a lot you can’t get euphoria get to you… If you do, you wont succeed…. You also have to understand that strategies are very important.. Sticking to one is important.. but emotion is far more important. Patience… It will take months and months of demo accountw and paper trading… Maybe 1 year…Only then you should trade Real money..when you see consistency in your demo account.

      Risk management is absolutely crucial… 1%… And Profit loss ratio… Crucial… You will need to risk but the risk needs to be managed.

      Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1… This is a quote by the greatest investor of this era.. Don’t go trading without first getting consistency in a demo account… Because you will lose it all.

    5. manictiger

      The first one is true WITH enough experience and discipline. The other two are terrible ideas.
      Start small, then scale up. If something stops working, go back to trading small, scale up again. Rinse and repeat until rich. It WILL take years, if you didn’t start with a million. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not quick at all. Quicker than being a wage slave, though.

  11. Martin_STI

    20k saved at 18? You were already winning

    1. KOSMOS

      I’m 19 and nearly there but I rarely spend it and when I do eat out I normally buy the cheapest items or just tap water since it’s frew

    2. Ran Lieu

      He applies for a credit card at 18yrs old and gets approved for a $20,000 credit limit. LOL. LMAO.

    3. DarkMatterBlues

      im 16 and have nearly 21k saved up

  12. Damnit Bobby

    Dude: I had $20,000 I had saved up.
    Dude: I bought $20,000 worth of stock.
    Host: How much money did you have?
    Dude: Dufuq??

    1. Shehan Saleem

      @EpicLyrics the interviewer isn’t paying attention, probly he’s high

    2. SuperVideoDominations

      Host is half dead

  13. Anthony Rossi

    maybe smoke a little less weed before filming one of these.

    1. Amity Mortem

      Kill yourself his eyes are legit whiter then snow

    2. Max Meier

      @Heath Ramsey what is the approach though. to seem like he is on downers?

    3. Blonde Ambition

      I disagree. I find his questions and his responses to be very much like my own, especially when I have no idea what the subject is, like stock trading… I think he asks questions that the normal person would have.

    4. ma mo

      Yeah. Coke and stocks are a better match.

  14. Mista _Wo

    I like the host, it makes me feel less stupid about the topic 😂 he’s just an everyday 9-5 person asking questions

    1. equiDreams vfcxd

      everyday 9-5 with a 2mil yt channel thats probly making thousands a week off it lmao.. smh dumbass

    2. Hatari 254

      I also like the host make the interview bearable and cool
      Its just like he’s having a normal conversation with a millionaire

  15. Nate F.

    The interviewer is either drunk, high, or slightly dumb.

    1. Toby48624

      I feel like the latter

    2. Mr. General Youtuber

      I think he is drunk, high and dumb😂😂😂😂

    3. Donny Rickles Jr.

      Q. All of the above

    4. Zaid A

      Naa…. either drunk, high or Very Dumb

    5. Spinxo AVA

      Umar is kind of a next level in trading..
      You won’t understand it.!!
      Day traders (experienced) knows what he is talking about..
      Do learn about the market first..

  16. Adib Mir

    Director: how much drugs do you want in this interview?


  17. Bruce Wayne

    The host looks like he’s low key and FBI agent trying to get the guy to confess to something illegal

  18. Josh Owens

    I was 18 at the time, I had $20 grand saved up, invested all of it.. $20 grand, yeah $20 grand..

    Interviewer “so how much money did you invest”

  19. Aishik Roy

    I feel sleepy every time I hear the interviewer’s voice

  20. Beer Gaming

    This guy is more funny than a trading motivator

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