Day Trading Strategy For Pivot Points Traders | ETFS & Forex Currency Market


One of the most successful supply as well as forex traders are the ones that have established an edge. Daily pivot mt4 represents the point of equilibrium in between buyers and vendors. Add the daily pivot indicator mt4 on your graph and also the accumulation/distribution line and also learn a simple day trading method that will enhance your trading results when day trading or swing trading the Foreign exchange or stock exchange.

In this pivot point foreign exchange trading strategy you will certainly figure out:
Why pivot point sign mt4 need to be just one of your crucial tools when day trading Forex, CFDs or supplies
How to use Pivot Things to take legitimate signals when day trading (this technique can function even if you utilize once a week pivot factor sign mt4 for swing trading with pivot factors, or the per hour pivot point indication mt4, transforming it right into a profitable foreign exchange scalping approach).
Why the Buildup Circulation Line is among the very best signs (as well as how to go long to brief placements).
Just how to acquire long market brief and also revenue with this pivot point foreign exchange trading method.

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  1. orkayen

    Your narration, the background music, tech analysis, sound quality, Your voice, video animation, seeking likes, and seeking improvements/suggestion are best in class. Kudos to your efforts.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Jhon Agustinus Yahya

    Well, very simple strategy. But, i think volume based indicator doesn’t work on Forex because decentralized market, however A/D is useful to filter the noise.


    Great teacher with great strategy I really enjoyed ur teaching,’ll go and back test and return with good news

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you!

  4. Brajendra Panigrahi

    Incredible Strategy. Thank you for sharing this strategy

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    2. malthus101

      Have you actually tested it Bra?

  5. Matt Dathew

    thanks men, too bad am stocks

  6. Emm Ess Sajwan

    Awesome, you explained in LeMans language.

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  7. Don Hussle

    Love how your videos are just straight forward education

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    Your analysis is always on point, hat off thanks a million.

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    2. Robin Hood

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  9. Andrew Wilson

    Great video. I’ve been using pivot points for a while now but not with AD. QUick question, is there an indicator on MT4 that can combine the AD with an EMA. The one inbuilt one just seems to show the AD line.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Add the A/D on MT4, right click and add EMA ( make sure you apply it on “previous indicator”)

    2. Andrew Wilson

      @The Secret Mindset Hi. Sorry again. So it displays correctly on the iPhone Mt4 app. I’m using the desktop version of MT4 and all it seems to do is add the EMA to the main chart window. Not in the AD indicator at the bottom. Am I missing something?

    3. Andrew Wilson

      Sorted it. For anyone who’s had similar issues. Drag the EMA onto the AD indicator and where it says Apply to Close, choose First Indicator option.

  10. Yukine Hanazawa

    hi this is yukine here , i come by here today and say thanks you for sharing your idea indicator i been using for 2 days straight i was still in profit thanks to you 😀 a big thumb like to this video thanks , i was mostly focus on using M30 timeframe most of the time or sometime H1 timeframe

    1. The Secret Mindset

      I’m happy for you!

    2. Yukine Hanazawa

      @The Secret Mindset can this be used on gold, oil and index as well?? Curious

  11. Dan Oxtoby

    Thank you for helping, I’ve learnt a lot from you – I read you have traded with Pivots for 6 years -Tradingview has no alerts for Pivots, do you use anything to alert when price crosses the central pivot point?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      I use price alerts.

  12. Dev IO

    Seems interesting man, in less than a minute i was able to figure the indicators i need in tradingview, and the setup looks like urs at 100%. Gonna test this for a while, also i noticed you’r channel has an amazing content, so for sure you will grow really fast.

    Thanks for this mate, also you explain so well.

    1. The Secret Mindset

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  13. Momarz

    Such a great video man 😀 LOVE IT!!

  14. pritom chowdhury

    Combination of PIVOT RANGE with RSI and double moving Average would be great like the depicted one.

  15. Aru nas

    Great content. Could you explain more about the differences in pivot point types? I see some traders use traditional, others fibonacci and there are a few more options. The one trader I follow used traditional PP on larger time frames and FIB PP on smaller time frames. What’s your best practices ? Thanks ! Subscribed.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Added in my to-do list.

  16. divineslaughter

    thanks for this strategy marius, if I want to use the H4 chart as I am used to that, which pivots should one use ? Monthly ?..and whats the moving avg to be used for H4 A/D indicator as per your reccomendation?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      I use weekly PP on all my charts ( even monthly ones for longer trades). The length of the MA must be back tested. I can’t tell you a value, it depends on the market you’re trading. You have to see yourself which one offers high-probability setups.

    2. divineslaughter

      @The Secret Mindset ok thanks

  17. Tân Trần

    I come from Viet Nam .I am interesting videos of you. Thank you very much about strantegy and value of trading method fx. Love itttt

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    You are too Good….

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    Excellent!!! I subscribed to your channel and click like also!! God bless you. Thank you.

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    The Divine power blessings be on you every time

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