GTA 5 – How to Make Money Using The Stock Market Guide (GTA V)


Find out how to make money fast on GTA V with this guide on how to efficiently use the GTA 5 stock exchange!
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62 Thoughts to “GTA 5 – How to Make Money Using The Stock Market Guide (GTA V)”

  1. BeagleBagel

    Hey, I rob convenience stores to respray my car. 🙁

  2. Creeper Productions


    1. Niqqa - Low - Deion

      Creeper Productions/Captain Obvious

    2. Bored

      Bawsaq/cosack Anal

    3. Sean

      My girl loves lcn my bawsaq

    4. Haha Lala


  3. digLess

    It was a scottish guy that created gta he then sold it on to rockstar rockstar then started scottish bases eg edinburgh (i think) anyway bawsaq means ballsack in scottish slang dialect.

    1. StaTTic CharGe

      digLess 😂

  4. Gas Mask Gang

    I don´t get stocks or the stock market, and I dont think I ever will, but i´m gonna do what I think he said, buy stocks at the lowest point sell them at the highest point. Not sure how that is supposed to make tons of money but then again you are the expert, i´m just a dumbass who wants to be an expert.


      @Quintikable Usually, if a company’s stocks are going down, they go down for a little bit before possibly going up again, but it’s all a gamble. That’s why it costs more for stocks that are higher, since their predicted path is up. But as soon as it goes down, it does so for a little bit, hence “drops a bit you must sell right after 1 goes down.” Hope that helps. 

    2. Snappy vlogs

      @I HAVE MUFFINS! Hi am watching from 2019 but cant get it ok i buy the stocks that are green not the other ones which are red or

    3. Dvd Pr

      Stocks: virtual objects (used to be papers) showing ownership of a company to buyers in exchange for their money with the promise of higher returns if the company performs well.

    4. Gian Garcia

      Try merry weather or augury insurance when you first open your gta you notice a huge bump especially merryweather *it went up from -24 to 100 to 300*

  5. Daniel Brydges

    like if you still have no idea how this works!

    1. CubingWithCarl

      I know how it works since i’m also trading IRL

    2. CubingWithCarl

      @Andriod Khan yes if you have no idea of what your doing but there is risk manegment and things like that so it’s less risky

    3. Sebbb Gaming

      Its very hard to explain it so we cant understand

    4. CubingWithCarl

      Daniel Brydges
      Search for support and resisted in stocks on youtube

  6. usubusu

    hmmm i wonder why i am watching this when i dont even have the game :/

    1. Too lazy to make a normal name

      Hmmm, and I’m wondering why you are commenting if you don’t have the game :/

    2. Code of War

      usubusu you are probably watching it out of nostalgia from your friends having the gane

  7. RA

    LCN BAWSAQ. (Lickin’ Ballsack)

    1. Stone Man

      RA wuuuuuuuut🤯

    2. Mr. Man

      Ayyyy 100th like lets gooo lol

  8. Julius Lombardi

    The LifeInvader stock never went back up… thanks a lot.

    1. ADarnSmore

      not supposed to go up headass

  9. Robin MXZ

    Imagine if people spent all this time investing in the real stock market instead. Lol

    1. Nukezy GH

      Wakaz I actually did but I guess if you want to be like that than ignore

    2. Monkey D Luffy

      Bat Jonny ツ don’t think you’d be watching this video then

    3. Mr. Man

      Bat Jonny ツ in the game maybe but in real life umm your not fooling anyone

    4. JAKKOB 69

      I know right

  10. Brendan

    if only it was like this in the real world lol

    1. Tahmed Hussain

      It is but in gta i made 2.1 bill but that would probably never happen in real life

    2. CubingWithCarl

      It is and i trade irl also

    3. CubingWithCarl

      Lil Robux who

    4. Robbie Cole

      Right bro i would be stacked up on cash and straped hirting banks left and right

  11. Mallory S

    Lester’s missions are at 5:20

    1. Ranjeev Joseph

      Thanks man

    2. 8_Fusion_8

      minus one minute lol

  12. MLG_Gamer1

    whos watching this in 2018!

    1. First Name Last Name

      How abt 2019 scrub?

    2. Austin Driver

      2019 beeitch

    3. Austin Driver

      @First Name Last Name ye

    4. nathaniel plays124

      Mid 2019 suck on that

  13. TH Music

    Who’s watching in 2019?! 😂

  14. I Clap For Fun


  15. 卍囧卐

    who watching in 2019?

    1. Dr. Vag


    2. Latrell’s Gaming Channel l


    3. KnottysumGaming

      No 1409

  16. Ash me Dai

    Watching 2019? I understand hopefully, but I’m watch it again if. I need to,

  17. Wavvesv

    Watching this in 2019 is the best 😂❤️ I love tg

  18. Mishaka BG

    This guy teaching us how to invest in gta v

    *S T O N K S* 💹

    1. skyfirepancakez ._.

      S t o n k s

    2. Guess Whos Back

      S t o n k s

  19. adolfo reyes


    3am YouTube algorithm:

    Me: sure why not

  20. hamishami

    Who’s watching in 2069, everyone who is seeing this :).

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