GTAV $160Mil in under 3 minutes REAL TIME. LifeInvader Stock Market Money Glitch


* THIS IS AN ACTUAL EXPLOIT, NOT An OVERVIEW! * See me Three-way my money in under 3 minutes IN REAL TIME. This is the most effective money problem in the game. I'm not mosting likely to inform you to assassinate any person, I'm not going to inform you to spend as well as await hours making bullshit money. Establish your personalities up for life by changing the supply rates themselves in offline mode. Every time you reload the game the history contour and the prices of the stocks modification. Why hasn't anybody discovered this? While LifeInvader supplies are dropping, as quickly as they hit bottom you can maintain reloading and get various outcomes. In some cases the stocks go to $17, sometimes at $3.5. I show you this specific problem and also show you just how to exploit it in mins. Watch it, Attempt it, Like it, Share it!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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73 Thoughts to “GTAV $160Mil in under 3 minutes REAL TIME. LifeInvader Stock Market Money Glitch”


    If only I could do this in real life…

    1. Tomko

      It actually can happen but it I’ll be waaaay to long

    2. Isaiah Wring

      Ha, 100% true.

    3. Kwadwo Amponsah

      Yea me to

  2. Mr.Budderman4972

    Easiest way possible, works in 2019

    1. Dalton Arbaugh

      S h a d y F l a n k s ßøt I’m about to try it on ps4 I’m pretty competent so I feel I did everything correctly I’ll let you know if it works

    2. Sean Mahoney

      Dalton Arbaugh did you try this? I have ps4 version

    3. Clarence Howard

      Didnt work for me

    4. Its Danexio

      Dalton Arbaugh does it work

    5. Davey Boy

      Does this still work like only just starred the game

  3. David Hawkins

    100% works tried it out today on ps4 just needed to delete gta 5 then turn off my internet and then reinstall disc.

    1. Cat 1245

      That would take to long

    2. Travis Slayton

      Wtf you turn off internet for thats unnecesarry if you deleted it then re installed if you had to start the game over again

  4. yoo SNIPER LEG3ND83

    YESSSSS it works 2019 February 7th

    1. Soni NYC

      @Axel Merckx auto save should be off. Quick save before investing in case you do something wrong so you dont lose your money. Have a quick save right after you invest your money. Sleep, back out of the save when it prompts you.(very important not to save here) If the profit goes up then quick save, if it goes down then you can reload the last save and try again.


      @El koala razmik why tf would u uninstall the game for a glitch

    3. Rafi Mattias

      @GAMING FOR NERDS 0inimlg

    4. Epic Gamer

      Could someone explain this method and am I able to do it in my pc..?

  5. ThiccBoi2314

    this guy sounds a lot like lester

    1. Kwadwo Amponsah

      A little bit

    2. Gamer ArmyCz

      nah this guys voice is deep lester’s is medium

    3. Ziba Faizo

      Isnt lester a child malester

    4. Mohd Bilal Qureshi

      Lolzz really

    5. Acnotic Warrior

      @Bass that would explain why he made this video XD

  6. Mr N MATR1X-Arik

    In case it doesn’t work, always have a 2nd save before u invest ur money into it, if it doesn’t work reload the save before u invested anything. Always do it this way when dealing with stocks. God knows it saved me over 500m lmao

    1. Anch6800 Dead

      Thank god

    2. Mikey F'n-A

      Even stoned i managed not to screw myself

    3. peppe omme

      @Mikey F’n-A I didn’t and my stupid as reads this afterwards

  7. Jacob

    Alright lester we get it

    1. mudassir salisu

      Alpha IceCream 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. CVX Ultra

      I don’t think this is lester

    3. h e y

      CVX Ultra r/whooosh

  8. ThEleGendbOX ///

    It actuallly worked but just gave me 48 more dollars

    1. RebArB _BtW

      I just did it a BUNCH of times when it did that and im at 700 mil

    2. Dominant White Male

      RebArB _BtW good job bro. I hope you find good use of that money though I never spent more than 1.5B dollars between all 3 characters.. thats 500M each but ayyye.. I’m no intelligent business man like Devon Weston 😏

    3. Walid-Sjaak

      @Immortals I put 20 million and when I loaded it back up I was gone it says I didn’t purchase anything… SMH

    4. Natertater3321 _

      In order to do this glitch to get large amounts of money you have to complete all the life invader missions and then it starts booming

    5. GreenBlueXX

      @Immortals yes

  9. diab3tic bear

    This guy was so excited about this glitch he was beating off while recording it.

    1. John Panaretos

      Petersburger haha it’s just a joke lol

    2. AxLz07

      This doesn’t work on me

    3. Is Really Drew

      Bra I was about to say the same thing. Literally sounds like he’s wacking it while recording this video

    4. cheeseypringle69


  10. Dan Moscato

    Call me old fashioned but I rahm money the old way. Good wholesome work. Stabbing armored truck guards. Robbing people in vinewood

    1. Diego tapia

      @Dominant White Male what glitch do you use???

    2. Diego tapia

      Idk why my stock markets dont go past 0.14

    3. Dominant White Male

      Diego tapia that’s the thing dude! What I use isn’t even a glitch. It’s literally the way the devs intended the game to work.
      What you do is play through the story, somewhere around halfway through you’ll get these Lester- Assassination missions for Franklin. You have to play the very first mission of Lester’s to progress through the story, where Franklin goes to the boardwalk off the beach and sits on a bench next to Lester. DO NOT DO ANYMORE OF LESTER’S MISSIONS AFTER THIS.

      Once you beat the game you might have anywhere from 40 million to 50 million or even as low as 30 million. That’s fine! Because after you beat the game and have several million dollars to play with, you’ll be able to do the missions.

      I highly suggest looking up the guide on doing this correctly. IGN put out a video, it’s 5 minutes long but literally will take you like 1 hour and a half. Basically when you do Lester’s assassination missions the fucking stocks take massive shits and other stocks skyrocket.. this means investing 40 million turns into 90 million… then that turns into 300 million.. then 1.5 billion. The most you can get before the game caps you is around 2.6 billion.

      So basically you just hold onto Franklin’s assassination missions from Lester until the very end of the game… and do this with all 3 characters. Now I’m filthy fucking rich, I own every vehicle I deem worthy of having, private jets, a fucking yacht, every property with every character. And I still have more than enough money than I know what to do with. No glitch, no mods, no hacks, no bullshit. The game wants you to do this, but you have to spend a lot of time waiting and investing. It’s a lot of time spent online in stocks buying and selling but well worth it bro. Just save those assassin missions, then when you pick OPTION C, and the game is complete and you get your final score cut.. you will look up the guide to see how to invest, where to put your money and before what missions. And so on. I would tell you on here, but like I said it took me like 2 hours man and I don’t hardly remember anything except the first mission. So i would go to IGN’s video on how to do it.. just make sure end of the game you have at least 30m with each character, and that you are careful and make sure you have it right before you do it. I promise at minimum you’ll make 300m dollars which is a 1000% increase.

      Good luck friend. Sorry for long explanation that just had me directing you to another video. Just know that you have to be careful buddy.

    4. Diego tapia

      @Dominant White Male thanks bro for taking your time to help

    5. Seven up Is the sheez

      Oh you’re hard

  11. Th3_APEX_ Gamer

    Very concise and kept the video nice and short. Very well done, left a like.

    Btw, works in 2019 still, so have fun.

    1. Th3_APEX_ Gamer

      @Trent gaming read above. . . Like i said, it’s entirely random. And the more money you throw at the glitch the more money you get out.

    2. Bray Saucy

      Hehe…… I’m on that coach!

    3. Dylan Eaton

      @th3_apex_gamer I just did the merryweather heist am i still abke to do it

    4. Tanush Kadakia

      @Th3_APEX_ Gamer hey dude btw u can get Michael’s garage,hangar,helipad and the boat storage for free without spending money
      Just sign up to ps server
      And sign up in gta 5 u will get additional planes special cars boats and helicopters for free

  12. Mike .t

    0:22 lmao 😂

  13. Balls Deep69

    This guy sounds like he’s talking about the aliens he saw at area 51 and he’s about to get killed

  14. Itz DecorousJr

    Title:How to get $160M I’m GTAV story mode
    Me:Something that I’m going to do right now

    1. Drew Wilson

      This literally motivated me to get out of bed

    2. Dominant White Male

      I got 2.6 billion on all characters in the end of the game.

    3. Fabex

      @Dominant White Male how

  15. Estus Holic

    the problem is i have 3$

  16. The Merchandise

    I just did this and when I opened the portfolio I couldnt even sell it. Idk if its patched or not but I have about 4 gamesaves so Im good.

  17. 360 No soap

    I did it and lost $2mil

    1. Walid-Sjaak

      I lost 20 million

    2. Midnight Gamer-6Finger Claw

      I lost 69 million


    I did everything you did and now you m stuck at like 31% and I finished the game before

  19. Adam Dayekh

    My life invader stock costs 38 dollars at the start.

    1. LoLzXkillz 660

      Mine coated 2.09 and never went up it just went down so I haven’t earned any money yet lol

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