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20 Thoughts to “How To Anticipate & Buy Penny Stock Breakouts”

  1. Wilson Kayden

    Excellent as always. Very helpful tips for all traders. It really is all about being meticulous and having the right mindset and money management skills

    Love the vids 😀

  2. Deathsingerfl

    i would love to have a an hr to pick your crazy stock infused brain. Your the man ! greatly appreciate the knowledge you give people even when they dont pay for your membership. Thanks again!

  3. Abhishiak Kumar


  4. Mário Araújo

    You should have some playlists on youtube so we could know what should start to see. Going to see the videos from the beginning to see your progress since this looks interessing.

  5. Power Surge

    excellent video tim! hey i just received my email saying we are setting up a Skype interview I’m absolutely thrilled with the once in a lifetime opportunity to speak and/or work with you.

  6. SEM

    What platform is he useing? ??

  7. kenykillr

    22:50 cant you just follow the price action on level 2 and sell as it drops a little, or does it drop too fast to catch

  8. Captain Charisma

    going down to $11 Monday mark the post. Then you know you can trust me

  9. Gary Mcguigan

    tim would you be interested in giving me an internship.. I’m chasing the dream but im still dreaming!!

  10. Kyle VandeWiele

    Make more videos like this please! 😀

  11. Arcalion

    can someone tell me the software he is using?

  12. Adam Stricker

    Sykes, I like the patterns; especially on WATT. I have just started watching you in the last few days. This was a great video. From what your showing in this video, it pays to buy and sell fast and not to hold. Now I just need to watch more of your videos and then take the leap and actually invest. I can already tell that your going to teach me how to make some serious cash. Thanks for all the advice man!–Adam-

  13. Andrew Gregoire

    what is a good site to trade stocks on?

  14. Tatiana Fernandez

    is someone snorting coke in the background?

  15. charlie Montano

    Tim just a quick question how often do you trade on a daily basis?
    Would you be considered a “pattern day trader”

  16. Halse82

    shorted dno int @10,49 and covered the 5,05% with 97usd in.margin,i doubled it totaly 194usd return. you tha man!

  17. Alston Fernandez

    Hey Tim Shalom ! I just wanted to ask what is safer shorting pump and dumps after a breakout or just finding cup and handles ? how do you find those cup and handles man. and dont tell me dollar store.

  18. Alston Fernandez

    I have never traded in my life but I am interested in doing so. I am trying to learn on a stock simulator like td think or swim paper money

  19. Hebert Gutierrez

    When you realize that comment is from 2 years ago😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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