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22 Thoughts to “How To Buy And Invest In Penny Stocks”

  1. Dash Riprock

    Hey Tim. You’re a great inspiration. You’re not holding anything back. Great video! /Penny-stock trader from Sweden who’s by the way still waiting for the interview inb4 becoming the 3rd millionaire.

    1. chiibox

      @Timothy Sykes  Hi tim, I am very new to this but I am very interested in learning more and playing with penny stocks. I grew up poor, but I am motivated to get out and become someone. What programs might you suggest or how can I even get started. Do these chart cost money to use? I hope you reply. Thank you.

  2. Falling Knife Stocks

    Great stuff as usually. Thank you Tim.


    What trading platform are you using here? im very interested in becoming a student of yours!

  4. Anders Braathen

    Thank you Tim. Great lesson

  5. Akshay Sam

    which trading software do you use tim?

  6. Young Lies

    wow that was a really humble video. great lesson!

  7. Dudy Skittles

    Please tell me what software do you use


    What does he mean when he says there is resistance? Please answer.

  9. tobelingrey

    How do you get the minute to minute trade data? I’m interested in exploring penny stock trading, but I don’t seem to be able to get the data as fast as I need.

  10. Ted Grizzley

    I can sell anyone on here the basics of stock trading.  Buy anticipated breakouts, sell quickly if they fail.  Buy breakouts with catalysts.   Short support breakdowns of hyped up manipulated stocks when they show weakness.  Elementary stuff really..  

    1. Ett1varg

      Yes, but obviously you can’t do it as well as Tim…  The guy knows how to market himself.

  11. Mark Honke

    Tim have you seen Keyser Soze on youtube who makes supply and demand videos? Can his trading technique be used on penny stocks? 

  12. akaTelo

    Great commentary, learn something new every time I watch it.  The question I have is regarding the trade on GSAT you made on Dec 19. You decided to buy on the dip to ~$1.82. The same dip occured on Dec 18. Were you waiting to see if the second low would be higher than the first? If you had held the position for another hour you’d be in the green, but I definitely understand your reasoning for exiting – it was a big break below the $1.80. Seeing how it bounced back from $1.75 all the way to $1.87, looking back do you think there was any evidence/justification suggesting holding on to your position? Thanks

  13. bitebetsy

    Maybe a quarter of the comments below have the same simple question, Tim – What software, or platform ware do you use? Watching the video – it looks great – allowing you to sort penny stocks by price – and the history of each company, used as an example – you could just dial in a date, or a specific period of time, to look at the trade chart more precisely. I don’t have anything so accurate – so particular as you could think to be yourself! A great trader’s job is made much quicker, easier, and as efficieny as the tools the trader can afford, find, and use. So, what is it – who’s is it – and where is it so I can get it – Is it available on Amazon???

  14. METALBUG999

    check out LVVV.

  15. Abhishiak Kumar

    Thank you timothey i hope you can select me for your million dollar challage i will keep on watching and trying to fermliarize my self with these patters thank you for all the information you have provided

  16. Odee

    Hey tim, is it possible to do this with 500 dollars and age 14?

  17. Chosen EightOneTwo

    What did he say about M. Night Shayamalan!!!!!!He makes no bad movies!!

  18. Parvin's Ramblings

    thanks a lot

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