How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners


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63 Thoughts to “How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners”

  1. ClankyRochet

    So basically you buy stocks, and when your stocks value goes up, you sell it.

    1. wise mcloughlin

      Have you used the IQD strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm . It’s a highly profitable trading system and the fact that I never thought I could make 21,000 bucks in eight days is why I think every trader should be informed about it. He delivers what he teaches like he manipulates the markets .. All you have to do follow his rules strictly and you’ll make money. save this link and thank me later.

    2. Song

      u never know how high it goes.. cough “netflix”

    3. SirSergio

      Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL hows investing going for you smart boy?

    4. mitchel bryce

      Short stocks , you’re right

  2. david william

    I feel like am in class learning how to hunt the hunter.

  3. Branden Thornton

    Can’t wait to get rich enough to have a chalk board in my living room.

    1. David Bowman


    2. Lorenzo Rosado

      David Bowman LMFAOOOO @top.comment.god

  4. Deadly Viper

    Rule 7. Never get high on ur own supply

    1. Savannah BrownSkin

      #4 on Biggies list😊😊

    2. Savannah BrownSkin

      @FleX #4

    3. Savannah BrownSkin

      @Gunz N Glitches #4

    4. amad alfarsi

      I have found out from Lukasz Wilhelm while I was learning the IQD strategy from him that the longer the time frame, the simpler it is to capture the trend. Long term trend followers filter out the noise and capture trends on daily or weekly charts and strive to avoid the random intraday noise. Different systems will work based on the velocity and volatility of the trend in a particular time frame.

    5. Deonna Kamradt


  5. Belovedad

    made a million dollars, thanks

    1. Marcos Hermida

      Hahahaah this is one of the few comments that has made me actually laugh

    2. burningsniper64

      Henlo am Nigerian prince.i promse to giv good money if you sulpy me with your banking information

    3. Regina Robbins

      how, share please

    4. Alexander Moss

      @Starwarrior 7 LMFAO Bro I was thinking the same thing.

    5. bose aiyalogbe

      burningsniper64 😂😂😂

  6. Marc Doran

    While y’all were wasting your time watching this video, I invested all of my money in a Nigerian prince who says he’ll make me a billionaire. lmao suckers.

    1. Kim Barnard

      Hahaha too funny

    2. Hebrew Queen


  7. Jorge Torres Pérez

    2019 this guy must be rich by now

  8. MEMO!

    If you worry about his writting being sloppy, then this is why you are poor….

    1. Jimmy Dean Bowl

      @Thano’s Thicc Dicc This is what D students tell themselves to feel better

    2. Jamar McFarlin

      @Thano’s Thicc Dicc But society provide no other way out. It’s the best option available.

    3. Thano’s Thicc Dicc

      I would like to congratulate myself for making the internet mad with just a single comment 😂👌

    4. Alucard

      Its been proven, sloppy writing is sing of a genius mind.

  9. Omar Rochet

    I’m a 3 year old millionaire toddler thanks to your video. Might buy a Power Wheels Tesla later . Idk lol.

    1. Konrad Gebura

      look at your likes

    2. Cynthia Stevens

      Omg lol🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏

  10. Unknown

    U just made $20,000 on this video… U rich mofo lol

    1. V9tine Mp4

      No probably like 5000

    2. Mopsocks ?

      V9tine Mp4 probably like 3000/2000

    3. V9tine Mp4

      Mopsocks ? Nah 1 million views is 2k

    4. Duh Sunnyday

      1 mill is 1 thou

  11. Xai Yang

    “30 years old watching this” lol

    1. Dillon J

      LOL 1000 bucks is still a lot of money to me

    2. Chris Beddows

      32 me lol

  12. Heather Tulip

    I trust you more because you’re not good at speaking.

    Psychology is a funny thing.

    1. Ingrid Gwladys

      I feel you!

    2. R E X

      Wow u r right man

    3. alZiiHardstylez

      I’m not sure how lack of organisation and preparedness warrants trust but okey doke.

    4. Gavin Drosehn

      alZiiHardstylez more personable

    5. HN Master

      The only reason why I subscribed

  13. Mahbub Ahmed

    *_S T O N K S_*

    1. Daniel Merrett-Troup


    2. EChicken 54

      Mahbub Ahmed ah you’re a man of culture as well

  14. Max Harper

    Professionalism, expertise and experience is essential if you going into the online market wanting profitable returns…

    1. David Neal

      He’s a real professional. Really profitable investments since I began working with him. Don’t doubt trading is very profitable

    2. Potatatas

      Sponsored by Alex Sage

    3. Doğacan

      Lol, so obvioualy fake. Go away alex

    4. Philip Jerome

      Not true. I’m making profit as a result of Alex system, very profitable I tell you

  15. Yash Pandya

    Out of all the vids of the same thing I only picked this because it had a chalkboard

  16. Taylor Dave

    been losing for a while now not until i discover team George and i can boldly say they are expert in their ways.

  17. Blake

    Mining stocks is the millennial gold mine. Pun intended.

  18. Svitojus

    Damn you look like you need to teach this like… I dont know MSNBC level.

  19. Missi R

    How do you find out which stocks are safe? So Coca-Cola is safe, what other ones are safe and how do I know?

  20. Keionna Sublett

    I actually really appreciate the tips you gave here. I took note. I’m 21 and am just now really getting into stocks. When I was 18 Forex investing was big to me. Trading with this team on an amazing platform. I have big investing plans and would love to talk more! Email me? (:

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