Ichimoku Day Trading Strategy | Cloud Trading Explained (For Beginners)


Ichimoku cloud indicator mt4 uses traders the chance to cloud trade. The most successful stock and also foreign exchange traders are the ones that have actually established a side, as well as this is where simple market evaluation as well as rewarding supply trading strategies and also strategies come into play. In recent years, several investors added the ichimoku kinko hyo sign mt4 right into their forex ichimoku trading approaches. Discover the power of cloud trading as well as add these methods right into your ichimoku scalping method or in your swing trading system.

Enjoy our video clip to find the most effective Ichimoku cloud day trading method designed to assist you make even more cash when day trading or swing trading the Foreign exchange or stock exchange.

In this video you will find out:
The correct way of using the Ichimoku indicator
How to take signals with the Ichimoku cloud indication mt4 for day trading and also swing trading supplies
Exactly how to detect high likelihood cloud trades using the Ichimoku indication
4 day trading methods using Ichimoku cloud

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37 Thoughts to “Ichimoku Day Trading Strategy | Cloud Trading Explained (For Beginners)”

  1. Rahul Basu

    Nice video, but at 4:40 minute -> One thing I want to point: the conversion line is faster moving than the Base line. 🙂

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Yes, got them swapped by mistake.

    2. Iya Manes

      i noticed that too. made me confused. had to check the line colors

  2. Santosh Kumar

    Thanks for the great explanation. I urge you to please also mention the chart time you are using for showing different timelines. 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 day or 1 week etc. This would help up to understand your teachings better. Thanks again.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you!

    2. Robin Hood

      ▓▓▒ ▒ *ToDay $380* > ▒▒▒▓▓▓

  3. Haitham Alsayegh

    Very well explained.. You made it easy! Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you!

  4. Ranteray

    Thank you very much..!! Very good..!! But, at 03:15, you said ”lagging span above the current price = bullish bias”.. but actually there is no way that ”lagging span is above or below the current price”, because the lagging span is the current price itself.. one should compare the previous price, 26 candles in the past, with the current price, by using the lagging span.. so, the correct way is: ”the lagging span, which is the current price, should be above the previous price (and this is why it is showed above or below 26 candles in the past) to indicate a bullish bias/uptrend”, I think.. isn’t it, or perhaps not? thanks..

  5. Daryl Baptie

    Best video I’ve seen on explaining the Ichimoku indicator, thanks very much!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

  6. Yash P

    Amazing explanation 😍 keep it up bro ✌️
    Can you suggest any indicator for intraday or moving average for intraday?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks! I have several videos about moving averages, check them out.

    2. Yash P

      The Secret Mindset can you please tell me how to use VWAP?

  7. Top Videos Sverige

    thank you so much !, I just have one question, my lagging spawn or whats it called is way behind the real time data ??

    1. MorphTW

      yes, that is how it should be. it shows current price but number of periods behind. It’s called lagging span because it lags behind. Most ichimoku traders doesn’t give it much importance or use it as a final filter before entering a trade.

    2. Kelvin Keyser

      while trading it can cause swift death of your trading account in the Forex world. Want to get rich quickly? That kind of greedy and aggressive attitude will quickly wipe the commas and zeros off your account balance at alarming speeds. You may have just missed out on a 600% return. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or experienced trader, Forex trading is a journey of self-improvement. You will learn more about yourself as you become an experienced trader, than you ever have. One of the things that you must master is the ability to suppress impulsive behaviors, dangerous emotions, and irrational thinking before trading. I learnt trading with Lukasz Wilhelm method studying IQD MOMENTUM STRATEGY. read more and get connected to website on google if only you can search for it on net.

  8. A KA

    Hi, what about money management i.e. where you setup stop loss and take potential profits?

  9. ANGEL Jain

    How to derive BaseLine, Converstion,and Lagging Line
    That should b told

  10. jazst21

    Where’s the ichimoku? I only see candles with black background. No indicator overlay. Am i only one looking it right?

  11. LenS GRDN

    I love the kumo. All my trades start from it… Most secure for me. In m15 m30 day and week

  12. Damien Salvador

    Thanks for explaining better, I’ve been able to understand a little, maybe over time I’ll learn it all. Thanks really appreciate for the video.

    1. kate clause

      Very well, it’s quite very helpful, to succeed you need to have professional help from an Expert Trader, Mr. Sanjay is the best you can get out there.

    2. Sandra Valequez

      kate clause How can I get help from Mr. Sanjay too?

    3. Damien Salvador

      Get across to him through (Bearbullyfx on Telegram) or *Ottsanjayy@gmail,com* he’s readily accessible. Thank me later.

  13. Chuka Enemuoh

    can I ask on what time frame can we use it

  14. チャーリーチャーリー

    Perfectly explained, thank you so much, suscribed :D!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

  15. Tee Smith

    Thanking you sir, all the way from the Bahamas!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

  16. Jerell J

    Nice job, you have taken a complicated trading system and broke it down to it’s simplest terms.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

  17. Ryan I

    forgive me if i didnt see but where can i get this particular indicator for Ninja Trader 8

    1. The Secret Mindset

      I use Tradingview.

  18. Rodrigo Peñaloza

    El vídeo esta muy bueno, sería perfecto si liñas y nube se vieran mejor…que libro recomiendas sobre ichimoku…saludos desde mexico

  19. Royal

    damn… ichimoku is by far the most accurate indicator i have seen so far

  20. Jan Swart

    At 4.44 you mix the conversion with the base line! You talk about a fast moving baseline! This should be a fast moving conversion line! The blue one!

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