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44 Thoughts to “Introduction to Day Trading Futures (FULL LESSON) – Day trading like a professional trader.”

  1. Ellery R

    This was so so helpful, thank you!

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      You are very welcome Ellery, hope you find value in our content also. Have an awesome day – George

  2. DaCoup **

    Lol unless you want a 1000 barrels of oil .. haha good stuff i’m learning a lot here, i really appreciate your break down of the subject and the time you’ve spent doing so ..

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Thanks DaCoup really appreciate it, and thanks for coming out to these morning updates, we’re building a solid community with people such as yourself participating. Have an awesome day. – George

  3. Bruno Maia

    OMG I’ve paid tons of money to learn futures and i’ve learned more in one video for free. Love you man

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Hey Bruno, that’s very encouraging to hear and this is why I’m in the business to begin with – genuine comments like that. Thank you. Right back at you pal, we’ll keep putting out awesome stuff if you keep showing up. 🙂 Have a great day, – George.

    2. Marc Droz

      I express the same feelings as Bruno, I’ve done so much research looking exactly for this, this is the clearest, educational peice of knowledge out here, thank you!

    3. TRADEPRO Academy

      @Marc Droz thank you so much for the feedback, you and Bruno’s experience and positive vibes is why I started this business in 2012. I put everything into everything I do, and I promise you more awesome content to come. Anything you’d like to see in the future? 🙂 – George

    4. Marc Droz

      @TRADEPRO Academy I would say the initial steps is always the most dificult when it comes to futures, connecting accounts, datafeeds, intruments and all the basic setup and knowledge like commisions and all those specific are a lot more complicated in futures VS starting to trade stocks, which the setup is way more simple. so any more videos or info about my challenges mentioned will be appreciated, or if you have similar videos and point me to them please, thank you

    5. TRADEPRO Academy

      @Marc Droz Okay that’s solid, we’ll put that on the development calendar – in fact I like it a lot, I’ll do one for this weekend. Stay tuned. Thanks for sharing brother. – George

  4. Fortunate

    This is the more consice yet thorough educational video on Futures I’ve found and I’ve look, trust me. Thank you, much appreciated here my man!

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Hey Fortunate, we’re fortunate to have you on our channel. Thank you for the kind words and I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed this training. It’s just the first lesson of 10 in our proprietary level trading course. I appreciate you and thank you for the positive vibes, I believe in you and wish you a great trading journey. – George

  5. Chris Petejan

    What a great video. Super informative and really enjoy helpful making trades. Thanks GP!

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      He-he-heyyy Petey is that you pal? Wow what a treat, thanks for watching and I hope life is treating you well. 🙂 – George

  6. desi sher

    Great video! How do I see the other lessons (2-10) – am happy to pay.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Hey Desi, the rest of the futures course is available in our PRO or ELITE membership. It’s good timing to checkout ELITE as we’ll be trading the election live on Tuesday, and you can have full access to the full futures order flow course – it’s awesome I promise. Check out more here: – George

  7. ifeanyi nwokocha

    very interesting video ..this is exactly what am looking for….please i have a question for you….can i trade future with 500usd. and my broker xm have margin requirement of 1%..according to what you thought on this comprehensive lesson,nasdaq has contract size of 20$ its possible to start the journey with 500usd with 1 lot minimum..hoping to hear from you and i will be joining sing or pro trader soon….once more thanks for putting this video.

  8. Driss Arfal

    Straight to the point, cool. Order Flow reading, and Volume profile defintely is the Key in order to begin to understand the market .

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Thanks for your support Driss! Hoping all is well! Cheers – Mark

  9. Day Trading Stock

    Great video. Very informative. Thank you.

  10. TheJedifr33style

    man good content !!! but the presentation is a mess. if you can clean this up , ill gladly jump into this program.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Well then my friend, you’re in luck. We are retapin our futures course starting February 4th and it will be yuuuugeee. Checkout more details here: Thanks for the feedback. Have a good evening. – George

  11. Camilo Cancino

    wow this video is Excellent!!! you sure know how to transfer knowledge, still need to rewatch it a couple times to understand everything, but Im excited!!!

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Thank you Camilo, I appreciate the positive vibes. We are actually revamping this entire course, and the new edition is much better structured – it’s part of our ELITE package, we are starting lesson 3 tonight and filiming live in a webinar format for the rest of the month. Let me know if you have any questions, have a great day. – George

  12. Josh T.

    I’m going to have to watch this twice.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      We actually have a brand new futures course – it’s a lot more thorough and organized. You can try it out with a PRO or ELITE membership – with a 14 day money back risk free guarantee. Let me know if you have any questions. All our videos are archived – so you can rewatch and fit it within your schedule. – George

  13. RedSauce

    I am here for that exact reason 32:10

  14. jns

    Fantastic video on futures. How is the course structured and what is the fees.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Hey Jns, thanks for watching! We actually just re-taped this course ( as of Feb 2019) to make it more relevant to today’s markets! The course is available in the PRO and ELITE packages, which can be found here:
      As far as the course itself, it is structured in 3 parts. In part 1, we teach you how to read the markets. In part 2, we dive into how to read and understand order flow (DOM, Heatmaps, Footprints, etc). In the final part, we teach you trade execution, which includes how to set your levels, pullback/breakout/fading strategies, risk management, and a scaling plan. If you haven’t had a chance, we’d suggest checking out our Free Training Course to get you a better feel for our courses. You can sign up for there free training here:

  15. Big Hoss

    My Uncle Mortimer lost millions trying to corner the frozen concentrated Orange juice market in the 80s.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Lmfaooooo Big Hoss – amazing, comment of the week hands down. Well played. Have an awesome day. – George

    2. Andrew Akl

      Am i the only one that gets the trading places reference ?

    3. Rotten Apple

      @Andrew Akl … I kinda want a reboot of that movie.

    4. Jamie Ferro

      Fear, that’s the other guys problem!

  16. Islam Enterprise

    What is a good broker for Futures trading in Canada?

  17. Ricky Noriega

    first time looking into trading futures and I am mind blown lol. Love your material. I am definitely interested in taking a course!

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      Hey Ricky! Thanks for commenting! Futures are an amazing instrument to day trade! Have you had a chance to check out our free training series?

    2. Ricky Noriega

      @TRADEPRO Academy I have not. I will look into your website and look further into it.

    3. TRADEPRO Academy

      @Ricky Noriega here is the link to the free training –

      Have a lovely weekend! Cheers – Mark

  18. Joe Souza

    Great class, I learn a lot, thank you.

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      You are most welcome.

  19. Jbiz _

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for thanks bro 🙏🏽 I’m active in options but want to learn futures

    1. TRADEPRO Academy

      You are most welcome brother, happy you found this useful. Futures are very capital efficient and easy to start with. I send you love joy and happiness. – George

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