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38 Thoughts to “Investing For Beginners | Advice On How To Get Started”

  1. hacker

    Please do more videos on this topic. Really need it.

  2. 20somethingbrilliant

    The first book I read about investing is The Richest Man in Babylon. It is probably a very old book but very easy to understand for a teenager under 15. It taught the same lessons as you told in this video. Totally agree with u!

    1. Road to the 2 Comma Club

      I also read this book as a kid! One of my favorite books of all time!

    2. The Best Classical Music

      Best book–I buy it for people who get married. Every once in a while someone calls me and says ‘so I read that book and it has changed everything!’

    3. Ant McCabe

      Love this book! Great Book!

  3. Revellanotvanel

    “The number one investment is in yourself” GOLD.

  4. Sloth Father

    I want to start investing so badddddd… I am only 16 though 😛

    1. Pudding Hobo

      Sloth Father “I’m only 16” and in 2 years you’ll legally be an “adult” (at least where I live), however, the sooner you begin the better. Work hard and save at least $2k to have enough capital once you’re 18.

    2. Enchiladas

      And now you’re 18… how is it going?

  5. Nicoli Diaz

    We need more people like this in the world. Putting abstract topics into simple comprehensible language for the common person to understand. You’re doing God’s work sir.

  6. Bran Hen

    I’m 23, I regret not investing when I was 18/19 like you were when you started

  7. Esther Miller

    Every time I go to Amazon or Etsy I wish a clip of this guy would automatically pop up and tell me to manage my finances.

  8. A.J. Beckmann

    How about $50 dollars a month for a 15 yo

  9. A.J. Beckmann

    I got $1000 bucks saved up how do I get started

    1. Mythili Rajendra

      Did you do anything?

    2. Kavuela

      Dude it’s not too late, my mom just told me a story about a guy who was a refugee from Ghana and homeless when he first arrived and now he owns four townhouses, a rental car company with 28 cars which he maintains himself because he has a mechanical education. You can do anything bro.

  10. Lisa S

    Please do a Video about Top 10 Books you have to read before start investing. Thx!!! im a new fan.. gr8 job!

  11. Duane Henry

    I’m 22 years old living on my own and found a great amount of relief and inspiration from this video. Thank You!!!

  12. Iamher Monica

    I wish I started earlier. I’m just starting at 30

    1. Jonath Champ

      i’m 25 and i feel like i mist it

    2. M L4

      @HowEYEfeeL I’m 39 as well and I’m just getting started..

    3. Muhammad Khan

      Ur only 30 u can still retire at 40

    4. Jordan

      I’m 19 going on 20 and I’m glad I came to this video. Hope you’re doing well!

    5. deisa alise

      Keep going. The sky is the limit!!

  13. Ian Sinclair

    I also liked ‘The richest man in babylon’. And i have been enjoying recently, ‘The intelligent investor’, which is one Warren Buffet recommended and read.

  14. intl_bohemian

    Trying to put myself into a better financial situation…this video was really helpful, thank you!!!

    1. Project Life Mastery

      So glad that it helped!

  15. Euan Ellery

    Great tips Stephen, I’ve been automating my income by paying myself first for some time now and it has been working amazingly

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    1. sams HQ

      Happily subscribed. Thank you

    2. Millicent Owens

      Great Video … Thank you for making it so easy to understand !!!!

    3. Carlos Rolffort

      Thanks great advice. I’m trying to get started today lots to learn.

    4. Myra Saephan


    5. lil cheko

      Just subscribe

  17. Brandon Alcantar

    Watching this at 17 years old and I’ve been saving up to buy my share of stocks at 18! 🙂

  18. Muraryse

    Making notes for myself:
    1 – Positive cash flow
    2 – Emergency funds (3-6 months of savings for expenses)
    3 – Invest in yourself (skills, marketing, learn habits of money making, study)
    4 – Index funds, Bluechip (Long term, recessions usually recover so buy more during)


  19. Mohananeethan Muruganantharajah

    Thank you.
    Just realized got alot more research to do before I start this.

  20. Raquel Guzman

    I’m 15 prepping for when I turn 18. This video was really informative. Thanks!

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