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45 Thoughts to “Live Day Trading ES S&P Emini Futures (+$725)”

  1. That Lofi Gai

    What chart is that and what broker do you use?

    1. Futures Scalper

      Hey i have not seen your request my Skype name is now “Lou @FuturesScalper”

    2. andy sky

      i will send it now. Thank you so much

    3. majic0101

      hi, my skype nick MAJIC been send send a request to be added

    4. Futures Scalper

      Have not seen any contact request, are you sure you’re sending it to “Lou @FuturesScalper” ?

  2. Benedict Xavier

    Could you share more about your strategy? Love these videos!

    1. Futures Scalper

      I talk more about my strategy in my trading room on Skype, add me at FuturesScalper and i’ll add you to the room.

    2. Benedict Xavier



      it doesn’t cost for the trading room does it ??…

  3. Burrows Investment Group, LLC

    Another good video. A little crazy with the instagram thing but nevertheless still good video. Gonna add you on Skype…. my Skype is tefloncapital.

  4. Tom Connors

    Great videos.  I just sent a request to be added to your Skype room

  5. Brian Scully

    Hey man this is a great video! If you don’t mind, can I add you on Skype as well? I’d like to learn a little more about your strategy. Thanks for the video brother!

    1. Sloth Father

      do you seriously think he’ll do that? You can tell 10 seconds into the video what his strategy is

    2. Dave V

      @Sloth Father ok what’s his strategy then.

    3. Sloth Father

      @Dave V *Facepalm*

    4. Ginger Toast

      Sloth Father lmao some people

  6. mellowcmb1

    my strategy is very similar to yours except I trade it on the crude and gold futures. great job man!!! I’ll look to add you on Skype.

  7. Jon Servet

    Thanks for the video, nice scalping!

  8. Lincoln C Mitchell

    good videos

  9. Evan Cortes

    Are you allowed to buy and sell future contracts whenever you want?

    1. Futures Scalper

      Yes you can buy and sell whenever you want. except when markets are closed.

    2. Tod Wilkinson

      When are the markets closed during the day?  Also can a seller, sell any amount of contracts and get the cash for them within a matter of seconds or minutes?

  10. Moses Balderas

    I love live trading analyses!!!

  11. riquenosis

    Who is your broker? When I traded em’ I used interactive brokers. Minimum for a futures acct was $10k at the time. Thx for video.

    1. BottomUP

      riquenosis it still is isn’t it?

    2. riquenosis

      BottomUP I’ve seen threads claiming $30k for equities… I’m not sure though because it was all acessible in one platform as far as I could see. I wish I knew the importance of scanners and hotkeys back them… I feel that even with my terrible risk management I would’ve zeroed in on what my personality liked which was momentum trading…. and you definitely need that tool to see what other traders see. I will research it to make sure. Finvitz maybe an option as well…. but I definitely would have to get the subscription… Do u know anyone with the pay subscription?

    3. BottomUP

      I’m trading equities, and min is $25k but I have been looking into futures for the past month and haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet since I’m very comfortable swing trading equities. please update me on the min, I think it’s $10k depending on the broker.

    4. Giggidygiggidy12

      riquenosis he’s using MB Trading which is now Ally invest I have an account with MB as well solid company

  12. Barreto

    Show, Brazil.

  13. Fabiano Lomba

    Very nice video, quick question Lou are you using tick chart, volume, or time?

    1. Futures Scalper

      I’m using the 1000 tick chart.

    2. Fabiano Lomba

      Futures Scalper thanks for answering, Very nice strategy special because it’s working well for you. I being testing 400 ticks on YM with some moving average. Good luck in your trades!!!

    3. Whats N The Box

      Fabiano Lomba I think a tick chart is good for entry and exit but 5-15 & a 30-1hr chart is good to see the bigger picture to use in collaboration with the tick charts IMO good luck guys stay disciplined.

  14. hang xia


    1. S J


  15. UJ ABHI

    give me u r number

  16. Limitless 1

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Sirikonda Sushma

    can you tell me chart time frame

    1. Tech Geek

      In Youtube set it to 1080p and look at the chart header. you will get the answer.

  18. Nelson Flores

    Thanks for your videos, I have a quick question.
    Trading Futures is subject to the PDT rule? If not, can I do unlimited trade, trading futures? My account is approx. 12k
    Thank you

    1. David Gonzalez

      Nelson Flores no, you can daytrade futures.

  19. Allen C

    What is your Instagram username?

  20. Eminisp Tradingsecret


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