Morning Gap Strategy: Day trade opening gaps. // Trading the open, stocks & options tips strategies


Morning Gap Strategy: Day profession opening up voids.// Trading the open, supplies & alternatives ideas strategies for newbies gappers gap up gap down

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43 Thoughts to “Morning Gap Strategy: Day trade opening gaps. // Trading the open, stocks & options tips strategies”

  1. Nick Foxer

    Beyond just the value of the information given in this video, my favorite thing was the way in which the information was presented. Eloquently spoken, dispersed at the right pace, clear, concise, well-enunciated….. Five stars David Moadel. You have a new subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. David Moadel

      I really appreciate the nice comments Nick — thank you so much!

  2. Ina Daaze

    Great video. I really appreciate your research and that you reference the data sources.Good stuff, Thanks!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you so much Ina Daaze, I definitely appreciate the nice compliment.

  3. Trader Mom006

    David, do you feel like this information still applies in the current market conditions?

    Thanks for the amazing information in this video. Very well done. For a newbie like me, I could really understand what you were saying and it made the concept easy for me to grasp.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Jennifer, I do believe that these concepts still apply, but this volatile market means that we might need to take smaller position sizes in each trade, just to stay cautious.

  4. Build Your Money IQ

    I watched this video a few weeks back and thought it was interesting. I remembered it today 4/4/18 as I relected on my losses by trying to continue the trade towards the gap on the spy.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Build Your Money IQ, I hope that my videos continue to help people with their trading.

  5. Clayton Young

    I have been playing around with this strategy with some success. I am looking for stocks that gap down on good news. ie good earnings. I see this fairly often. I wait for confirmation that the price is beginning to go back the other direction usually 15 minutes or so after the open. Less trades but much higher rate of success. Grew my acct by 10 % on one trade i am still holding from 2 weeks ago.

    1. David Moadel

      Well done Clayton, I like your input and am glad for your success.

  6. Norman Lacoste

    hi david thank you for the video its really informative.
    how do you compute where is your stop loss for this trading? greatly appreciated

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Norman, rather than try to explain it in the comments section here, I made a video on this topic:

  7. john leon

    This video was exactly what I was seeking. And it’s rare presenters give source of their research. Thanks, David!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment john leon, I definitely appreciate it.

  8. J. Blanco

    Excellent summary, I learned allot. Thank you

    1. David Moadel

      Much appreciated J. Blanco, thank you for the nice comment.

  9. Anand bhatt

    Great Ideas mate, I am learning intraday trading and you guys are real teachers for us. Sharing knowledge is something I really admire. Thanks a lot for a wonderful information.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much Anand bhatt, I am honored and humbled by your nice comment.

  10. Lee D

    Thank you for taking the time to create the video, making it so clear and precise, and sharing references where you got the information.

    Literally, no kidding, I just took notes a couple of hours ago to either do my own statistical analysis or research the success rate when trading at the open of the market, depending on where it closed and what it does off market.

    (to be completely honest, I’ve been avoiding all your videos because I’m not a fan of the females covers to lure young straight guys in. Although this was great info, I may continue to not future videos.)

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Lee D, I respect your right to have your opinion.

  11. Freddie Ferber

    Useful information; especially the stats and semi-long term study.
    Thanks very much.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Freddie, I definitely appreciate it.

  12. ComicBookGuy Henderson

    the best i have seen on this, thank you

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much ComicBookGuy Henderson, I appreciate your nice comment.

  13. Paul Mosen

    Refreshing to see referencing! Do you have a systematic method for determining stop loss levels, in your gap trading? Thanks.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much Paul, I appreciate your nice comment. Here’s my video on determining stop-losses:

    2. Paul Mosen

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™

    3. David Moadel

      @Paul Mosen No problem, feel free to check out my other videos

  14. takoma253rsp

    Great info. Easily understood language. Thank you

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment takoma253rsp, much appreciated.

  15. Rusty Rockets

    That’s exactly how I short the morning gaps. I look to see what’s over extended and try to “guesamate” where it’s gonna go back down and short from there. Like you say get between 50 to 100 percent back in returns. Love it! Lol

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Rusty Rockets, I’m glad that the strategy is working for you

  16. D Tremblay

    Very professionally done. with references to evidence based research.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment D Tremblay, much appreciated

  17. valicourt

    Great video! Iโ€™ve been trading with vwap lately and am wondering if it could be implemented in this strategy. Say on a gap down the price initially drops even further. But when the price closes above vwap you go long with stop loss set just below that dayโ€™s low. Now you have a defined risk. Now you could follow the price with a trailing stop and set to break even when your volume stop gets to the entry price. I donโ€™t have the means of back testing this now but it could be a nice m.o.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you valicourt, you’re making interesting points

  18. Seth Walker

    I’ve been reviewing charts and have tested this strategy with On Demand (TD Ameritrade). Impressive results so far. I’ve been testing using put and call options. I’ve had great results with both puts and calls. Like David said, this isn’t 100% however the way I see it, 70% success can easily make you very wealthy.
    @ David, from my research, I’m seeing most of the success using this strategy is completed under two hours of each trading day (which is great considering it is not neccessary to stare at a damn screen all day). Volitility drops off significantly after the first two hours of most trading so large swings are less likely to occur. Great info. I’ve been playing with this for two weeks now and it seems too good to be true?

    Advice to all: Get a TD Ameritrade account, review charts and practice with the On Demand feature (which is the golden grail for practicing strategies such as this).

    1. David Moadel

      Interesting comment Seth, thank you for checking out the video

  19. Janice LuvsStarbux

    Another great video David. I have been binge watching today. Who needs Netflix when I get an education watching your videos? ๐Ÿ™Œ thanks again.

    1. David Moadel

      LOL now that’s what I like to hear

  20. Alistair Munslow

    Yeah, thanks David. This is one of those bits of information that I couldn’t see on my own. It so obvious after someone like yourself points it out. Sometimes traders can miss seeing what’s right in front of their eyes. We get so focused on indicators and ocsilators and news stories ect, that we miss the basic stuff. Thanks man.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Alistair, I am glad to help traders discover new ideas

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