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Multibagger stock 2018 – 3 Penny stocks for 100% return in 2018


Multibagger supplies which might generate upto 100% return in 2018. These supplies may generate handsome return in future.
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24 Thoughts to “Multibagger stock 2018 – 3 Penny stocks for 100% return in 2018”

  1. Ramavrar Sharma

    Thanks for your valuable information and guidance…

  2. Sreenivas Doosa

    Everything is good with compucomm software but the graph pattern making me afraid. I recently bought some at 14 and sold at 17.5 with 25% profit.

    1. Ashok Kulkarni

      So nice…. this is very positive for us.

  3. Shubham Agrawal

    Bhai tumhari Avon ki fundamental details kha se uhatai h money control pr to kuch alag hi

  4. chandan nasta

    Okay I am just into learning phase and now I want to ask you 1 thing. Just activated my zerodha account. I really dont know how to use but will start soon. So if I invest 1000 Rs for each of them for these 4 shares, Avonmore Capital & Mangement Services ltd rs 35.55, Compucom Soft rs 19.65, Urja Global Rs 4.60, Nagreeka Cap Rs 61.65 , do I have to do this every month investment or I can just invest 1 time and leave and whenever I have money more say after 3 months or 6 months or 1 year and then I can buy more and sell them when the prices have increased like whatever we set in our mind. Another thing I also wanted to ask if I spend 1000 Rs on each total Rs 4000 how much extra money should I keep which zerodha will charge me? Since I am a rookie so asking. Cant afford to bear too much loss as a first timer. Just trying my level best to take minimum risk as much as I can. Also any tips/suggestions from experts would really appreciate who have been for a long time in share market

  5. Shri Murudkar

    Thank you for great analysis. Sir I have got one query about Avonmore capital.Avonmore ,its market cap is 86 cr and it is showing contingent liabilities of 70 cr how do we asses this situation .thank you

    1. Ashok Kulkarni

      Yes sir I am also thinking same.

  6. ketan mauwala

    Superb research sir…..keep doing the good work …..god bless you…..

    1. Super Multibaggers

      Thanks Ketan Ji..

  7. REAL cooking and Travels

    Good explanation with true fundamental study.. Thanks Sir.

    1. Super Multibaggers

      Thanks Riyan Ji…

  8. Winter Haydn

    Thanks, sir. Very good, sir. Sir, your information is so helpful.

  9. Gaurav Sharma

    Avon up 20% and nagreeka hit the circuit again…

  10. barack farag

    I have made over $229k in just three months i started my trading life wit MR MICHEAL all thanks to him, he is my
    mentor on forex stock market, I met Mr MICHEAL this year it has been a different story and I feel good knowing the
    problem was not from me but I feel better banking $10k every weeks … I recommend his strategy contact him and
    see yourself now. Michealryan133@gmail .com

  11. himanshu sharma

    Shivalik bimetal has given 300% return in 2017. Please make a video on it.

  12. J K J

    i am scared because i lost in EDSERVE .

  13. Review Doctor

    avonmore capital going downwards. Should i hold on or book losses and exit. Kindly advice.

  14. Muna Sahu

    current price of these stocks down 30%

  15. Vishal Kumar

  16. prathmesh waliwandekar

    Dear Sir,
    Summarised : AVONMORE – 23.95 means at loss of 12.40 having target of 65
    Compucom – 11.55 means at loss of 8 having target of 35
    Nagareeka – 32.8 means at loss of nearly 30 having target of 110
    6m have elapsed.
    Loss in every share.i will comment again at the end of this year.

  17. Hozizon IN

    All three multibagger turned out to be multifloppers.
    Share price decreased of all three.

  18. vijay mehta

    Nice recommendation sir, but last one very risk stock .. ( Nagreeka)

  19. Nipun Kothari

    Ye shares down me chalrahe hai as on 26.12.2018. Kahe ka multi bagger

  20. Nipun Kothari

    bhai, aaj k dt 19-2-19 ko share price check kia, sabhi shares pite hue gains

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