My Day Trading Secret That Makes Me $1,000’s DAILY


Right here is my Day Trading key from today and what lead to my +$ 2,000 Day in july!

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that i do not request any type of info. I always urge our participants to trade ONLY what you comprehend as well as never ever based on any person's viewpoint. My video clips are for home entertainment functions only.any questions to message me as i would certainly love to be a component of your success.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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39 Thoughts to “My Day Trading Secret That Makes Me $1,000’s DAILY”

  1. James Howard

    UGAZ is ready next week, one of my secrets is the 5 day rule, Do you see what the washboard sees, you are 100% about patterns

  2. Derrick Schupp

    Ricky is so smart at keeping it simple. Props bruh

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      Wow I appreciate that!

    2. Abraham Solano

      Simplicity Is Key

  3. Not bob

    I made 1.8% as well on DWT. I’m under the PDT rule so I was just testing the waters with day trading. I usually swing trade

  4. Bad Badini

    Can you make a video about taxes being self employed/investing in the stock market?

    1. Scooter1

      That would be amazing Ricky

    2. Omar Rivera

      Yes please!!!

    3. Bad Badini

      Seems we’ve been ignored lol

    4. arwood111

      Incorporate as a LLC then manage with holding company in a low fee state. Or create a trust place assets inside trust and make yourself manager. Or pay standard income tax rates.

  5. Ranger 4860

    made 600$ on TSLA alone today with 20K
    Keep up the good work

    1. Ranger 4860

      @Ricky Gutierrezreferring to 8:48 little extreme lol!

    2. Cazimi MGTOW

      @Ricky Gutierrez Can you make a twitter please… I want to connect with you but I strongly dislike instagram…

    3. Andrew Pagakis

      Nice making me look bad, I made 160 with 100k

    4. Kiwiz Lucks

      Andrew Pagakis you day trade with 100k?

  6. TheLifeofRon

    I’ve been watching you for a few now. There’s no secret just hard work

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      I appreciate you!

  7. kama salothi

    what’s your taka on retirement vehicles like 401k.

  8. MajesticReaper8

    Ricky: I made a little over $2,000 today
    IRS: Nah, you mean we made a little over $2,000 today

    1. mark ass brownlee


    2. Italia Casgar

      lol this so true

  9. Drew Ivey

    Can you do a video of you breaking down a stock on Robinhood where it doesn’t show the vwop and all the other information

  10. croyant rêver

    Just remember everyone. If something seems confusing, that’s a sign there’s more to learn.

  11. brian brian

    your a beast bro…. i remember when i started seeing your videos at the start of my journey in trading the stock market. Now im a beast too. thanks you for all the free content you give.

  12. Tatanka

    Great content, thanks for the advice brother 😉

  13. johnny M

    So hyped. My goal this week was to make $100 and I made a little over $400

    1. Jakerz

      @1MinuteCovers thinkorswim

    2. johnny M

      @1MinuteCovers I have tried to use Thinkorswim but it’s a little too confusing at the moment so I have been using the Tdameritrade app to make all my trades.

    3. 1MinuteCovers

      @johnny M thank you, well do u have any platforms for beginners ?

    4. johnny M

      @1MinuteCovers The Tdameritrade phone app. That’s what I use. It’s very easy to use.

    5. BIIG MILL

      stay blessed up and build that account so you can take a 3k loss and stilll go on vacation

  14. ivan

    Started with $190 and I’m up to $250 just from learning and following you. Thank you so much keep up with the great work. I hope can I get the account up to $1000 by the end of the year.

  15. RED 99

    Thanks for the vids! Great videos to help newbies like myself, although I’ve been looking and learning for almost a year or so I haven’t started day trading yet. I’ll be doing paper trading first!

  16. Bladimir Montesinos

    What’s the secret…???
    I know..!! 100k bid saves the day…😉😉😉😉😉

  17. Jeremy

    Gm! I noticed you had a lot of stuff on your charts, and that sparked my curiosity. Currently I am using TradingView to look at charts, but I don’t have a premium membership with TradingView so my use of indicators is limited to 3. So far I use MACD and BollingerBands to better understand trends, but what other indicators should I use and which are most important?

  18. 000998poi

    You’re amazing and inspiring me to trade 🙏🏼🍉👏🏽

  19. Rudi Munk

    So there’s no trading secret?
    So it’s just clickbait and useless. Cool thanks.

    1. Henk PieterSzoon

      You’re so dumb

  20. M. Jarrar

    Inmode up 23 cents in pre-market today INMD

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