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20 Thoughts to “Reading candlestick charts like a professional”

  1. hasmukh parmar

    you have given range of candlestick but how to identify range? beside you have given example of bullish and bearish but which is bullish and which is bearish it is not identify?

  2. hasmukh parmar

    how to find that stock is close 80 to 100 percent?is there any formula?shall I have to see high low or open close?how to decide range of candlestick and percentage which you have given in your candlestick?I am in confusion guide me.

    1. wealth sky

      +hasmukh parmar in my video I have already give the candle example just watch properly

  3. hasmukh parmar

    When to trade after closing candlestick or running candlestick? which time frame is the best for applying this stretegie?

    1. wealth sky

      +hasmukh parmar this strategy apply in half hour , one hour and day candle

  4. hasmukh parmar

    Second question about time frame is o.k.what about first question trade after closing of candlestick or running candlestick?

    1. wealth sky

      +hasmukh parmar closing of candle

  5. Anshuman Madhav

    Well explained 🙂 It was very helpful .. I am new to market still learning not invested and wondered does candle stick patterns made sense in intraday trading .. who has so much time to analyze when you are handling multiple scripts .. So it is safe to say candle stick patterns are important for long term investment, it helps to enter and exit properly. Thanks once again

  6. hasmukh parmar

    I have seen this video so many times.candle as you have designed from 0 to 100 percentage of range.but is it not it support and resistance? Suppose break 0 lower side and 100 up side than how we say it is bearish or bullish? Or it has happened like this what stretegie we have to apply?

    1. wealth sky

      +hasmukh parmar please candlestick ke bare me thoda pad lo basic fir meri video ko dekhar samajney ke kosis karna

  7. Atul Mestry


  8. Mohammed Basha

    sir please once again make video on this clearly,,,,plz

  9. Pran Gari

    superb one of the best videos… no words to express I like you

  10. Avinash Chavan

    waiting for your next video bro… one of the best video…

    1. wealth sky

      Just check our video collection

  11. hasmukh parmar

    Dear brother for candlestick range I have to see previous day candle stick range or current day candle stick range?

  12. Kaushal Kishor

    O my technical candlestick.only to teach this strategy trainer ask 6000 rs.

  13. Manoj Roka

    Very Fine Sir, Bahut Video dekhe Lekin Apke Video Kuchh Alag he or Bahut hi Helpful he , Thanks for Your Contribution sir.

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