Penny Stocks 

Scams in Trading Penny Stocks


Scams in Trading Penny Stocks is the most unsafe phenomenon in trading and also investing online.
A lot of beginners obtain drawn in to cent supplies. Initially because dime stocks are inexpensive and also 2nd beginners
think they can have substantial revenues easily. The fact is that trading penny stocks is very dangerous, since the price
is extremely unpredictable and due to the fact that lots of professionals adjust these type of stocks since they don't need
a large capital to transform the price. Fraudsters utilize a one web page web sites and also forums to ask traders to acquire cent stocks.
When the beginners are getting the specialists are offering. Occasionally scammers request membership which is more unsafe.
Scammers make use of brand-new ipo stocks or old ones. When novices shed money like $50 from $100, The important things is that they do not know
that 50% or more has actually gone for life. So just think why are those dime stocks are inexpensive? They are affordable for a reason.
All shared funds and also big traders do not purchase them and also they do not trade them.Because a lot of these dime stocks are
really small firms with little profits as well as the majority of them are brand-new. They don't experience the examination of time. Well thank you
very much for viewing this video. If you have a question or simply you intend to comment just do. I will be glad to question this topic.

Thank you for seeing.

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43 Thoughts to “Scams in Trading Penny Stocks”

  1. Watch World

    Thanks for your video but still I would like to know where to buy safe penny stocks and how to find out about good penny stocks. I will appreciate your help.

  2. Aliaksandr Yaltukhouski

    Look up Tim Sykes, and watch his videos.

  3. Naren Chauhan

    i found quite helpful to understand penny stocks. thanks for tips.

  4. ascorz11

    Thanks for the help, good to see people on the opposite end of the scammers trying to help beginners.

  5. blazin20s

    shokran! very helpfull! can you give us a review on plus500? thanks

  6. Invested

    Wow!!! I felt as thou you had been watching me as a new beginner in this industry and made a video based on what I was doing. I now realize that I have been gambling and not trading. thanks for the insight. You made it so plan and simple. I feel like I should have already known what you were explaining.

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi invested Welcome. Well most beginners including me back in the day did the same mistakes and we lost money gambling. the good thing is to learn from our mistakes and never give any dollar to those who took it granted from the market. Hope that helps and thanks for sharing. good luck with your trading.

  7. egyptian

    Thanks a lot for this video! It confirmed what I have thought. I seen some penny stocks going up from 5 cents to a dollar over 2 days, and I kept watching and they went back down to 5 cents again. This explains everything.

    Thanks again. By the way, are you Algerian? haha…I’m Egyptian and I think you’re Algerian from your accent

    1. egyptian

      @Carlos Gatlin Bro….penny stocks are a massive risk for the reasons outlined in this video. It can work, but more often than not those companies usually only get an extremely short-lived boost and then they plunge big time.

      The only way to make a lot of money is to invest a TON of money, and if it doesn’t go up you can be in the hole.

      It’s the lottery of the stock market.

    2. Dennis Johnson

      @Carlos Gatlin what is the platform for that you used? Because I have been reading a lot of books but I really am skeptical?

    3. Ghuraba Al Bahrain

      I knew the accent from somwhere! Salam from Bahrain and thanks.

    4. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      @bahrainilike here in america and else where there are different accents. here there are some accidents that is hardly understood by people from here. thanks

  8. BayBred Genetix

    Thanks for the knowledge .I was thinking of penny stocks but this video woke me up to the scam .Where should I go to begin trading ?

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi pcw kennels. see you should need some good experience to trade penny stocks. and since they are highly manipulated so it is better to see stocks from $ 5 and up. ok

      Now you can try and buy my book or eBook. It is a complete trading strategy for beginners. It is easy . All the rules are very simple and any one can apply them. 
      When you buy the book or eBook you will find a link to my chart software i am using in my videos. You can follow me and search for good stocks according to my strategy. There are thousands 

      of stocks, you can put some good ones into  watch lists. Then choose the best and buy it or them when you get a signal .
      Here is the link
      I offer also a training course for those who can afford it and really serious to begin trading right away.  You can watch my video for more explanation about the training.
      here is the video link Stock Market Trading Lessons and Course for Beginners
      Please if you have nay question just ask. You can also send me a private message from youtube. ok
      Good luck

  9. JordonMMG

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts! Awesome teaching.

    Question, do you have anything on stock options? And how to start for people like me who really have no capital at all (cannot even open a brokerage account)!

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi acollectionist  well you should save money for long then open an account. you can begin by learning first and do paper trades. buy and sell and continue working on selecting the best stocks. when you feel comfortable and you have saved some money open an account. i have made many videos on my channel  please just type options and risk  it will pop out. the reason i dont do videos about options because it is worse than penny stocks because you cna lose all your money when you are out of the money. thanks

  10. Garvin Bailey

    Excellent video, very informative. You just help me become extremely cautious about investing in penny stocks.

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi garvin bailey  there are some traders who like to learn new things like you and this is what i like. but believe me there are other traders who lost thousands of dollars trading penny stocks but still trade them. i want to make traders understand risk in any trade they do. some beginners dont understand risk in trading so they do the same mistakes again and again. and if you tell them the problem and how to solve it . they refuse to accept it. the result 975 of traders lose money because they cant adapt to a new situation. so they hold losers for long and guess what will happen to them. either they break even each year or lose all their account capital. and then blame wall street for their failures.  thanks and stay in touch.

  11. Marcus Mays

    Thank you, I have enjoyed your video and feel a step closer to understanding penny stocks. I have 2 questions if I may. 1, do you trade penny stocks? and 2, Can you refer me to a Virtual site where I can practice trading for experience with out investing funds?

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      +Marcus Mays hi you can use my chart i am using and check my training website
      any question write back to

  12. Aaron Reid

    I love your honest, transparent, and ethical nature. Thanks for being a positive example.

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi aeron reid  welcome. i just try to save some beginners from being caught into some scams especially penny stocks

      there are some penny stocks that are very good but they dont have high volume and grow slower but steadily for months. thats the big jackpot. thanks

  13. Jay Rilo

    Very useful, thank you. My question is, have you ever heard of the program called Colmex Pro? Can you recommend a good trading program?

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      hi jay rilo  See I am a professional swing trader. i trade and i teach my own training course for my students.  i dont use other peoples programs. thanks
      please my lessons a la carte  video

  14. Simon Pitt

    thanks for the insight into your thoughts on penny stocks, one question though.. surely using a Trailing Stop prevents this being an issue in regard to the drastic down pricing of a stocks value?

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      @Simon Pitt if you cant calculate your risk before you do a trade you will never make it as a trader. learning how to trade is the best way to minimize risk and maximize rewards. this needs work it will never be free and it is never a gift or magic. thanks

    2. Simon Pitt

      @Make Money Trading Stocks your reply makes no sense, you talk about using a stop-loss in tons of your videos, so why would it not work in penny stocks but would work normally? what will never be free? i never said anything should be free? or magic? i’m talking maths and strategy, your reply makes no sense?

    3. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      @Simon Pitt there are some information that cost money. so i am not going to explain things for free.penny stocks are not the same. thanks

    4. Simon Pitt

      @Make Money Trading Stocks right ok, so i think you are saying you agree but wont admit it for free… which is an interesting approach. thanks anyway.

    5. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      @Simon Pitt i have traded every stock you can imagine. i trade more than a thousand stocks a year. so i have a big experience and i know a lot.


  15. G life

    Thanks although you are back to simple board … you explain very well … save me time and money great

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      @Ghazi Eidi this is an old video. i did not come back to my whiteboard. lol

      thanks and welcome

  16. adwin cabreja

    this video is good and it help

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      +adwin cabreja welcome.

    2. adwin cabreja

      +Make Money Trading Stocks I would like to learn more about stock

    3. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      +adwin cabreja please check my training levels by videos at

  17. Adil RG

    Thank you sir. This was a very good reminder.

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      +Adil Rguigue welcome. happy new year.

  18. shahid jamal

    i never found such a beautiful explanation ever before in thousands of you tube videos watched by me

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      +shahid ahmad thanks ahmed. this is 10% of what i know from my experience. the other 90% is reserved for my students only who follow me through my subscription membership and my 16 training levels by videos.
      for more information write back to

  19. quagmire444

    Thanks for the video. I think there may be a misconception though on how to make money from penny stocks. I just got started recently and its been going well recently but let me try to explain how most people who benefit from penny stocks think.

    1. They recognize most penny stocks, arguably over 90%, fail.
    2. They recognize most of them are scams, pump and dumps, etc. A trained eye can see when its happening.
    3. The idea isn’t to throw money at a penny stock and hope it turns into google, but instead, use the volatility of penny stocks to make money. Penny stocks have huge volatility day to day and most people are buying and selling the same penny stock within the hour since they can be so volatile. One example may be buying it on a morning dip because of some panic, and waiting for it to go back up. A lot of penny stocks actually do that, they may dip from 1.20 to 1.00, then raise back up to around 1.20 that same day. 0.20 cents isn’t a big profit but you have to play small and safe if you’re making money off penny stocks.
    4. Not all penny stocks are scams, but then again it depends how you define penny stock. The most reliable ones I find are in science. Personally I like dealing with biopharm. Most of these research companies never achieve what they set out to do, like find a cure for cancer, but most certainly arn’t pump and dump scams.

    I know it sounds a bit immoral but a lot of people who make huge profits off penny stocks do so by shorting because they know most of these stocks are bound to fail. Especially pump and dumps. Like I said, if you have a trained eye for a pump and dump you can short big off of it.

    1. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

      If someone knows how to trade he can trade whatever he wants. my video is for beginners. Second i have a training level 10 how to trade penny stocks those stocks i choose are not pump and dump schemes or scams.

      in general thank you for these clarifications. if yous each my channel for penny stocks videos you will find me speaking about all what you said earlier.

      but understand my videos are for those who are beginners and trading these stocks is risky thats why most of them they lose their money without even knowing why they lose.


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