Simple day trading strategy: Opening range breakouts // Intraday stocks trading system, market tips


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50 Thoughts to “Simple day trading strategy: Opening range breakouts // Intraday stocks trading system, market tips”

  1. Daniel Jacobs

    Simple and clear. Do you have videos that address the following. 1) How to find stocks that have strong price movements in the first half hour. 2) How do you calculate where to put the stop loss and 3) how to calculate the price indicating it is time to take profits ??

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much Daniel, I do have stop loss videos: (this one also includes where to take profits) and (that is a much older video but still valid ideas on stop-losses)….. and I will definitely look into your other suggestions for future videos

  2. Erni Koz

    Do you have a video explaining buy-to-cover strategies for short selling a stock? How to minimize your loss if the stock increases in price?

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you ERni, those are good ideas, I might do those in future videos

  3. Ryan U

    Thanks for the video. Do you always trade the opening range and put a stop loss?

    1. David Moadel

      Only if the conditions are right. There are other factors to consider besides opening range.

  4. Peter

    Hi David great video thanks. You mention there are other factors to take into account with this strategy could you please give a brief outline.
    Many thanks

    1. David Moadel

      Hello Peter, and thank you for the compliment on the video. This video was only meant to be a brief introduction, but I might make another video detailing the deeper considerations of the strategy. Also people can e-mail me at davidmoadel at gmail dot com if they would like a personalized coaching session where I answer their questions.

  5. A.D jeffster

    this is a great strategy….so it would require waiting for the stock to drop or go up

    1. A.D jeffster

      how do u identify the stocks…to trade for the day..

    2. David Moadel

      Thank you Dyson, yes it requires patience, you have to let the trading setup come to you rather than trying to force it.

    3. David Moadel

      You can do this with pretty much any stock or ETF or currency or commodity. Be sure to look for the breakout to happen early in the day after the opening range has been established, and also look for high volume with that breakout.


    clarified well!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Lawrence Nsobya, it is gratifying to know that my videos are reaching people in YouTube land.

  7. prince massi

    Hi sir, sir can u make one liv video wd this strategy???

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you prince massi, good suggestion, I could do that

  8. prince massi


    1. David Moadel

      Thank you prince massi, I appreciate it

    2. prince massi

      David Moadel
      sir waitng for mor videos on intraday.

    3. David Moadel

      Yes indeed, I am looking into it for sure

    4. prince massi

      David Moadel
      Thankk u so mch sir.

    5. prince massi

      sir plz make videos on, Time frame, analys th stock, whn v hav to enter in th trade, Sir thes all r my confusion, n i Trade thru price actions bt not geting tht mch accuracy.

  9. orkayen

    Hello David, Very clear and concise info on the day trading strategy. Have a few questions.1. In all these examples, if you trade “Stocks”, the profit is around $0.70 per stock except ULTA). So, if you buy 100 stocks, you get around $70 from around $16,900 investment (UNH). If you buy/sell options, you get around $35 per contract of 100 shares. I know that the strategy is working to some extent but I don’t think we can make some serious money. Correct?2. If we trade stock options like AMZN or GOOG, the price movement or ATR is high and we might get around  $250 or 500 per day. But, you end-up in paying the same amount in stop-loss as it swings between the opening range. Do you agree?So, with this strategy, do you recommend stock trading or options trading?

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you orkayen for the comments. I believe that day trading means you’d be making small amounts of money several times a day, so each individual monetary gain will be small. That’s why it is necessary to use a low-cost broker and only highly liquid stocks with plenty of volume, so you don’t lose money on overpriced commissions and on the bid-ask spread. As you mentioned, you could make more money with AMZN, GOOGL, PCLN, etc., but you would lose more when you get stopped out. The best bet for me is to trade a few option contracts per trade and stick to the plan.

    2. orkayen

      Thanks for your immediate feedback. I used to follow this strategy with 15 min range. Between 15 min and 30 min, based on your experience, which is good for breakout?

  10. dead chris bounce

    I tend to do opening range breakouts. Not always easy to spot but, for example, if a stock gaps down and drops, I wait for the bounce to enter short. Don’t want to chase. Might not be the first 30 min. Might be more. Can place stop loss just above that bounce.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comments iSyre, it sounds like you’ve got a good strategy, I definitely agree that you never want to chase the price

  11. 김재영

    hello i watched your video very impressively :)thank you for your nice videoi will subcribe you and watching for my success stock tarding ty

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much 김재영 and I am glad that you like my video.

  12. TheEasyInvestor

    Does this strategy only apply to 5 minute candle sticks or can it be done with one minute as well?

    1. David Moadel

      Good question TheEasyInvestor, I believe that it can be equally useful for one-minute as well as two-minute candlesticks.

    2. TheEasyInvestor

      David Moadel thank you I’ll definitely test it out keep the vids coming

    3. David Moadel

      Much appreciated, will do

  13. Erline Ferdinand

    I love this thank you

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Erline, I definitely appreciate it.

  14. hoi giang Huy

    thank you very much for your advice !

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you hoi giang Huy, I appreciate your nice comment.

  15. Hailmi Sabran

    Hye David, can I use the strategy on the weekly chart which I take the opening range using high and low on Monday? Tq

    1. David Moadel

      I would say yes, the strategy can be used that way

  16. Timmy LeDoux

    it all makes good trading since..

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Timmy, I appreciate that

  17. Kathy Wright

    Very simply explained. Looking forward to more of your videos…thanks! Subscribed!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much Kathy, I appreciate your nice comment.

  18. naleen j

    Hello Mr. David, is this working for the forex market?

  19. Ven Koti

    Real good technique 👍

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Ven Koti for the nice comment, I appreciate it.

  20. Arthur Bates

    David I really enjoy your videos, simple but very effective. I trade the SP500 emini do you think you might make one using the emini.

    1. Arthur Bates

      A 5 min of course

    2. David Moadel

      Thank you Arthur, I’ve actually thought about making a video on that topic, it might be coming in the future

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