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96 Thoughts to “The Dark Knight Rises Stock Exchange Hit and Escape”

  1. Wolverine6637

    3:27 bane is so Polite , what a nice guy

    1. Peatear Griffin


    2. Bilal Khalid

      Bane was raised well to have good manners like that 😁

    3. Joseph Leonard

      you mean 03:26?

    4. George Tanner

      you are a bad guy, but you are not bad guy

    5. Tony Ferguson

      Its always the nice guys that get misunderstood, gosh darnit

  2. Paul Marchano

    “How much longer until we can get market fresh strawberries?”…”Eight minutes.” ….. “Time to go mobile”

    1. GuzzyBear

      Paul Marchano is it an accent or something? I just don’t hear it 🙁

    2. Mike Lennon

      @GuzzyBear no it’s a joke

    3. Raghav Arora

      @mr nobody Search for Bane Outtakes… thank me later

    4. Yukeman MacKenzie

      How long before we can have our strawberries delivered by Uber

  3. Chazwozel1

    Plothole time. As soon as the Stock Exchange was taken hostage, all transactions for that day would be frozen. Bruce Wayne couldn’t lose his company with this plan.

    1. CL

      @Sleeper99999 still takes time…..

    2. Geralt of Trivia

      More like nitpicking time

    3. Nilu Roy

      Looks like Christopher Nolan doesn’t care about plotholes anymore.

    4. Rylan Storm

      It would take time to verify. However, they would have voided all transactions for the day. And their is certainly enough justification to consider the funds in escrow until it was investigated.

      It’s also really unlucky that the lease payment on his Lamborghini and his electricity bill was due on the same day.

    5. Dark Cat

      Not only all transactions for that day would be frozen, but also internet and electricity immediately plugged off in the building.

  4. Kade Motionless the athiest


    Takes off mask…another mask

    1. Eduardo Luna

      Yo dawg, I heard you like masks. So I put a mask on top of your mask so you can be masked after you take off a mask

    2. Dunkirk Donuts

      Sorry I’m late to the party

      Bane the Maskception

    3. LEGO JOEY

      Kade Motionless the athiest lol

    4. S S

      Dunkirk Donuts lol I thought the same thing when i saw this comment

    5. HingleMcCringleBerry

      @Gabe Newell came here for the master chief reference. Thank you

  5. Frequent-Blackouts

    Bane, the guy who would crush your skull with a biking helmet and is polite while doing it.

    1. Daniel Cannata

      Thank you.

    2. Mark Mathis

      Thank You.

    3. Mark Mathis

      Thank You, Come Again.

    4. Jose Barks

      It’s Viking

    5. saganist

      Manners are important.

  6. Casey Dinger

    I absolutely love the dramatic, menacing background music here. Chills the whole time!

    1. Hugo Moncada

      yeaaa good hear!

    2. ShieldsJustice

      Hans Zimmer!

  7. Supa Copper

    I laughed when Bane says “Thank you” to the guy that holding his helmet lol

    1. Janet Sminten

      @Darth Bane Nothing, he has TDS

    2. SmallTank

      It’s weird because he held onto that helmet lol.

    3. thousandyoung

      @Jose Bustamante So brit

  8. fahd s

    Tom Hardy nailed it

    1. The Roo

      Too small to play the role, it’s obviously a stand in and clever angles when he’s fighting Bale who is way taller

    2. Greygod Ice

      Krisztian watch gotham the new bane will make you appreciate this one..

    3. Many squirrel's, like at least 16 squirrel's

      @METalGod66 so you wanted to see a movie about a big dumb muscle man? stfu please, that would never work in this universe.

    4. Lee Croft

      Daniel Rojo Totally agree. Remember Batman & Robin…. yeah

  9. jonjon

    ‘ It’s was never about the money to Bane and Joker’ it’s all about change

    1. Nickster316

      They should’ve run for president, each promising some kind of ambiguous “change”, it’s worked well for previous politicians

    2. vicente castillo

      joker was never good.bane was an idealist

    3. Marcus Motamedi

      Invictum you sound uneducated. Work harder and earn a good living and I’m sure you will have nothing to complain about. Only the weak complain.

  10. Blake Walters

    Hardy doesn’t get enough credit IMO for this role. You talk about showing emotion and intensity through only partial facial movement, eyes, and general demeanor; he crafted his own Bane. Knock-out performance.

    1. Andrew E

      Hardy was great as Bane BUT his character fell victim to poor writing and development and he turned out to be a henchmen all along taking away all his importance and 2 seconds later he gets blown up by ‘Catwoman’. If he was the focal point of the film, it could have been up to par with joker. But joker had way more iconic scenes and lines that it’s crazy I think to say Hardy outdid Ledger.

    2. freddy zamaripa

      Thats because like heath legers joker u dont see the person anymore but the character. Not so much with this new joker

    3. Ridley McNamara

      @george richer I’d say I didn’t give him much credit personally back in the day. I mean after Joker and the brief Two-Face I was disappointed w Bane and Catwoman…looking at it now, I appreciate it more. Maybe I was just more excited for a Riddler or Penguin. I like the look for both Bane and Catwoman here too, but I will say they couldn’t done a better job making Catwoman more memorable. It almost seemed bland, just Anne Hathaway being beautiful and a decent costume make it bearable IMO

    4. Firered anims

      I absolutely agree been saying this for years terribly underrated performance

    5. freddy zamaripa

      “This is no time to panic, that comes later” hahahaha

  11. IOnceAteAPinecone

    Gotham police: “We don’t need a batman”
    also Gotham police: “I’m not risking my men for your money.”

    dude, you can’t pick and choose which crimes are worth your men and also complain about a masked vigilante doing the job you won’t.

    1. Mr. Knurft

      He can. Human lives are more important than money.

    2. conor martin

      You’re arguing with a fictional cop

    3. Zaid Chalabi

      Thats not what he meant
      He meant he wont just go in randomly and risk losing people just for money
      But they wont just leave the criminals and go home. Jesus man

    4. Zaid Chalabi

      Marksman24444 no need to insult the man

    5. 고등 지능 ODINS trash

      Marksman24444 to many people that is the case they us as purely money

      Like ford vs Nader court cases, Nader revealed ford knew they had a serious issue with the suspension of the car that they refused to fix and the fucked part is it would have only cost them 11$ per car to fix….

      Thousands died over 11$

      Capitalism aye pal?

  12. Robert Straw

    Nolan made Batman cool again.

    1. ASF

      He should at the very least do another one in like 5-10 years. I’d kill for his version of Dark Knight Returns.

    2. oki Phantom

      @HAKATAPAWA fam it was a joke

    3. Austin

      @HAKATAPAWA I’m no American either….but generalizing a whole population is EXTREMELY arrogant and ignorant…you’re more so, and that’s coming from a Canadian

    4. Willthekilla5

      @HAKATAPAWA And your point of view is irrelevant

  13. Nikola Tesla

    “How long until i phone 9 releases?”

    “8 minutes”

    *Time to go mobile*

    1. nazrul islam

      Hey sir I am a big admirer of you, your inventions. Sorry you didn’t get your recognitions

    2. Banana rama

      @nazrul islam Idiot

    3. Hunter Lux

      @Banana rama since you don’t notice the comic tone, you’re the idiot.

    4. Goddamn 47

      @Banana rama Yes. We know you’re an idiot. You don’t have to keep telling yourself that.

    5. Shark007

      this is now relevant because of the iphone11 pro release

  14. Jared Garcia

    Bane really treats men and women equally, he knocked the girl with same force as the other guys😂

    1. TheMostVirtuous

      @Daniel Mazahreh LoL

    2. yos doggo

      Ayeee im the 6700 like

    3. John Smith

      Equality comes in

    4. SOLOMAN

      Truly respects both genders!

    5. piko cho

      That’s how it supposed to be but it isn’t
      This society is sh*t

  15. Mark J

    Give the DC universe back to Chris Nolan before it’s too late.

    1. Mitty 2004

      Wasn’t Christopher Nolan an executive producer on Batman v Superman? Tbh I have no idea what they do lol but it must be pretty important right?

    2. oscar o baoill

      @Mitty 2004 Executive producers don’t do a whole lot to be honest.

    3. Dan Castro

      Yes. He also executive produced Man Of Steel and Justice League

    4. Karl Mozart

      Well, nolan wont take it,.he said his done his job at super hero movies,.

  16. robizzlor

    “This is a stock exchange. There is no money you can steal”

    Bane: “Really? Then why are you people here?” :D:D Legend.

    1. Pwnage

      next: this is a library, theres no money you can steal
      bane: really? then why are you people here?
      to read books? duhh???

      seriously, what bane said made no sense

    2. yung kam

      @wLink omg well doy, everybody fucking got that – it’s just cringe

    3. yung kam

      no, more like cringe

    4. Gavrata

      @that boi it is if you are an idiot who doesnt know what he meant

  17. MrHotBagel

    Girl: “Come Over”
    Bane: “But I’m busy robbing the Gotham Stock Exchange”
    Girl: “My parents aren’t home”
    Bane: “…. *Time to go mobile* “

    1. Serillian

      Parents: “We’re home!
      Bane: “But I never escaped..”

    2. Nickster316

      @Serillian “No one cared who I was ’til I unzipped my pants. This will be extremely painful… for them. Time to smash this family… with NO SURVIVORS!

    3. Serillian

      @Nickster316 “Once this family is impregnated… and the babies are mine, then you will have my permission to divorce..”

    4. Daniel Aramburo

      Girl: Bane, my parents came back home.
      Bane: it’s ok, I’ll kill them.

  18. IDont LikeTraps

    When you pick a tank class but favor intelligence and charisma

  19. Ji Seong Lee

    Those who were actually shot are too unlucky

    1. Elvis’ Fan

      Cuz they get to see jezuz

  20. Eric

    This scene was written by people who have no clue about how the stock market works. If something like this happened, the stock exchange would immediately cancel all the trades that happened when Bane had access to the system. Bruce Wayne wouldn’t lose a penny.

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