Trump Touted The Economy As The Stock Market Plunged


Lots of networks switched from a real-time feed of President Trump's speech in Cincinnati about tax obligation cuts and the economic situation to protection of the plunging U.S. stock exchange.

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82 Thoughts to “Trump Touted The Economy As The Stock Market Plunged”

  1. Jason Blade

    Remember this trump rule: trump will take credit for anything positive but will blame any negative things on anyone else but him.

    1. Fuarian

      sounds like every politician ever…

    2. Locust Zedicus

      Normally Obama or Hillary are to blame.

    3. Natalie Zanders

      Jason Blade
      Especially Obama

    4. Sherri Wolf

      Jason Blade because it’s true!

    5. shashank kumar thakur

      Democrats wrote this comment.

  2. D E

    Not clapping for a president treasonous? Yes. In those countries where you actually get arrested for that. Dictatorships…

    1. Uhlersoth77

      Whiskey, Weed and whips Watson Oh, definitely. He’s too over-the-top to be anything but a troll. Possibly a drunk troll.

    2. Ben Compass Suddarth

      +Chris Nenshati sadly most working class are uneducated and ignorant due to little life experience, they rarely leave their town.

    3. fried spaghetti

      Dookje every shithole country does that, obviously.

    4. D E

      Mueller is on his way

    5. D E

      Yeah you just ride that train… Wow… It’s headed towards Craycraytown and coming from Idiocyana. Insanity rules, apparently.

  3. Mike Gill

    Trump’s right – there’s at least one traitor in every room he enters!

    1. MrRasZe

      there bis more than 1 fool in this comment section, mike gill is fool, trump rules

    2. MrRasZe

      mike gill ,your on marajuana aint you, can tell by the mysterious indirect questions, like who are you talking about fool

    3. alexdapostman

      +Mike Gill:
      The Left will honor a Gay Parade, but when it comes to honoring our great Veterans The Late-night TV hosts and the low life fake MSM will start having a conniption fit and running around like a squirrel on crack. 98% of the leftist communist MSM vote Democrat. God bless you President Trump for tweeting directly to us, your base, The biased MSM has become irrelevant.

    4. Boopala 1

      Mike Gill Whew that was good! 😁🤗😁😂👏

    5. Mike Gill

      I’m not really dealing in explaining jokes to idiots, so…

  4. Sven Tempest

    How will the Trumpists find a way to blame the current stock market on Hillary and/or Obama…?

    1. Mary Hunter

      I already found one. He claims that if it took a year for Trump’s policy to take effect. The effect we now see after a year, must be from Obama’s last seconds in office.

  5. Jason Burge

    The people behind Trump look exactly like Trump supporters.

    1. Chantelle Lewis

      MrRasZe it’s a bad thing

    2. Jason Burge

      Yes, the fact that you needed to ask says a lot.

    3. MrRasZe

      yeah its always a bad thing, but trump is a good thing, fake news is a bad thing

    4. Jason Burge

      MrRasZe “fake news” is just news that Trump doesn’t like. But, misleading news is bad. It’s important to know the difference. Also, Trump is not good. Maybe now that the stock market is crashing, you won’t be blinded anymore.

    5. MrRasZe

      the plunge was twice as big as the plunge that put the world into recession in 2008, yet trumps economy remained strong, i think you dont get it, trump didnt create the plunge but his economy withstood it, what are all you fools including colbert talking about, this is why its called fake news

  6. Left Is Best

    A President of the United States actually said “I’m ‘non-bragadocious'” WTAF??

    1. TheJrbdog

      Still waiting for proof he isn’t just a grown up Bill Preston

    2. matohibiki


      Bill was friendly, and laid-back. Also, he learned how to play the guitar.

      And, correct me if I’m wrong, Bill also wasn’t a shade of… I wanna say ‘Burnt Umber’?

    3. TheJrbdog

      matohibiki Maybe he’s Wolfenstein-universe Bill?

  7. -HAL- HaliensExist

    I hate Trump so much it hurts… I want to scream and punch something every time he talks. I don’t like being this angry.
    Hate breeds hate don’t it…

    1. Voice of Reason

      You’ve been brainwashed.

    2. Dak Lamerbusch


    3. Dak Lamerbusch

      Todd? You are a man after my heart.

    4. Steve Jones

      Same here.

  8. Kendra Braun

    I hope Paul Ryan chokes on a Ding Dong.

    1. Nilssön Åkerlund

      Kendra Braun: He’ll choke on Trump’s microDingDong.

    2. Kendra Braun

      considering how much he loves the guy, he’d probably love to go out that way.

    3. six years old

      oh hun he already is

  9. grodard9

    The Kochs donating half a million to Ryan’s committee is just legalized corruption, plain and simple. What a great country of opportunities!

    1. fallencaryatidcv

      Thank you, Citizens United, the gift that keeps on crushing any chance of our representatives actually representing us in this effed-up republic.

    2. Valentin Li

      Imagine the amount the Koch Family and many like them have “earned” due to “investing” in the corrupt Republican Party (Democrats aren’t better either). $500K is nothing in comparison!!!

  10. rymdalkis

    Not clapping for the president is treason? Yeah, America is no longer a democracy

    1. Peace Monger

      I think the reason the Dems didn’t clap was because Trumplethinskin was clapping so vigorously for himself that they didn’t need to.

    2. Amethyst

      rymdalkis 😒 Welcome to the new Soviet America comrade. In Soviet America if you don’t clap for the Supreme Leader (aka his Dumbfuckness Donald Trump). You & your family get sent to Guantanamo Bay.

    3. 0x1A3C3E7

      A republic is only a democracy for members of congress. For everyone else, it’s a dictatorship.

    4. rymdalkis

      ^I found the edgy anarchist kid

    5. Solyn Cassia

      This is how democracy dies. With thunderous applause.

  11. ScruffyTusks

    He legit said not clapping for him is treason. Wtf kind of democracy is this…

    1. Anthony Lafleur

      its been over a year give it a rest. theyre gonna push this story into election for voting purpoes idk how u dont see it.. mueller has literally come up with nothing relating to trumo??

    2. Derek Kier

      @Anthony Lafleur he is a comedian, it is not to be taken seriously.

    3. Derek Kier

      @Anthony Lafleur Nixon’s investigation took over 2 years and he was impeached. How fast do you expect it to be?

    4. Anthony Lafleur

      he’s not just a comedian though, like trevor noah.. you dont get to be a comedian that focuses on politics and only be considered a “comedian” he’s a pundit that jokes. an investigation taking 2 years is normal when you have leads.. its been 2 years with mueller and nothing.. they filed for a 6 month extension yesterday lol, ,they wouldnt have had to do that if they had something

    5. Mickey McGowan

      Hes not going to have anyone arrested for not clapping dickhead… hell just tweet at his followers to go beat you up for your treasonous acts :c

  12. Sarahi Zamora

    Every time I hear Trump speak I can almost feel my brain rotting.

    1. Sarahi Zamora

      Nayla Milley Trump is an idiot. And all the corruption in Washington doesn’t nullify that.

    2. AWE SUM

      you gotta read between the lines….
      ” treason” was referring to their actions
      as exposed in the memo (and more soon to come)
      under the Dems,Obamas administration,the intell community was weaponized

    3. Seventh Seal

      Thats because you dont have anything ripe up there anyway.

    4. giwa victor

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    5. Dak Lamerbusch

      Right. Donny and the Republican party ARE horribly corrupt! Good job for understanding that!

  13. Amaranth

    This is all Clinton’s fault…somehow.

    1. matohibiki

      Of course. If she won the election, this kind of thing would never have happened.

      Or something? I’m just winging it here, I dunno how those crazies talk whacko so easily all the time. Uh, chem trails! Gay frogs! Magaaagagaaaa!

    2. Amaranth

      You forgot “Bernie or Bust.”

  14. silvsilvsilv

    We’re living in a time when the president of the United States can call the opposition “treasonous” _just because_ they didn’t applaud him. How tf did we get here?

    1. Steve reefer

      silvsilvsilv Merica

    2. Annabelle B

      You elected a con man; just what did you expect to happen?

    3. matohibiki


      It’s all Marty’s fault, he lost the sports almanac. Now we’re living in the bad future. In the regular timeline, Biff called Trump a butthead, and bullied him until he joined the army, and spent 40 years as a POW.

      I’d fix everything, but my Delorian’s been in the shop since ’05. I’d go back and tell myself not to take it to that garage, but, well… My Delorian’s in the damn shop. -.-

    4. Justin Anderson

      How did we get here? That’s easy. The very first thing America did wrong after voting him into Office is let the craziness he speaks come flying out his mouth without any recourse or penalty. America has this lovely thing we do it’s called, “Oh, he’s the President. Let it go, he can say what he wants.” which, I tend to believe is more of a reason honestly, more than any other in fact to completely police him and monitor everything he does.

  15. x2yll l

    Not clapping is treason? Lmfao. There’s 3rd world countries with totalitarian governments who don’t even have the balls to say that

    1. AWE SUM

      you gotta read between the lines….
      he was referring to their actions
      as exposed in the memo (and more soon to come)
      under the Dems,Obamas administration,the intell community was weaponized THIS is what he was talking about ( and they knew it)

    2. Dak Lamerbusch

      “Please clap!”

    3. Dallas Compston

      x2yll l
      Oddly enough Soviet Russia had those balls

  16. The Rogue Wolf

    Of course, when someone yelled “YOU LIE!” during one of Obama’s speeches, he was just “tellin’ it like it is”.

    But not applauding the CEO of America Inc.’s brilliance? TREASON!

    1. Annabelle B

      No, stupidity.

    2. Todd Taliaferro

      For what it’s worth, I didn’t hear anybody yell out the word “treasonous” in Trump’s audience. I think he just made that up, kind of like the way he always claims “everybody’s saying this” or “everybody’s saying that.”

    3. clarissamiles

      OMG! Good point

  17. E MP

    Gee whiz a failed businessman with no experience in finance or politics doesn’t know not to pump stimulus into an already robust economy (courtesy of Obama).
    No trolls out tonight, but I do hear crickets!

    1. L

      How do you consider someone who owns billions a failed business man? Then while you are thinking about that, tell me how does a business measure success.

    2. triplecheesemac

      How did Obama make the economy robust? The feds were propping up the stock market with all the QE. Obama boost in the economy was all a facade.

    3. E MP

      Well for one most business people would not call getting bankrupt 4 times and being saved by Daddy and Russian oligarchs ‘good business.’ Whether you believe a business is responsible to its shareholders or stakeholders – Trump failed both. He’s pathetic.

  18. Blue Steel

    Only a dictator says that not clapping for him is treason.

  19. James Miller

    When our president calls not clapping for him treason, you know you have a dangerous situation.

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