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What Are Robinhood Order Types? | How To Trade Penny Stocks


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26 Thoughts to “What Are Robinhood Order Types? | How To Trade Penny Stocks”

  1. Gabriel Villasenor

    Just what I needed 👍👍

  2. BMW_Trisha

    Very helpful! Thanks

  3. 100 Fold

    Thanks for the info from this newbie.

  4. James Sparks

    How do I get in and out of my stocks in the same day on Robinhood if I’m limited to only 4 day trades?

  5. ieon

    hey ricky just quick question about the sell type. i know its a dumb question, but how do you use the stop limit and stop loss in robinhood? in my understanding, for example. let say ABC stock went up to 1.80 and my STOP LOSS is 1.70 is it means that it will automatically sell the stock when it reach 1.70? and then if the stock went up and my STOP LIMIT is 1.90 it will automatically sells it for 1.90? sorry I’m just a bit confuse how to sell. its kinda hard to sell when your not always with your phone or computer to monitor the prices. any information is very appreciated.. thank you!

    1. Callum McDaniel

      ieon this is a really late reply but yes this is how it works

  6. daunte retuyan

    I just finish applying for your facebook group hopefully I get accepted

  7. Tac81

    who ever down voted this is freaking “moreoff’s”

  8. Autumn Furtak-Cole

    does robinhood allow you to set both a limit order to sell and a stop loss consecutively? or do you have to cancel your stop loss order every time before you sell?

    1. Crew Dog Gamer

      You have to cancel to apply a different type of order. Robinhood only allows 1 pending order per position.

    2. Underherfeet INACTIVE

      @Crew Dog Gamer So, when the order is filled you can then put your stop loss, right?

    3. Crew Dog Gamer

      @Underherfeet INACTIVE yessir

  9. Rick Fx

    Ricky, I highly encourage you to either explain with your magic board behind you or the use of some kind of digital type of graphics, but this last one could take a bit more time editing your videos, highly suggested for complex kind of details to explain but, of course it depends on your very own style of explaining your topics, I really enjoy all your videos since I consider all of them as a valuable help, thanks Ricky!

  10. Jason Angeles

    Am I right and if not someone correct me
    Stop loss: the most amount you’ll buy or sell a stock

    Stop limit: least you’ll buy or sell a stock for

    1. David Foote

      Jason Angeles I mean. I guess. That’s a little over simplified but I guess you’re on the right track

    2. g g

      Basically its kinda redundant because you cant place short sells through Robinhood. Short selling is when you sell unowned stocks then buy it once it collapses = profit. Those orders mainly used for short sells. If your Going long just stick with stop loss and limit orders.

  11. Stelzner Gaming

    thanks for this vid! didnt know about this and bought a trending up stock and by the time it went through it hit a resistance than dropped off XD I’ve learned from my mistake and im gonna lose limit orders and stop loss for now on!

  12. denise west

    wish I’d found this one a month ago but thank you I definitely needed to figure this out so helpful as always your the best. I’ve been watching his videos for months I love his group and he is super informative and I great at explaining for just about anyone. I can’t thank him enough for helping me learn so keep watching it couldn’t hurt

  13. Silver Scalez

    Im glad i saw this. Been doing market orders and it consistantly changes price from when i swipe to when the order fills/sells. I was getting pissed. Thought RH was scamming me. This cleared it up. Limit limit limit.

  14. Wesley Groth

    I bought PG today. My first ever stock. :b


    Still confused 🤷🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Bluecavemen

    When you threw number out and names. It becomes confusing. Best to so image with numbers to give examples. To visually see it. If not my eyes start to cross lol

  17. Clark Hey

    You must live in Scottsdale. Lol

  18. Hermann H

    Thank you!!!

  19. PlayGirl

    No one wants to WATCH an EDUCATIONAL video of someone just talking fast for 8 min of blah blah blah rambling. Figure it out, try reading the comments below!!

  20. ramez festek

    I see the GAINZ have hit you hard over the past 2 years Ricky!

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