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best futures trading strategy | futures arbitrage trading strategies


this video is for those that are trying to find threat free approach in share market or stock exchange, this video is about arbitrage trading strategy, this strategy additionally called money as well as carry arbitrage, in this strategy you can gain sure shot revenue without any danger, it is prize approach, i have actually offered full explanation how to perform arbitrage method and how to earn routine month-to-month income. it is finest regular monthly income plan method.

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31 Thoughts to “best futures trading strategy | futures arbitrage trading strategies”

  1. somil jain

    Amazing…. VA bro u r too good ,initial investment is too high anyways first time hv seen strategy that is 100% accuracy. All the best

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      somil jain thanks

  2. ROHIT Kumar

    Wow… It is really risk free strategy💰💲… Thank you very much 🔹

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      ROHIT Kumar thanks

  3. Deshmukh Rajendra

    Thanks sir, Option trade for new trader bataiye.

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      Deshmukh Rajendra i already uploaded some videos on options, but learn before trade in options, many people lose money due to without having proper knowledge of derivatives.

  4. yash bhatt

    sir can u make one more video on this strategy by any ony share

  5. SamT

    Nice work on futures….👍

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      Sam Finance Concepts thanks

  6. Rahul279 Gadakar

    Always learned New things from you
    You are one of the genuine person of youtube
    which are very few
    we can count those on finger tips

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      Rahul279 Gadakar thank you very much

  7. Sounak Kundu

    Sir,Could you please let me know for this trade at the expiry day do i need to close manually both the position or it will be automatically squared off?

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      futures squareoff automatically if you not close manually, but cash position need to close manually.

  8. Nagarimadugu Mahesh

    Thank Q
    Nice strategy but bargaining tactics and fast execution are needed Very badly to achieve good difference between spot and future. Otherwise brokerage will take away complete profit.

  9. abhi singh

    Sir , how to sell future and buy stock at the same time

  10. Pritam Jewellers

    Thanks Sir…very valuable idea..

  11. Charu Chauhan


  12. Kanji Vasan

    Brokarage is also high on delivery almost 1 percent in equity .

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      use discount brokerage, equity delivery is free, future flat 20/-.

  13. Yash P

    nice video i have 1 question
    What is difference between equity future and F&O ? Please reply

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      futures is a contract, there are crude, silver, index, many futures, but here we talk about equity stock futures,
      f&o is futures and options

  14. Ashish Rathore

    Aaj aesi strategy de dee jisme loss hi nhi hai…..

  15. sandeep jadhav

    7lakh investment it’s too high


    U explained it amazingly
    Keep doing it 👍🏼

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      thanks a lot

  17. Sairaj Kumar

    But will future lose the premium for sure at the end of expiry ?

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      sure, they will converge on expire, settlement price will be the same

  18. Mubin Shaikh

    thanks a lot for this video i have this topic in my commodity and derivative market subject and this video just cleared all my doubts!♥️

    1. Versatile Ashutosh

      its my pleasure


    Nice …Thank you Sir can u make one more video on this strategy by any any share with who can trade.

  20. Mukul Sharma

    Really good Adding some thing strategy execution should be done very carefully specially when closing on expiry day try to sell your stocks above the VWAP During last 1/2 hour (3 pm.-> 3.30 pm.) so u can keep your selling price above the settlement price to get max profite

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