Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market


This video clip will aid you learn what to do in instance you unintentionally make a return on your financial investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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78 Thoughts to “Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market”

  1. Beer By The Numbers

    Best strategy is to pick the companies that sound the coolest

    1. Yugi Muto

      is this whoosh or sarcasm i cant tell

    2. Julian Driebeek

      Beer By The Numbers I heard that in the 70s companies that added -tron or -onix to their name tripled in value

    3. Oumshka

      AH SEU VOU ripperoni

    4. Sakai A

      Beer By The Numbers
      Best way is to look at the highest companies today
      Invent a timmachine
      And there u go u rich cheater

    5. Cube ²Natso

      Tesla all the way!

  2. Michael Jay - Value Investing

    Everyone knows the more monitors you have the better trader you are.

    1. zvolencan1

      The more stripes, the more Adidas.

    2. Domo Brah

      I once met a guy with six monitors. He didnt even speak human languages anymore he left it behind.

    3. Anzor Khawaj

      I invested in 14 monitors.

    4. Tuddec

      Your PnL increases exponentially with the number of monitors you have

  3. A Casual Guy

    *invests 5 USD*
    *waits a few days*
    *stock goes up 1.89%*
    *sells stock for 5.09 USD*
    nothin’ personel kidd

    1. Justin Wollmann

      nathan hensn what

    2. Dod Man

      wolf of wallstreet

    3. M Yes

      @Carl Gerlitz 1000x 0.9cent is like 90 bux. Toy yacht?

    4. M Yes

      @Shiba Logic tracsaction fee is build into the buy and sell pricem which is even higher then normal trading but on small-scale it should be fine and makes it easier to play

    5. Roman Bellic

      @M Yes actually like 600.000.000 dollars

  4. WarBear

    how do i short my dignity?

    1. Tigglywiggly Bodiggedly

      Bitcoin is the best plan for that

    2. toivo12345

      Seems like undervalued I would long it

    3. Rey Mike

      WarBear put it in the bathroom

    4. Felix Bonneau

      Paying 100$ prenium on out of money contract on your dignity will most likely make you a billionnaire

    5. Jasper Karpfen

      Sell your friends pyramid schemes

  5. Positive Investing

    *I watched the first 30 seconds and I was like… “this is too educational….” then sure enough a few seconds later, CASUALLY EXPLAINED Hit!*

    1. YTN Miguel

      Ali Neeley *_go commit sewer side_*

    2. YTN Miguel

      Alejandro Garcia No one cares if you’re 12 lmao.

    3. Sir cat

      Alejandro Garcia r/iamsmart

    4. Keith Manfredi

      Around “Warren Range?”

    5. Forrest Gump

      Wait where is Alejandro Garcia’s comment?

  6. NintendoWolf

    So….. how could you invest bottlecaps?

    1. Rey Mike

      NintendoWolf simple

    2. Ethan Stadel

      MrSpartanspud I think one is woth $0.50 so you wold need about 120 caps to be honest I expected to be a lot higher

    3. Awesomite 098

      NintendoWolf a

    4. Nightblade370

      Are you asking on behalf of James from Team Rocket?

  7. Justin Y.

    Now I can double my money on Vbux, thank you CasuallyWallstreetBets.

    1. F A T V E E M O

      Shut up!!

    2. køkomiCHA UwU

      Oh weeeeeee

    3. Ligma Balls

      I can triple my dogecoin.

    4. Matthew Higgs

      Justin Y. Lol wrf

    5. Screen Face 2

      Justin Y. You again!

  8. 813Productions

    The isosceles Buffet was my nickname in high school.

    1. Adam B

      I would like to apologize on behalf of all the repliers who took you seriously

    2. Joyce Birrey

      _please tell me why you got that nickname._

    3. 『Cousin Nicky』

      Isn’t warren buffet an actual guy?

    4. 『Cousin Nicky』

      Sarah Johnson fair point

    5. Sam

      @Sarah Johnson you’re either too funny or dumb…

  9. Le Stop that man



    1. Hans-Peter Schmidt

      @cooper priest mone

    2. Divine Downloads


    3. cooper priest

      Debayan Sen of corse I now the formula for profit. It is: money paid – money maid selling it= profit. Example. You bought stock for $100 and sold it for $80. 100-80= $20 profit. Easy math

    4. Aeureus

      You’re poor aren’t you

    5. soost D

      @Debayan Sen r/whooosh

  10. Awais Sohail

    see you all on r/wallstreetbets

  11. Talking Nonsense

    I swear you have a different microphone every single video

    1. Satire Potato

      Casually Explained but every time he says something stupid it gets bass boosted

    2. Rey Mike

      Talking Nonsense different microphones, different voices

    3. Richard Stevens

      This isn’t Professionally Explained

    4. Matthew Higgs

      Talking Nonsense ikr

    5. Probably

      Talking Nonsense i was your 400000th subscriber, I only subbed to make it a nice number

  12. Daniel Munch

    “This is called crypto currency” 😂😂

  13. TheBodyOnPC

    “This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. “

  14. Justin Y.

    “You’re portfolio can only drop by 100%”

    Not if you use *L E V E R A G E*

    1. James Tomlin

      You are…

    2. Cisfog


    3. Hayden Macfarlane

      Margin or die

    4. Cube ²Natso

      or short Tesla

  15. TheCookieCrusader

    “This is called getting 4 stocked” I actually love you

    1. Anderson Klein

      I didn’t get the joke. Would you mind to explain?

    2. Adam Ernest

      @Anderson Klein It’s a super smash bros joke. Getting four stocked would be getting killed (KOed) four times wihtout KOing your opponent.

  16. Infamous Pilgrim21

    I was dead as soon as he said “this is called getting 4 stocked”

  17. Jacob Carrasco

    In conclusion, High School mathematics 👀

    1. Lauren

      Jacob Carrasco so this is where all the people who need Pythagoras in real life are, stonks.

  18. chase trowell

    You have taught me so much about life, master.

  19. Me Smith

    Speaking as a full time financial speculator, I can confidently say this is hands down the best tutorial on trading I’ve ever seen!!! Leading a fair distance ahead of Chappell’s “Wu-Tang Financial” skit.

  20. Fusion Clan2269


    Sorry, i lost you at ‘buffet.’

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