Day Trading Pivot Points With A Twist | Best ETF CFD Stock Trading Strategy


One of the most effective stock and forex traders are the ones that have actually developed a side. Can you generate income from cfd trading? This 15 minutes forex trading strategy is all you require. Discover a basic pivot factors trading technique that will certainly improve your outcomes when day trading or swing trading the Forex, CFDs or stock exchange. View our video to discover a simple method to gain a side over other market individuals.

In this video you will certainly learn:
Why Pivot Things need to be one of your essential tools when trading the stock market
How to make use of Pivot Details to take legitimate signals for stock trading
How to be on the best side of the marketplace a lot of the moments when patronizing pivot factors
How to trade with pivot points making use of the everyday pivot array
Just how to take signals as well as profit with our simple supply trading approach
How to enhance your outcomes when CFD trading with pivot factors
Various other day trading ideas and also pivot points tricks for beginners

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43 Thoughts to “Day Trading Pivot Points With A Twist | Best ETF CFD Stock Trading Strategy”

  1. Ryan Daniel

    Brand new info here! Never heard of daily pivot range. Great value!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

  2. ZEN.Trader A.

    Interesting stuff

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you!

  3. Dan Mihai

    Good value my friend

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you, Dan!

  4. Himanshu 10

    # Good one.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks mate!

  5. Jitendra Patel

    does it work in forex pairs

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Yes, the same principle applies.

  6. Ram Ding

    Thanks for the great video keep up the great work on which timeframes does it work only on the dialy?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      You can use it intraday also (M15, M30)

  7. xViiiZe

    Man I love your vid thanks!! Hey bro do you have a discord channel? I would love to join it and have a chat with you some days. I’m not a big fan of youtube as it sometimes doesn’t give notifcations. If you don’t have a discord do you have a twitter where I can DM you there?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks mate! No discord or other groups for now, I really don’t have time right now, I’m still working full time at an investment fund + part time Youtube + trading, I don’t have time to manage a group yet.
      You can find me on Twitter @TSecretMindset or at
      Thanks again.

    2. denis gitau

      That’s great but you never said where to take profits. …or do I when the day closes and wait for another signal for the next day?

  8. Lance

    which video software are u using?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Adobe Premiere + Camtasia 2019

  9. Subash Buzzonify

    Great explanation!! Thanks a lot!!

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks mate!

  10. ZIKE Design

    Does this method work on lower timeframes like 5min? And how does it work on the cryptocurrency market?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      I don’t trade crypto markets.

  11. Kingsley ENAJEROH

    Do you have telegram group

    1. The Secret Mindset


  12. Kingsley ENAJEROH

    The daily pivot range Ìst the same as pivot point.

    1. AliEx accessories

      *(How can I made per day $350-$500?)* . 10:00

  13. stewart kelsall

    Would you use the monthly and weekly timeframes to add further your analysis for this strategy?

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Yes, 100%.

  14. Lekster

    Just subscribed. I can see the hard work you put in your video to make us better trader. Thank you a lot! I found Pivot Point not being the best tool for day trading the top winner of the day as the price get very far from it. What’s your favorite tool and strategy for day trading top winner low float stock of the day where all the volatility is? Thanks! 🙂

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Well, I use pivots as the main tool on my charts, I believe the opposite: PP are probably the best tools for day trading :).

    2. Lekster

      @The Secret Mindset I’ll give it a try but you probably are day trading big float stock like Apple or Tesla, right? Take a look on PSTV on august 16th. Do you still think PP are usefull or I’m missing something? 🙂

    3. The Secret Mindset

      @Lekster That’s right, I tend to stay away from low float stocks, but PP worked perfectly on PSTV. Made a screenshot:

    4. Lekster

      @The Secret Mindset Thanks for the screenshot man. A weekly breakout as you showed in this picture would be only good if you were watching this stock on a daily basis waiting for this breakout then you buy at the opening, is it right? My question was on day trading or scalping. Each day, there’s a new low float that explose at the opening and my original question was how can we benefit from the PP, in this situation, to help us decide our entry points and exits? Here’s a picture of my interogation. Currenlty I only draw trend line breakout on the 1 minute chart with Level 2 but it’s hard to be accurate and I’m looking for a better way. Thanks a lot for your help and keep doing those high quality video. 🙂

  15. Nahid Faraji

    Does this method will work on Options

  16. Devadason Robert Peter

    Thank you very much. Very clear.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thank you!

  17. Randy J Bowman

    While I was already familiar with the Daily Pivot Range or Central Pivot Range as some refer to it, I think you did a masterful job of presenting it here and showing others how to properly use it in their trading. Great job. The graphics of your presentation were simple but very classy as well.

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Thanks a lot!

    2. chongcheekion

      @The Secret Mindset hi good video, we know where to place SL but where should out TP be at?

  18. anshul badjatya

    Hey man! I love you.
    I have a little doubt though.
    Previous close > today pivot range= Bullish Bias . Is this correct?
    Also what if we don’t have any pullback to pivot range?
    And do you have any prefereble entry patterns that you trade?
    Also, have you checked the PivotBoss. He also shows the same concept with more in depth version. Please read hi book and make video on that too.
    Love from India

  19. E.S Anoop

    Great vdo.👌👌👌 Is this similar to Central Pivot range? If so, 20-25 mins after market opens, I think it’s wise to go Long if price closes above R1 and to go short if price closes below S1. It’s actually contradictory to the Golden rule of trading i.e Buy support and Sell Resistance.🤔🤔🤔

    1. The Secret Mindset

      Of course, I often buy above R1 and sell below S1.

    2. E.S Anoop

      @The Secret Mindset perhaps it’s wise to buy when the 1st 15 mins candle completely closes above R1 and sell when it completely closes below S1 right? If half or more than half the candle is protruding towards the central Pivot, it’s best to avoid trading that stock right? I bought a stock when the 1st 15 mins candle(Green) closed above R1 but half the candle was hanging downwards towards the central Pivot and now I am staring at a loss😣😣😣😣

  20. Prizm Pfnzi

    Steps to calculate Pivot range: 01:16
    1. Pivot point = A = (High + Low + Close)/3
    2. B = (High + Low)/2
    3. Pivot differential = C = (A – B)
    3. Pivot range = A +/- C
    Pivot range 1 = P1 = (A + C)
    Pivot range 2 = P2 = (A – C)
    4. So Pivot range is P1, A, P2

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