How the Stock Market Works


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Put your cash to work. This old however funny video clip describes essentials of exactly how companies go public and sell supply to financiers. A fundamental guide of the capitalist system as well as just how it is making our lives better. When we keep in mind the basic objective of the stock exchange, we can better recognize why revenue financial investments are the most effective. Great companies utilize our first capital to create goods that remain in need. Dealing feverishly is inefficient as well as ineffective.

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61 Thoughts to “How the Stock Market Works”

  1. Becca Sue

    Ohhhh, so THAT’s how it all works. I am a visual learner and “seeing” how this all works is SO helpful to me.

  2. Steven Mitchell

    Hopefully, people know that this video is about a process that no longer exists and no longer takes place. The video only approximates the theory that was in place in the 1980s and earlier, and actually was more complex. Now, the process for most corporate participants (in particular the financing of public corporations) entails other aspects of finance not mentioned here. All of modern stock listings in the U.S. are digitally transacted, contrary to the methods promoted in the video. However, the process of corporate fundraising has changed radically over the last 20-30 years – quite contrary to the presentation in this video (which was probably made in the 1950s or 1960s). The process for trading stocks was not created for common “investors” to transact in, but was modified and redesigned exclusively for the professional trader. You should buy a book on the mechanics of markets before you invest, just so you have a perfunctory understanding of how things work. Otherwise, this video is very misleading for prospective, inexperienced investors.

    1. Fatlum Gajtani

      Your words are boring. Make a neat updated cartoon to explain

    2. benjovi356

      Yeah. I’m no expert, but this cartoon obviously portrays the theory of the benefits of investing. No corruption in this ideal cartoon and everything is nice…but what about 1929 or the crashes in the 70s with little gas or the 80s when local businesses got screwed? I’m probably repeating some others but it’s clear this isn’t perfect.

    3. Media Matters

      That’s well said. I was getting the same feeling. Now, it’s not the same as before

    4. Jessica Bae

      Am i the only one who is watching this because of a school assignmnet and still not get any of it…yet again, im not a highschooler but younger…

    5. Brendan Smith

      It is different , but the concepts remain. If I want to buy 100 shares at 10, and no one wants to sell let’s suppose the ask is 11 a share. Until either the bid is raided up from 10 or the ask is lowered you’d get the same situation with the Maine seller and Colorado buyer. , but it’s much more efficient and electronic

  3. TheWertyu2007

    was expecting popeye at any moment 

    1. Vulpor Vulp

      Just punching the oil drums

  4. Peter Fritz Walter

    Very well-done educational cartoon. I always knew that cartoon is best suited for educational purposes, not just entertainment.

  5. Metacognition88

    Haha I love the buyer/ gunslinger @5:45. That’s how you handle your business with your broker!

  6. PLM ZED

    a lot better than a 2 hr lecture

    1. Nicklaus Tan

      I had to rewind parts of the cartoon to understand it.

    2. EdgeBlade KnifeSword

      You might be watching the wrong lecture then. This video is simply layman’s terms. A good 2hr lecture will tell you many necessary terms in stock trading that are designed to be confusing and/or boring to the common person (so only the informed can take advantage of).

    3. Robert D. Moore

      *Friday $1597*

    4. Conrad Gifford

      PLM ZED seriously.

    5. paco ramon

      But those one are obligatory to get a degree that show you pass the exam about this.

  7. Mohammed Dawood Ansari

    I think this is best way to explain such subjects…

  8. Nicolas Stanko

    I actually understand now! Goodbye, books! Hello, technicolor!

    1. adsfacvadtrvawefdgh jdsfpoiajsdpo

      @Nicolas Stanko IKR

    2. Hemu Ahmed

      Hey there the process has been given how you can raise more capital from public domain is that senerio same in other Juriduction??

    3. Adventures of Truck Driving Deva

      Nicolas Stanko and cartoons👍

    4. John Petrov

      Nicolas Stanko when I was a kid, I called it “teachincolor.”

  9. E B

    dont u just love cartoon help videos

    1. jordan dixon

      We Were Once Kings 109 likes

    2. Adventures of Truck Driving Deva

      We Were Once Kings so simple and entertaining

  10. MrNeckCrack

    8:31 it got way too Vault tech evil right here

    1. Robby Guns

      I’m glad someone else thought of Fallout while watching this, and it wasn’t just me

    2. Glopen Boopen

      Especially Fallout 76

  11. Sachen Born Rhinelander

    And then major outsourcing happens.

    1. Hamguy Bacon

      @King Hon How about don’t tax people on their income and they will have money to spend.
      do you know how many times people get taxed? You get paid just enough to survive and the remaining money you hoard.

    2. King Hon

      @Hamguy Bacon We need taxes to fund the government lmao.

    3. S G

      @Hamguy Bacon I agree, then there’s no cops or military, and the chains come off…

  12. Joseph

    I learned more in nine minutes about adult life than I did from 1-12 grade.

    1. Kommari Kettu

      I love it how this video tries it’s best to not talk about the wage laborers actually doing the work and instead makes this video seem as if the business were a socially owned enterprise. This is all just free market rhetoric this video does and it doesn’t take any stance on private ownership except on the part where stockholders get dividends: 2:36

    2. Kommari Kettu

      Like just wow. Talks about directors, investors and stock brokers, while representing them as cowboys, fishermen, average working people. Does a great job at giving you the feeling “Hey! We can all totally capitalize on things for a living so why don’t you become a capitalist as well! Capitalism rocks!”

    3. Jammy joe

      Gooblygoo56 ‘ dummy

    4. A Olson

      Maybe if you had listened instead of fucking around, you would have learned something.

  13. olivia hembrom

    if only our education system taught us like this.

    1. cheaptoebay Thrifta

      +olivia hembrom COMMON CORE

    2. Rosepetal_love

      olivia hembrom… You miss, are a gem.

    3. Liba Network

      they mostly teach you how to be good employed

  14. J'Artagnian Copria

    wow classic cartoons are so effective.. and that great narrating voice

  15. Giannis Pantazis

    Was this like actually created back in the 69s or something, or simply made to reflect on that period? It looks incredibly authentic.

    1. George McGovern

      Its even older than that…1952. “What Makes Us Tick” 1952 New York Stock Exchange production.

    2. Divy Jain

      @George McGovern wow. Bet Buffett watched this video back then

  16. Strong power Thank you

    I learned a lot, but by the end, I kinda felt like I was being brainwashed: lol

    1. Mike Anderson 2002

      Strong power Thank you
      You silly boy

    2. tree fiddy

      It’s true though. Manufacturing and industry provide jobs and prosperity.

  17. Kimokeo Keahi

    “Its a great, big beautiful tomorrow!”

  18. ashwadhwani

    You missed the con – ‘punishment will be according to the law’ if you fully understand the words ‘punishment’ and ‘law’ as mentioned in this context, I’d say you are qualified to invest. The rest is absolute bs.

    1. Matt Schwartz

      Please elaborate.

  19. whiteknightcat

    Then one day the owner of ODM retired and the company was sold to an investment consortium that determined profits could be significantly increased by relocating manufacturing to China …

    1. S G

      Yeah baby, unrestricted capitalism forever woohoo!

  20. S G

    Learn to play poker and the stock market makes perfect sense.

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