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19 Thoughts to “How To Buy Penny Stocks That Spike 650% In A Day”

  1. Maestro Boss

    Wow great stuff Tim! Can’t wait to be a student in the summer hopefully

  2. Julian Wood

    Where can I buy your videos?

  3. Eddie Nava

    what program are you using and how can i become a student

    1. Rehab

      @Eddie Nava E-trade and

  4. Ronald

    I was in the stock this morning and pull out

  5. Corbin H.

    Welcome to the stock market motherfckers,,,,,,,,i like that one

  6. Gerardo Aguirre

    @Timothy Sykes i need some advice from you since you’re a successful trader ! What do you think if i learn how to trade the forex market then later buy you’re trading and learn how to trade stock market

  7. Alexander Tatsumaki

    not to bad .. what i was wondering though is what where the total losses of your students on this, or the day.. these plays happen often?

  8. Julius S.

    Does anybody know specifically what made AXPW run like that? Promotion? PR?

  9. Travis Graham

    I really enjoy watching your videos i’m a new invester I have 3,000 dollars I can see that very good at analyzing stock breakout how do I get into chats?

  10. Fernando Garcia

    How do I find stocks like that, how or where?

  11. Chris Kaplan

    Hey Tim love the videos,
    Question: How many shares should I buy of a penny stock?

  12. Hakeem Kazni

    Thats a good one !

  13. Penny Stocks

    Love the Video. Love learning your strategies. Planning to watch all your youtube videos this summer. 2-4hrs a day.

  14. DJKelchner

    Alright Tim, ive now been watching your videos and doing research since 8pm. Its now 2am and I’m ready to make some money. Waiting for one of your people to call me. What are your thoughts on PSID and ITMSF?

  15. Carey

    Someone’s mad

  16. Marco Picos Sol

    Tim, which software do I need to start trading penny stocks? thanks!

  17. Ksgamer103

    I’d imagine a stock going up 400%+ a day is beyond rare.

  18. n10sp g

    can you buy and sell in 1 hour or 2 ?

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