How To Make $500+ a Day Trading The Stock Market (Step-by-Step)


Today I show you how i made $500+ a Day trading stocks in the stock market step-by-step from the comfort of my residence. Remember when day trading there is no certain figure that you can make day-to-day it can be $100 or it can be $1000 yet in this case we made $500+ trading a supply called $AEO and it's not simply me that professions my style of trading however all my pupils as well.

Learn just how i trade in the stock exchange

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Smashy smashyyy monopoly family members.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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26 Thoughts to “How To Make $500+ a Day Trading The Stock Market (Step-by-Step)”

  1. Christopher Bryan

    Today a predicted AEO after MO exactly! All the swing highs and lows and even the eventual flat movement, a year ago I wouldn’t think that was possible man, thank you for the knowledge!

  2. Zed Monopoly

    join the monopoly family discord chat + course
    I make it look easy.

  3. Joppert Harkema

    I learned today that even though I was watching AEO closely
    Sometimes you miss the trade and eventually you just break some of your rules, was break even today so no big deal, but it was a bad day as I traded 10 times lol
    So only a loss because of commissions which is great

    1. Zed Monopoly

      1 trade a day but I’m glad you owned up and learned from your mistake

    2. Kaio Silva

      bro, i think hard you answer me but, is better try haha, I´m brazillian, i´ve been learning about binary options and a little things about stock market in the last 6 months, but i feel like very little knowledge in zed trade mode, also because i don´t understand everything he said, because my english isn´t avanced yet, can you please help me in some doubts?

  4. B.A.B.Y Investments

    *Here we go again with the killing of the earnings! Great work, my sir. LEGEND!*

  5. Silver Eggal

    Greatness man. Bought your course over the weekend, my first day on discord chat…made my day’s salary in 1 min 15 sec. Madness

  6. carlos martin

    the rooster of all evil 😂🤣🤣🤣

  7. R J

    When did you get in, at the beginning or 2min later?

  8. Ryan Carter

    Zed is one of the best creator out there for finance and growth! I recently created my own channel called “Trading With Ryan” to show you even more on how to learn about investing and financial growth – come check it out and I will always follow back!

  9. Rudy González

    I follow your trading style. I you are great. The best strategy ever

  10. Andrei Pavel

    Went long on Navistar.600£ in 10 minutes(still practicing on demo account).Soon I’ll join the chat.Thank you for everything mate!You changed my life and my pereception about life!Keep grinding hard!Thank you again mate✌🙏💪

  11. rotsebanotman

    Don’t make this the last one pleaseee. I live for these videos lmao

  12. techno Tom

    Well done zed.
    Im like you. Profits make me extremely excited.
    Some times its not about money, its about success.
    Good day

  13. Romeo Lives

    We love the trading break downs everytime! The tutorials never get old mate!

  14. Paul Davids

    I have been following you because I use a trading strategy based on earning reports our systems are a bit different. I use earnings and the stock trend along with index trend to decide which stock to trade. I am too chicken to trade penny stocks, though

    I traded AEO yesterday and made a few percent.

    Big thanks for putting yourself out there! It gave me the courage to do the same!

    And mate, it’s P-A-T-T-E-R–N-S!

  15. Neil !

    Monopoly family 👌❤️

  16. Seamus McKenna

    Lol I traded this stock the other day to
    Made nice money

  17. Seamus McKenna

    I do the exact same thing
    By stock that are down

  18. Declan Heritage

    Who’s the fight in the background

  19. Houtotu

    Hi Zed,I love your video. I am new to this. I have a question for you. I know you are observing earning release. But earning release only happen at the end of the month. What do you do rest of the month? You mentioned you trade usually once a week. So what are the other news you look into other weeks or days when no earning release is not available.

  20. Mayaese Holiday

    Great video! Wealth is created by a proper investment. I invest in trading stocks and this made me a millionaire. Nancy Berman Epstein is a smart US trader who handles my trades. I met her at a trade conference in Washington and thanks to her I’m counting my second million this year.

    1. Kathryn Gibbse

      Nancy handles my investments all the way Brazil….currently I’ve $360,000 in my investment account. My initial investment is 50k …i highly recommend her.

    2. Robert Thurmond

      Oh she is very remarkable, I found her website. Didn’t know she is this popular.thanks for this info

    3. Toni MHamilton

      I’ve seen her speak at one of her conference in Washington and it put me straight to the right direction in stock as a beginner …she is very smart I’m looking forward to her managing my stock account.

    4. Emily Howe

      I met her at one of her conference, I watched her speak on Financial investment management. She is wonderfully bright.I’m looking forward to her managing my stock account.

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