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23 Thoughts to “How To Make A Penny Stock Watchlist (Step-By-Step)”

  1. Alex Winkler

    “Bitcoins back!” ha yesterday was loads of fun trading it. Could of done much better I uploaded a video about my mistakes on yesterday’s trades.


    Thank you.

  3. stonkstrader dotcom

    damn bitcoin again haha i wonder if that will continue that’d be kinda cool

  4. RudolphAnthonyG

    Thanks T

  5. wyntmiles

    Great video…I use the SSS!

  6. Ramone mendes

    I got nun from this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ you a good trader but that’s not showing how to make a watch list for morning moves

    1. Quine Fine

      if you wanna be successful from anything you have to read between the lines… Learn to extract information and apply what he does (Since you know he is successful) to what you already know. while most of this is bashing color blind people, there are hidden gems of information that are in fact helpful, even if not stated directly.

    2. Javier Hernandez

      Dane V, I agree with you that he could have been mixed up doing a video for color blind people and put the wrong header.

  7. Diego Moore

    I’m dying😂love the humor👍

  8. Matty B

    Thank you for the lesson!

  9. Vincenzo Migliaccio

    Enjoy the Italian food Tim. Try “fettuccine all’amatriciana” if you are still in Rome. Thank you for the great video as usual.

  10. prospect LA

    1st green day overnight has been failing for the past couple months. Either it would close green after hours but fail pre-market and the open the following day. Also the stock would have a down trend and spike towards the close as buyers are coming in to buy towards the close. This stock also failed at the open. It was up 1% in pre-market. I was also in this play. I didn’t manage to cut losses quick enough….

  11. Pang Houa Yip

    Thank you for this lesson! I really enjoyed it n learned a lot.

  12. hiii

    Tim you’ve taught me so much! I hope to repay you soon after being up $63,800 this month! Fookin killed $RIOT short today

  13. Gun_thunder_ Gun_thunder_

    Good video.This guy cracks me up man

  14. Steven Willis

    This is definitely not building a watchlist. Should change the title to making an email with rant…

    1. MikeyMoe

      keep an eye on hot sectors. get familiar with the charts of movers in the sector then look out for emerging patterns on news.

  15. Johnny's Garage

    where was the step for step? you just showed stocks you already knew about, didn’t show how to find them or anything.

  16. Quine Fine

    I love how blunt Tim is LOL. Unless your dyslexic, then this may look like a great chart LOL

  17. RICH 852


  18. Francis Lambert


  19. JackalXD

    So i scan for some stock then look that there yearly or 180 days to seen if they have a patter then i add it to my watch list so when the patter show again i have it

  20. Barrett Bilali


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