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How To Make A Scanner To Find The Best Penny Stocks | ThinkOrSwim Investing


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Thank you a lot for the assistance, I wish to welcome anybody with any kind of concerns to message me as i would certainly enjoy to be a part of your success.

If you have any kind of recommendations for future video clips such as Day Trading, Investing, Realestate, Vehicle Sales, Robinhood, or fun day-to-day vlogs. Please allow me understand.

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29 Thoughts to “How To Make A Scanner To Find The Best Penny Stocks | ThinkOrSwim Investing”

  1. Frank Cruz

    Uh… New Voice? Who is the Man behind the Voice? That on the side, finally Excited about Scanners… I was waiting for a video like this.

  2. Charlie Brown

    can’t hear you

    1. Henry Zehnal

      Charlie Brown yea sorry about that gotta sort out volume levels in my OBS. Hope you found it helpful tho

    2. Frantz Vallon

      Charlie Brown hey bro I hop your have ping a great winning day as all ways I have been watching for a bit never traded stocks just Forex and I’m looking to be mentored whatever it takes but from one of your guys that’s good I must learn this skill pleas let me know I have the time and tools needed to work have a great one thanks for the video

  3. TheEasyInvestor

    Great vid !!

    1. Henry Zehnal

      HalalAfrican tv thanks man!

  4. Paul Tapang

    how can you trade stocks premarket like 3 am pacific time?

    1. Harry D

      If you have less than 25k, you’ll have to use Robinhood, but they’re penny stocks are limited.

    2. Paul Tapang

      yeah but I dont think robinhood can trade that early 3am pacific time

  5. Sean Keenan

    Rick is their an app for the phone that allows me to see level 2 and live stock charts in candle stick form. I use the charts on fidelity and RH to buy and sell. I feel so lost not being able to see level 2. Any ideas im trying to trade at work and all i have is my phone. Thanks for the help.

    1. Zapan Trader

      TOS app shows real time charts but not level 2

    2. Ricky Gutierrez

      +sean keenan hey Sean yeah it’s actually called TD Ameritrade or Trader under the App Store

    3. Sean Keenan

      and that has level 2 as well?

  6. Ejbdbsjsjwjdmfks

    Very informational!

  7. City Slicker Rick

    Hey Rick! CityslickerRick here….. I just wanted to say I like your name! lol

  8. Cryus Kuok

    what program do you use

  9. Keystone PMI


  10. Treece

    plz talk way louder , other than that great video.

  11. Juljan Plaku

    Very Helpful thank you

  12. Francis Lambert

    Hi, Ricky. I jumped on Thinkorswim, hit the marketwatch tab ,then went to pre-market movers and I have a blank screen..all black. I do not have a series of info like yours. I have paper trade account. Thanks!

    1. James Hoogendoorn

      I think, but am not 100% sure, that at a certain time, the list clears for the day. Around 11:50pm MST I had a list, and about 12:20am MST when I tried to generated the list again it was gone

  13. BruceLtd

    why did you use Mark % rather than %Change?

  14. Francis Lambert


  15. It’s Omar

    bruuuhhhh am i listening to a ASMR video

  16. Silas G

    Is it possible to save the scan filters in ThinkOrSwim?

  17. In Penny Stock

    Thank you for the great information. It helps beginners more to start trading.

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