Jake and Amir: Stock Market


If you can not deal with the swings, leave the play ground.

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49 Thoughts to “Jake and Amir: Stock Market”

  1. ohmydinosare

    Mickey is my favourite recurring character from J&A.

    1. Gamerfreak 786

      Really, not Doobs or ben swartz

    2. Sickle the kid

      lol mine to just because of how happy he gets in the pour fashion he treats him

    3. ohmydinosare

      @Hamzah Sajjad I do love both of those characters too, but there’s something about the way mickey keeps going with  whatever Amir’s doing, regardless of how many times he’s tricked, just gives him the edge. Also the fact we’ve still never actually seen him, that’s quite funny.

  2. Ane Emelia sings

    I wonder how non-english speaking people would understand this. 

    1. Poppy Pop

      Non-English speaking people wouldn’t understand anything in this because, by definition, they don’t speak the language.

    2. Tudor P

      Poppy Pop you’re not such a bright bulb now are you?

    3. TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName


    4. Rolinda Zamboni

      We struggle a bit and watch it multiple times 👍🏽

  3. Thanapat Wacharaprechanont

    The wolf of wall street in less than 4 minutes

  4. Klone Wolf

    “You are no.” – best insult ever.

  5. Luke Evans

    I have a weird… ear

    1. Sam S

      @Luke Evans I love that little pause he puts between the last two words.

  6. Sam S

    “You are no.”

    1. Dobeye memes and death

      i was trying to sell high, to no avail

  7. Butt Soup

    “She knew who did sys-ops for Maersk?”

    1. viseberg

      Eh, the pronunciation could just be everyday classic Amir bullshittery.

    2. pmackie123

      Its kobenhavn in danish…

    3. ball day

      pajstie Nice so i bet minnie said something like ‘no i don’t but i know they’re based out of Copenhagen’ which is still pretty impressive

    4. Pedakin

      pajstie OOOH you’re wrong. Bam.

    5. Pedakin

      pajstie He pronounced the correct Danish pronunciation, so now I really DO think he’s got it in with them.

  8. NeonTime

    I’m not being goofy, Minnie. Lol!

    1. Andrew Ponti

      “NO WAY!”

    2. Hookah Pack

      That was bars

  9. Super Cuts

    “You don’t think I can walk this deal over to Hamburger? You don’t think I can trike it over to Lasagna?”

    1. A Tr

      All your clients are belong to us.

      Betcha didn’t think it would end with a meme at least a decade old

    2. Joseph Delahunty

      Michael Neiman that was a really aggressive reply, especially for a comment from 3 years ago.

    3. Benedikt A.

      @Michael Neiman I will have you know I have a weird…. ear.

    4. Mr. Bee'Otch

      @Benedikt A. Thank you for being a spokesperson, Egg Benedict. I hope your stocks are well.

    5. Bruh Momentum

      @A Tr All your bass are belong to us

  10. C H O D E W R A N G L E R

    barely 10 seconds in and the “banana” bit had me laughing

  11. Jubach

    “I got a tip so hot I call it Satan’s foreskin.” LOL Great writing. Woody Allen level there.

  12. Jack Whyte

    “All your clients are food” is way funnier than it probably should be

  13. Andrew Ponti

    I sometimes forget how incredible the writing was for this series! They rock.

  14. Hunter Elgren

    “Mickey, my friend!” is my favorite Jake & Amir running gag

    1. TheSecondBeef

      Hunter Elgren mine is *BEN!*

  15. brandonse167

    “What was that about the weird client meeting place?”
    “The circus?”
    “Yea, it’s a full body high”

    That KILLED me! hahaha

  16. Natalie Kim

    Damn Amir has screwed Mickey’s life up more than he has Jake’s

  17. pranayrai

    she knew who did sys ops for maersk?

    1. Dark Arts Dabbler

      pranayrai yeah, but who doesn’t know who does sys ops for Maersk

    2. Ayush A

      +Dark Arts Dabbler ikr

    3. Face Manguy

      But didn’t know what “sys ops” was

    4. aug green

      Face Manguy systems operations you dumb hoe

    5. Jason Li

      i don’t know why but this is one of the funniest lines

  18. dynaboyj L.

    I chuckle every time at “I’m not being goofy, Minnie”

  19. Garrett Dejong

    He should have called his broker. Rick Fox.

    1. Felipe Montealegre

      he was up VIG

  20. Archana Suresh

    “Mickey’s married to Minnie?”
    “I’m not being Goofy, Minnie!”
    Pure gold

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