Penny Stocks 

Penny Stocks Explained in One Minute


There are lots of dime supply advertisements floating around the Net, so several individuals are undoubtedly asking themselves if these dime shares deserve investing in or not.

However, dime supplies are just not worth it for the ordinary investor.

Why? Simply because the disadvantages associated with investing in dime supplies far surpass the pros, as you'll be about to find out by viewing the video clip. Fairly frankly, with numerous even more alluring possessions out there, providing cent shares a go just isn't sensible.

Does this imply all penny supplies are frauds? Of course not, there are definitely legit penny stocks opportunities available yet given the overall "shadiness" of the penny share sector, you're much better off looking elsewhere.

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17 Thoughts to “Penny Stocks Explained in One Minute”

  1. Kyle Pasta

    in reality trading them is probably the hardest type of trading. no body buys them

    1. One Minute Economics

      Well, it depends. Some penny stocks do end up becoming hot but after drawing the line, I do agree with you that trading penny stocks is very, very hard.

    2. Kyle Pasta

      @One Minute Economics I’ve seen people make 20x their small investment on penny stocks but most of the time the stocks are so illiquid like you mentioned that it’s impossible to get out, and you get a screwed by the market makers

  2. Irina Grothe

    Is it good idea to invest in weed stocks ?

    1. One Minute Economics

      As someone who has quit drinking and smoking, I refrain from investing in vice-related assets. It’s a personal decision, not one dictated by economics. As such, I’m afraid I have literally zero experience when it comes to marijuana stocks, tobacco companies and so on.

    2. Ethan Robin

      NOPE, because since its decriminalized in North America, gov’t is gonna monopolize the market, so figure out the rest. Taxes, fees etc….

    3. MTG|ASMR

      It’s gonna be a billion dollar business in a couple of years

  3. TheRealMarvino YT

    I invested in penny stocks and made thousands

    1. nazz fernoz

      Marvin Olano day trade durrr

    2. flowing endless i

      Well let me help you guys out.
      1 do you guys understand how trading stocks works .
      2 do you have the time to buy and sell these stocks continuously throughout
      the day.
      3 it’s really easy to make 10 t0 20 dollars daily but if you want to make hundreds or thousands you need to have at least 10,000.

    3. flowing endless i

      Download robinhood and add so penny stocks and you’ll see they go up and regularly. Reading a couple books will help a well as watching videos

    4. JayMO 75

      flowing endless i great advice

    5. flowing endless i

      @JayMO 75 thanks December has been really good to me .looking forward for a great 2019

  4. Eugene Kendrick

    thx 4 the video dude

  5. 摩天楼オペラ

    I probably won’t invest in penny stocks. But there’s people that made millions on them.

  6. bigthreewheeler

    Don’t invest in penny stocks… trade them.

  7. Kate Michelle

    someone reallyyyyyy doesnt like penny stocks

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