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59 Thoughts to “The Biggest Lie In Investing That You Believe In | TEDx Talk”

  1. rusilver2

    buy low sell high, how insightful

    1. Inthinkable

      @The One how are you holding up dude?

    2. The One

      @Inthinkable I’m doing allright. I sold enough BTC when it was over 7k to keep me going for years and to survive this bear market. Still got a nice stack left for the next bull run. In the meantime I trade some alts. Took some losses as well, but my profits outweight my losses 4 to 1 so I’m growing over time. I’m basically retired at the age of 43 which is a dream come true.

    3. ketan Ranchhod

      @Brian Kitchens o

    4. Momentum Stocks

      BUY High…Sell Higher!

  2. Abraham perez

    Well that was a waste of time.

    1. Jay Torr

      Horrible ted talk. He could have said this in 1 min

    2. Brandon Beavis Investing


    3. Riandi Anthok

      Dmitry Vladislav is no doubt a natural-born teacher by nature.
      Well, he turns me (a total newbie, with zero-knowledge in Forex) into a professional trader.
      *The Blended Model Strategy* is painstakingly easy to understand. The course is structured in detail and I bet everybody with eyes and ears and understand it. search these strategy online if you wish and get connected with it.

  3. dublindietrite

    If you spend 9 min watching this, you’ve waisted 9 minutes

    1. Sokercat

      That is right!!

    2. Gguy smith

      LMAO pretty much. this guy sucks fish D

    3. Gguy smith go there and hire jamie, he actually knows what he’s talking about.

  4. Coolnimation

    warren buffett ignores interest rates ? thats probably the biggest lie

    1. Thomas Headley

      He holds only a small (for him) amount of liquidity (cash & equivalents). A greater return is realized by owning a share of an ongoing enterprise. The same high (or low) interest rates hurt ( or help) ur competition. 125 years of data suggest the rate of return for idle cash (liquidity) is always lower than invested capital. He does not practice market timing. He is a fundamentals guy, not a chartist.

    2. Wili Wds

      Insider trading is his secret , but that’s dishonest lollllllll

    3. David England

      “He holds only a small amount of liquidity”-this is incorrect. He holds a record high amount of cash and has for a while.

    4. John Burris

      He reads the financial statements of companies, and that is the main factor in what stocks he buys.

    5. Fx Rafael Nicholas

      With several info that I know, Buffet really does concern abt interest rates since he kinda used DCF sometimes. But the thing is, he don’t forecast interest rates in a very specific manner to obtain any point estimates. To cover that up however he prefer company with large % discount from its intrinsic value so his investments value will be kinda insensitive toward interest rates

  5. MrGiggity890

    “more smart than the government”

    um, the government isn’t smart….

  6. Harold Barrios

    This makes sense to me. The popular negative comments show why most people lose all the time.
    Quantity isn’t always quality because most people are weak/stupid.
    Look at how they like to clump together to have some sense of strength.
    Masses vs Classes indeed!

  7. BoyBoy Jason

    This presentation is for the masses, and not the classes.

    1. john nash

      Yes…but alessio say the truth. He did not when buy or sell now. He only explanied the game.

    2. American Viking

      They know the stock market is going to go down so they put out videos like this to get you to give them more money right after they swiped your previous investment.

    3. Robert D. Moore

      *Saturday $1890*

  8. None

    I followed this advice and bought into a great company called Enron. Wish me luck.

    1. Ger -

      Best of luck man

  9. Яков Финкельштейн

    I really don’t understand the hate. The facts he said are widely known but 95 procent won’t understand it and will continue to buy highs (being afraid to missing out on opportunity stupid sheeple ) and sell lows. And that’s how it supposed to be sheeple will remain sheeple it’s impossible for them to become thinking contrarians.

    1. Dex4Sure

      Well you should understand the hate, it comes from sheeple who think they’re so smart because what he said sound so obvious… When it is not in practice and these Mr. knowitalls are the ones who will keep indeed buying high and selling low…

    2. Unrestricted Potato

      But that’s not it. You can lose a lot of money if you “buy low and sell high” without doing your research. In fact, if someone just decided to follow what this video says, and nothing else, they’d pretty much be throwing their money away.

    3. SchoolTrap

      please explain more? Do you mean if someone ” buys low and sells low”?

    4. ThyReturner

      @SchoolTrap no response. Lol

    5. Gguy smith

      last time i had ANYTHING procent it dent work out

  10. ZoneTwelve

    The real lie that he dodged is that the information coming from government and bankers that is supposed to help you is covertly designed to screw you.

    1. Ger -

      This makes the most sense, if it sounds too good to be true…..

  11. Don Dressel

    When the market goes down buy stocks
    When the market is soaring sell
    Or buy for the long run and have dividends reinvested

    1. MiserableOldFart

      But hedge like crazy in 2019.

  12. Positive Investing

    So essentially this whole video is summed up by “Buy low, sell high”.

    1. Jeffrey Stern

      Funny… no one does this… but everyone knows you should.

    2. elijahthesamurai

      Thanks for saving me 9 minutes. Most Ted videos are common sense made complicated made simple for idiots without common sense

    3. Daniel Sampaio

      If you think that, then you didn’t pay attention at all.

    4. Troll Face

      @Max Mustermann what’s a ”fond” ?

  13. Auggi Rangel

    Amazing, incredible how this would’ve never crossed my mind! That’s why I love financially smart people !

  14. LAUCH3D

    “the economy is doing better, so the stock market should do better too. This is wrong. Its actualy the opposite” …”there is no correlation”… well this is actualy a correlation

  15. Lloyd-Donald Castle

    “Everything this guy said is true !” But, just the same, I do not like him, I can’t stand listening to his mouth. Deep inside I can’t help but feel like he is a creep.

  16. BenRangel

    “buy low, sell high” is the most basic advice ever – but still, it bears repeating.
    Think about it – how many of us bought early 2009?
    Most people feared that there would be a further recession, and avoided buying anything until it was clear the market was going up again. And by then they’d already missed a lot of the potential gains.

  17. Darlene Borges

    There’s this question I usually ask myself when I first started to trading. I always ask if trading can actually make me rich?

    1. Darlene Borges

      After a year of trading. I can now confidently answer my question. Yes!!. I made over half a million dollars last year and my gratitude goes to my trader Mr Elton Jonathan. He’s has been the reason behind my success in trading

    2. Darlene Borges

      @junior mcarthur only a few make it on their first trial that’s why I suggest that new traders should trade with the help of a professional till they are confident enough to trade

    3. Darlene Borges

      @Michelle Scott you can contact him with [] for more information

    4. Frak Creation

      @Darlene Borges Can you share his any contact on social media, that I can talk to him. My Instagram @frakcreation

  18. Blue Peacock

    Ironic, “information for the masses or the classes.” Sounds like everything you are spouting are for the masses.

  19. Rocky Lobster

    “These guys are more smart than the government?” That’s an understatement.

    1. Vevay1961

      My dog is smarter than everyone in government combined….. and he eats his own crap.

  20. Kaitlin Ivy Bombers

    Investing is profitable when you have the right expert guiding you on the do’s and don’ts. Good ROI as a result of proper professional guidance

    1. Philip Jerome

      How then can one get good guidance?

    2. Kaitlin Ivy Bombers

      In partnership with an expert and pro investor. I begin to earn as I invest after a while loosing on the trade market . I never thought It so lucrative

    3. Chris Chetwyn

      Nope, its been proven multiple times that a majority of the “experts” don’t do any better in the market from people who just consistently reinvest and keep track of investments.

      Experts are either for people who are clueless or just to make money from people not in the know

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