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The pros and cons of trading futures


The benefits and drawbacks of trading futures is the subject of discussion on this video today. Trading futures is what I specialise in and also began discovering when I was just 18 years of ages. I, currently do believe that futures is one of the very best markets to trade. However, I do not wish to suggest of unicorns and rainbows. Individuals do need understand that the similar to any market there are both good and also negative things that can take place, so let's start.

Among the initial pros of trading futures I find is that you can get going very easily with extremely reduced barriers of entry. You can start an account with simply $1000 which is much less than various other industries. There is additionally a whole lot much less adjustment in the marketplace, comparted to places like the Foreign exchange market. That does not mean to state there is none control, but it is a whole lot even more of an equal opportunity.

This is wonderful for newbies as it permits you trade in a controlled market, implying you have much less chance of being stung as a result of unreasonable conduct. The E-mini S&P 500 is the highest possible traded market by expert retail investors. Retail investors are individuals like you and me, resting in your home trading in front of our computer systems.

Now, going on to the cons in our advantages and disadvantages of trading futures conversation. With trading futures, it is a little much easier to make even more cash, however with that said in mind it implies you have the ability to lose equally as much cash. Due to the fact that the leverage is a whole lot higher, it is a bit riskier if you do not know what you are doing. There are means to ensure you get on top of your game, utilizing quit losses, high chance methods to make certain your victors are larger than your losers.

These are some fast factors on the pros and cons of trading futures, there aren't a lot of disadvantages as it is very easy to begin and it has a much more equal opportunity. Nonetheless, you require to ensure you have a great strategy as well as get on top of your game to make sure you do not get stung in this huge market.

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    Hello Marcello, I am very new to the traders area (beginner). I have been following your YouTube channel for about a month now. I watch at least 4/5 video everyday and am very impressed on your passion and teaching skills. I find your information content to be helpful. With that being said, I would like to get into trading Stocks/Options and/or Futures. Which of your strategies would be a good fit? Also do you have any academy’s in the States USA? Keep up the great job.

    1. Day Trading Academy

      +David Rodriguez Strategy is relative depending on what you feel comfortable.

    2. David Rodriguez

      {Day Trading Academy} K with research I see CME emini S&P 500 futures is the path I need to go. Were do I find the best course you could provide to learn how to keep PnL high-n-low?

  3. Robert De La Fuente

    Love the way you explain everything

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      +Robert De La Fuente Thanks my man

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      Cheers for this, been searching for “stock trading strategy software” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Annahiy Stockify Sabinianus – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

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    Great video, simple, informative.

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    Please amend spelling error ‘comparted’

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  9. Driss Arfal

    Futures is not the market to begin with. It’s he most liquid market , but the Risk is very high also volatility use to be very high.

    1. Day Trading Academy

      High volatility is good for traders. And the risk vs reward with the system we use is minimum 2 to 1

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    hello , im a new trader , i like to trade currency futures but i cant get the rigyh time to trade , can you help me . thanks

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    What futures do you trade?

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      All of them 😊

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    Not sure it is just me but I obsereved that ES has a tendency to adhere more to the indicators compared to a currency pair

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Forex is heavily manipulated I do not recommend Forex at all

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  16. BinaryOptionsTutor

    Very candid and informative video. You bring up some great points here and I agree that a centralized exchange does help level the playing field.

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    Watch this at 1.25 speed..


    I am a beginner trader. Question: can one trade futures outside of the US.? How can u compare futures trading with forex?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Yes u can trade futures outside the US

  20. Profile One

    They got futures on Robinhood ??

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