Trading 101: How to Buy Stocks


Trading 101: Exactly How to Get Stocks

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The Ultimate Overview to Finding The Very Best Online Supply Broker:

If you want to obtain involved in the marketplaces, comprehending just how to buy supplies is an important step. There are a number of different order types you can make use of when placing an order, all which are reviewed in this novices video.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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71 Thoughts to “Trading 101: How to Buy Stocks”

  1. Jonathan 6 X

    Awesome this is getting my interest in the stock market I’m 24 by the way but I am understanding how it works with these videos.

    1. Amit

      hi im 12 and can bench press 315 for 15 reps… that good?

  2. Richarda Glass

    Great video. Your explanation of stop-loss sound was very interesting. Thanks!

    1. Patel Vidhu

      Stop loss is problem in some trade but it is necessity to limit loss.

    2. EMAN B

      Richarda Glass ..

    3. E Randy Jenkins

      Richarda. You should do some Modeling. I used to model befor I became an Actor. You have a beautiful face. In addition Thanks ClayTrader for your valuable information. I just subscribed your channel.

  3. Jo Nordilus

    Wow, super helpful! wish I had this when I was in high school economics..maybe I would have passed! lol

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks, glad you found it helpful.

  4. William Baez

    this is great, straight forward keep your videos coming i’m learning a lot. thank you

    1. ClayTrader

      Glad to hear that.

  5. 3 Zay

    I am only 17 and really trying to learn more about this. This is a great video so I will continue watching your videos and gaining more knowledge on stocks! Thanks for video!

    1. Nicholas Winstel

      @Heng Samphea You ever make that group? I’m interested in learning this stuff with someone. May be late to the show but its never too late. I recently turned 18 and am ready to try to make some cash

    2. Savalas Squire

      Nicholas Winstel same I’m 17 !

    3. Slomofogo

      If you are 17 then consider getting advice on a Roth IRA. That is where some of my lawn mowing money would have gone had I known better at that age.

    4. The creed

      @Nicholas Winstel are you guys currently in a group? i want to join and learn more im only 20 years old.

    5. Yoloswag 999966

      @Nathan kagoro me too

  6. Say Yes Travel

    Finally someone who I can understand, looking forward to watching more of your vids! Thanks!

    1. ClayTrader

      Thanks, glad to hear you can understand them πŸ™‚

  7. Fernando Martinez

    very helpful Clay, thanks for sharing

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome. Glad it could help.

  8. Javier Ordaz

    Great video, but can you maybe make a tutorial on how to buy/sell on an actual website or app?

    1. ac0de

      yes plz have you made a video yet and if so can you post a link. ty

    2. Bj Gabato

      @ClayTrader how much should capital to start buying stocks?

    3. Plen122

      @Bj Gabato did you get an answer yet? I mean, from any source? I would think you could start buying as long as you had enough for at least one share of stock, and the fee to buy it lol. But I could be wrong.

    4. Brunette

      No, you’re right.
      You open an account with an online broker, fund the account, and then use those funds to purchase stocks/mutual funds/exchange traded funds/bonds.
      Many brokers offer mutual funds with no fees or minimum purchase requirements (well, a $1 minimum).
      I opened a free Schwab brokerage account and started with $100 I put into fee-free mutual funds.

  9. The Wormhole

    I just decided at 3AM to learn about trading stocks. This is the first video I found and it’s great! I subscribed and I hope to learn more. Also you’re adorable!! ;P

    1. Jay Jasani

      I’m watching at 4am. Lol

    2. kevin Singh

      12:11 here haha

    3. Ash 44

      Wow same…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      3 am, exactly after 2 years

  10. Connexiss

    1. Buy low, sell high
    2. Focus on potential
    3. Minimize risk
    4. Diversify

    1. WolfOf Port

      Connexiss Lololol like this helps anyone.

    2. Plen122

      Question though, what is the average rate of success, I mean the chance of any stock going up in price within a reasonable amount of time to make money by selling it? So for example, If you buy one stock, chances are not great that it’s going to make money. But if you buy three or four, chances are that one of them will make some money, right? So I’m just curious what that chance is, on average.

  11. Cristina Lopez

    Thank you!!! this is the first video that has actually broken down the definitions for me. Please keep doing these type of videos!!

    1. ClayTrader

      Glad you enjoyed. I offer many others here –

  12. Walter Kovack

    He lost me at 2:06 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ man I’m dumb gonna have to Watch this,a,few times

    1. Plen122

      No big deal. I think just once you get your account online, just start out slow and see what happens, we all learn best by doing it ourselves anyway so you will get the hang of it.

      I haven’t done any trading for years, so I really should start again cuz I need to pay off some credit cards 😁

    2. pretty kayy

      @Plen122 how did it work out for you when you were doing it

    3. Plen122

      @pretty kayy It was so long ago, I think I gained a little bit, but unfortunately stopped doing it. I need to start it back up again.

    4. pretty kayy

      @Plen122 I really want to get into it. Any suggestions?

    5. Plen122

      @pretty kayy ugh like I said, it’s been a long time. But I know that your generally in good shape if you buy stocks when the market is a bit low. Start an account, and then don’t buy until the news says the market has gone down like 300 or 500 or whatever. But also make sure you get different ones, like a tech stock, or healthcare, you know so you can stay diversified. But you will have to research the different options, like you can set certain stocks to sell when the price rises to whatever or drops, etc. I would just start an account and maybe just start with a Little money, as you go you’ll get used to it.

  13. Mclovin Jr.

    I’m 16… I bought stocks because stocks are the future and investment is the smarties thing. I spent over $600. I have made $5,538

    1. Yebai Zhao

      @IkaikaFrom Hawaii same

    2. Yebai Zhao


    3. Plen122

      Has anyone made a couple thousand dollars? That’s not asking a lot, is it? I need to pay off a credit card lol. But if it takes a year, that’s fine, I just want to be able to make some money. Not looking to make a million within one year or anything stupid like that.

    4. Kenneth Roth

      @Plen122 I made 2k so far off my initial investment

    5. lilrexy

      Any updates? Are you still interested and trading stocks?

  14. Samuel Shtefanio

    “lets stock about it”

    1. Lafee

      I’m sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let’s talk about it

    2. Jaiox

      Samuel Shtefanio no

    3. Ari. Galaxy

      Had captions on and it ruined the pun but still had a laugh lol

  15. Mr. Penas

    Let’s stock about it?

  16. Justin Pettit

    Appreciate this. You gave me the info I was looking for.

    1. ClayTrader

      Glad it could help.

  17. Pau Ruiz

    I want to be a genius in stocks to the point when i see a tv screen with numbers on it, i can understand what’s going on and not scratch my head lol

    1. ClayTrader

      haha, I like that goal!

    2. Green Market 420

      Nice one Pau Ruiz! You got talents. 😊

    3. Dank Memes Give Me Wet Dreams

      How’s it going?

    4. Jack Hand

      I like this app, easy way to get started. No minimum, free trades, free stock for signing up through this link. Still much to learn after getting started, but this app is a great was to start. Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

  18. Caleb Bennett

    I’m only 13.. but tryna make it big in life

    1. Scott Martin

      @Fear My Clique have you been trading and done well enough to make a living?

    2. Brigadier General

      Im also 13 almost 14 now and im going to trade : )



    4. NIKKI

      GO HEADπŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’― CALEB

  19. SkillZ

    0:07 – “Lets stock about it”

  20. Colbe Bull

    Instructions weren’t clear:

    *lost my house*

    1. Angelica Munive

      Lmao wow

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