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20 Thoughts to “What Are The Best Penny Stocks To Buy & Short Sell?”

  1. Market Murker

    Cavuto is a tool. Let Tim Grittani speak for just one second. Other than that, great interview.

  2. rfpaul

    Nice interview Tim, very informative but casual too, which makes it even more interesting and less boring.

  3. Milan Polak

    congrats and well deserved both of you!

  4. S BTrades

    Whenever Cavuto says “Interesting”, he sounds so condescending.

  5. Arron Johnson

    Congrats guys!!

  6. Alex M.

    I’m just say: “WOW!!!, Congrats!”

  7. J. Mark Zedlitz

    Congratulations! Great interview!

  8. LBCD Family

    Congrats, to Tim G. Great job

  9. Xavier Buscato

    Cant believe i have an interview on sunday. And i am super young. I am so excited.

  10. Smart Investor

    Tim G is so young and already self made millionaire. I am jealous.

    1. James Edwards-Marche

      Don’t be jealous, be INSPIRED!

  11. J

    It’s great to see the penny stock market getting some media attention, hopefully this gets more people to start playing the game.
    Both Tim’s spoke well, but Neil Cavuto is such an unprofessional joke… Apparently Mr. FOX Biz does no research/preparation of his guests. Such a horrible host/interviewer.

  12. Moshe Telles

    it seems like you guys were teaching the interviewer a lesson when Tim said that they hardly hold a penny stock for a day

  13. gwin scott

    nice exposure….good interview…tims

  14. Odd Stock Trader


  15. Willy D

    Good job, I can’t wait to get started!

  16. alycia gamargo

    Funny how Tim and Tim spoke in sync a couple of times

  17. Merlin J

    Haha timothy Sykes

  18. Hunter B

    I made 5k in one day from just watching your youtube videos Tim.  You are the man!

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