1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression – Documentary


Brief Background of that economic created crash of 1929
BBC docudrama

On October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday hit Wall surface Road as capitalists traded some 16 million shares on the New York Supply Exchange in a solitary day. Billions of bucks were lost, erasing countless capitalists. In the consequences of Black Tuesday, America et cetera of the industrialized world spiraled downward into the Great Clinical Depression (1929-39), the inmost and longest-lasting economic decline in the background of the Western industrialized world up to that time.

1929 Stock Market Crash

During the 1920s, the UNITED STATE stock market went through rapid expansion, reaching its peak in August 1929, after a duration of wild conjecture. Already, production had actually already decreased as well as joblessness had actually risen, leaving supplies in wonderful unwanted of their genuine value. Amongst the other causes of the eventual market collapse were reduced wages, the expansion of financial debt, a having a hard time agricultural sector and also an excess of large small business loan that could not be sold off.

Supply costs started to decrease in September as well as early October 1929, as well as on October 18 the fall began. Panic set in, and on October 24, Black Thursday, a record 12,894,650 shares were traded. Investment firm and leading bankers attempted to stabilize the marketplace by buying up fantastic blocks of stock, generating a modest rally on Friday. On Monday, however, the storm damaged once again, and the marketplace went into free autumn. Black Monday was adhered to by Black Tuesday (October 29), in which supply prices collapsed entirely and also 16,410,030 shares were traded on the New York Supply Exchange in a single day. Billions of dollars were shed, erasing thousands of capitalists, and also supply tickers ran hours behind because the equipment might not deal with the incredible quantity of trading.

1929 Stock Exchange Collision as well as the Great Clinical depression

After October 29, 1929, supply costs had nowhere to go yet up, so there was substantial recuperation throughout succeeding weeks. In general, nevertheless, prices remained to go down as the United States plunged into the Great Depression, as well as by 1932 stocks deserved just regarding 20 percent of their value in the summer of 1929. The securities market collision of 1929 was not the single cause of the Great Anxiety, but it did act to increase the worldwide financial collapse of which it was also a sign. By 1933, almost half of America's banks had actually failed, and also joblessness was approaching 15 million individuals, or 30 percent of the labor force.

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88 Thoughts to “1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression – Documentary”

  1. Crypto Chiefs

    The modern depression is already here, but they learned to print money to prop up the market to make people think everything is ok.

    1. TheMozzaok

      @Michael Williams Whatever you are Ms Williams, I assure you, I am not. Spit out a few more cliches you do not understand and pretend you have the first clue about which you speak.

    2. Michael Williams

      @TheMozzaok oh I understand what I wrote, and you definitely do too, or you wouldn’t have responded. This why I don’t have to write cliches but Truth, which is a sweet incense to those in line with it and a repulsive stank of judgement to those who walk against it…go head act like you don’t understand that.

    3. TheMozzaok

      @Michael Williams Sorry darling, I do not want to upset you, it is only the internet, have a nice day, and we can agree to disagree.

    4. Michael Williams

      @TheMozzaok yup and you spoke to my writing out of the blue, and now you want my peace, you can’t upset me only disappoint me like most people walking the face of the Earth.
      Yerimyahu 16:19-21 is for ones like you,
      19 O Yahuah, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, SURELY OUR FATHERS HAVE INHERITED LIES, VANITY, and THINGS WHEREIN THERE IS NO PROFIT.
      20 Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?
      21 Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is Yahuah.

    5. christopher clanton

      So you should be thankful that the government does this in order to prevent something like this from happening again.

  2. alex carter

    This is like 2008. Lost everything. Most have not recovered, including myself. You learn to live on 25% of what you used to make.

    1. Online Ad Firm

      The market is up 200% since 2008. Should have tripled your money since then huh?

    2. Richard Rodriguez

      i live on 10% or less on what i take in, & no debt, no bills, no mortgage, i work 2 jobs all my life 78 now & still working 2 jobs

    3. Sylvia Ross

      alex carter I’m so sorry. I can relate. I became disabled in 2005 & have had to live off about 25% of what I made when I was working.

    4. begley09

      Online Ad Firm that’s irrelevant.
      The 2008 financial crisis has cost every US taxpayer roughly $70,000.00 over a lifetime. That’s money that’s already gone and no amount of capital returns will bring that back- all because of greed and speculation.

  3. Johnny C

    lol 25billion doesnt just vanished, its transferred, the exact plan of wall street.

    1. Don Dressel

      Just like in 2007-2008

    2. Storm Rider

      Wealth never disappears, it is transferred. One company become bankrupt, another profits from its misfortune. Like the crash of 1987. Many company’s plummeted while other companies had magically produced finances to purchase their assets. This was the age of “Privatisation” of assets, private and public, run those high value assets into the ground and sell them back to governments at premium prices.

    3. M- Nice

      No, it actually does disappear. It never existed in the first place.

    4. Isaiah Andrews

      By this logic the value of something isn’t just created. It can vanish because if a bar of chocolate costs $1.00 today but it becomes scarce next week and jumps to $2,000.00. Whoever buy a bar at the $2,000 market price will hold that asset. Let’s say a month goes by and chocolate farms are saved, now everyone knows there is chocolate all around. the value of it will drop from $2,000.00 to $300.00. If 10k people bought the 2k chocolate bar .. then a 7 million loss just happened. But the person who bought it at $1.00 and kept those bars made a $299.00 profit. That same person probably bought the 2k bars as well thinking price will keep going up but made a mistake. Money disappeared from the balance sheets because a lot of it was bought on Credit. That’s why sometimes a company’s risk loss back in 2008 was greater than their balance sheets because there isn’t “cash” but “credit.”

    5. begley09

      Johnny C it doesn’t vanish because it was never there.
      It’s a value that people were willing to pay and more people jumped on the train to send it higher up the mountain. Suddenly once the value started coming down because sentiment had changed then that’s when people start running for the door. However because everyone bought on margin, they lost 100% of their investment and it trickled back to the banks, they did not have the funds.
      2008 was driven by speculation and greed as well, people thought the housing market could only keep going up and up and then… it didn’t.
      People were buying homes they had no business owning aka subprime mortgages which were packaged and rated as triple A to investors.

  4. Really Hairy Bush

    This is all eerily similar to what’s happening today.

    1. Cody Polar

      @Boltons Mustache I will sell everyone my gold for USEFUL items. Try trading your gold to someone for food or a useful item like a tool or weapon when people are fighting for their lives. They won’t take it!

    2. Boltons Mustache

      @Cody PolarWhat makes you think that I don’t have weapons 1000lbs of food seeds to grow food water filters and multiple energy sources?

    3. Cody Polar

      @Boltons Mustache What makes you think I thought you don’t?

  5. John Lopez

    Hooverville’s are already everywhere here in California.

    1. Soviet Unionball

      @Mike Allan lol and? Its not like Republicans care to fix the problem. All they do is bailout large corporations and call that “fixing the problem”.

    2. elaine e

      +John Lopez Your tents cities should be called Obamaville.

    3. billy smith

      @JodyJohn123 people are unemployable because of drugs. everybody in our country are stoned.

    4. billy smith

      @Faizan A people are on drugs. we are losing our intelligence

  6. Elias Castillo

    Man I’m amazed at how history is repeating itself. Funny thing though, as I’m watching this I’m getting YouTube ads about how to trade and get massive returns on the stock market

    1. Saltponds239

      @paul mc guigan To each their own. I love the volatility of the Trump market. I don’t hold anything. Goes up, I sell. Goes down, I buy. Every 500 point swing is a golden opportunity. Bitcoin is 10k, an awful lot to jump in but again, to each their own.

      Even CD’s are giving the investor a nice return without the gamble.

    2. Outerflesh Entertainment

      @paul mc guigan People will regret not listening to you, but it will be too late

    3. Anthony Peters

      actually it’s the best opportunity you may ever see, it’s close to occuring once again, this is the greatest transfer of wealth we have already entered but most ppl are

  7. Raheel Akhtar

    “Buy now pay later”. 1919. So in a 100 years we haven’t learned anything! 🤔

    1. Juan Shaft Patel

      @Nigel Butterfield you must be poor and mad about it.. blame your parents

    2. Nigel Butterfield

      @Juan Shaft Patel I have what I need to pay my bills as they arrive, my parents are dead and mother was missing over 25 years before we found out.

    3. 48laveo

      No we haven’t. Most of us are sheep. I include myself.

    4. punker4Real

      honestly i learned about finances from my grandparents I have Zero Debt and have good amount in my savings 🙂 Car is paid off …. just need a safe bet investment.. I do use credit cards but pay them off a reep the rewards my credit cards have all ready PAID me $140. on normal bought items . (they have no cash discount so might as well get my cash back 1% percent) PAID in full every month( after 10 days)

    5. Escape Felicity

      @karl cunningham
      “$1000 dollars” huh?

  8. Clarence Troy

    And “they” want you to invest your retirement 401k in the same volatile stock market. Scary stuff!

    1. begley09

      Kenny Dyas huh?

    2. Kenny Dyas

      @begley09 I don’t deal with the stock market; in my opinion it’s a ponzoi scheme.

    3. Kenny Dyas

      @begley09 Thank you for your post. Very interesting. I have never bought any company’s stock and never will. I’d rather put my money elsewhere. Too many opportunities for insider trading and some corporate CEO getting rich quick off other people’s money. But did enjoy your post. Best of luck

    4. begley09

      @Kenny Dyas Lots of scummy business takes place behind closed doors. Its kinda why I moved away from individual stocks and just buy exchange traded funds, or ETF’s for short. With my discount brokerage that I’m with, I pay no fees to add to my position when I want. Even if we were to see a 50% drop in the markets like we did in 2008( which I don’t think we will, not that I like making predictions), I would continue to passively buy more no matter the price. Again by buying into ETF’s, you’re not picking just 1 company, you’re picking 10000’s of companies. Time in the market will almost always beat time out but you have to be comfortable with being in the market, forget about returns. It’s why when you hear about people who are approaching retirement and they had their funds in the market and watched it cut to 50+ % or even to zero if you owned certain financial firms, well that tells me they were ill-informed about the repercussions of the market.

  9. Ernest Kovach

    Some Ernest learned life lessons:

    You don’t really ” own ” your house.

    Pay cash always not credit.

    Debit card not credit card.

    Buy used car not new.

    Never buy auto unless you can pay cash up front.

    Don’ t buy the brand , but the best quality at lowest price point .

    Get a library card, free.

    Always sign your own checks, and other legal documents.

    If you loan money to your family or friends , consider it a grant or gift and not a loan.

    Sometimes the only way job will get done right is if you do it yourself.

    If you are ultra wealthy don’t marry…or else get as fine a pre nup as

    wear a condom

    Brush and floss your teeth.

    Character is even more important than reputation.

    Always get it in writing.

    Try not to borrow

    Stock a large food pantry.

    Exercise often.

    1. juan moco

      @Alec Alberti i have emergency food and bunker and my shitload of bitcoin ;]

    2. Max China

      @Karla Staley have my own artesian well 😏

    3. Poul Winther Knudsen

      @Jan loves many And pretty much everything where the trail might matter, such as tickets. Yeah, make sure not to leave a footprint in your local grocery store…. jeez!

    4. Poul Winther Knudsen

      @Outerflesh Entertainment You can CAPITALIZE as many dramatic words as you like but the all-knowing attitude and demeaning way you speak to your fellow man makes you one of the last people I would take advise from, especially about the future.

    5. K August

      “Have more than thou showest;
      Speak less than thou knowest.”

      – Shakespeare

  10. kal209 yemen

    Dont forget the government went around and made its citizens give up all their gold during the depression

    1. billyjean vogul

      very damning statement, got a link?

    2. kal209 yemen

      @billyjean vogul yes just google “executive order 6102” and let me know what you think

    3. billyjean vogul

      @kal209 yemen I think my history class failed me… thank you. 10 years in prison if someone was caught hoarding gold.

    4. kal209 yemen

      @billyjean vogul oh i wasnt taught this in no history curiculum i had to stumble upon it while doing my own research. And they were dead serious about it too. And frrom then on our money was no longer backed by gold. History repeats itself…

  11. Apelles Villain

    Money just doesn’t “disappear”. The elite bankers lined their pockets.

    1. Rafael

      Total agreement, it went from one account to another and another…👍

    2. Paul Dyche

      @Kyle Krause yeah when stocks go down money disappears 100%

    3. Paul Dyche

      Wrong brother stock goes to zero no one gets anything Banks don’t get anything

    4. begley09

      Apelles Villain yes it can! Ever heard of people getting rich “on paper?” Then losing it all? They never had it to begin with.
      The system collapses when that money is no long able to be paid, it didn’t go anywhere.
      It’s like homes for example, overtime the price goes up. On paper your home is worth “x” amount, someone isn’t coming to your door and giving you cash every time the value goes up or vice versa when it goes down.

    5. Paul Dyche

      @begley09 100% correct

  12. Stephen Thomas

    1919 to 2019…….nothing has changed.

    1. J D

      the market was manipulated by the central banks and the money when to germany to build her war machines. it is still being done today as trump states the interest rate is influencing the market at the will of the feds, i.e.; the feds keep the market at fluctuating between 27,000 and 26,000. the market loses thousand point down to 26,000 and oscillates up to 27000. nobody observes this as unusual! we the people of the u.s. are in bondage to the federal reserve bank since the federal reserve act of 1913 signed by president wilson. see steppenwolf “monster”. the beast it is the feds

    2. Jay Garrick

      @Andrew Piatek that’s simply a new culture

    3. Stock762

      Bitcoin was created in 2009 do some research thank me later

    4. Average American

      @J D Everybody ain’t Human. Take the elite oligarchs, for example…

    5. Jimmy Ross

      +Rob 80   Will be under surveillance in our homes? Alexa, are you listening?

  13. carroyo911

    And the market is still a rigged casino… we have learned nothing…

    1. Ryan Hanson

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    2. Cris5598

      We? Maybe your family members?

    3. PETER Kåwe

      Just learn to get out in time, Thats the secret. When you get out in time, you have more to bet, the markets are like oceanen, waves….

    4. begley09

      maurice Mr. Grind timing the market hardly ever works. I do agree that having a balanced and risk according portfolio is a great idea.
      For me I’m sitting in a large cash position and have been for 6 months now- the market has barely moved.
      But think of this, back in 2011 we had a bit of volatility. It was largest down day we had since the flash crash and the 2008 meltdown. I remember hearing the media and people saying cash is king, things are going to get worse from here, “the market has topped out”.
      If you went in all cash from 2011 til present, just look at all gains you’ve missed out on if your money was in a broad market index etf.

  14. Tubo 1

    Market manipulation??? Let’s call it what it is, robbery!

    1. AntiSocial Atheist

      I agree

    2. AntiSocial Atheist

      I invest often and i really enjoy micro float stocks it’s very volatile and i know I’m gambling not investing. These firms can manipulate the price with limited capital. I can profit but it’s very risky but I’m a gambler and i enjoy it. You can’t get in unless you’re willing to watch your investment possibly drop 20 within hours and at times minutes. It can also go to the upside equally fast.

    3. Tubo 1

      Thanks for your perspective from somebody who is in the industry. To me I feel they manipulate the masses by not educating them on that.

  15. Christian92687

    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  16. Majin Mist

    2019 we are told our economy is very great just like the 1919 …………. ironic

    1. King Zingo

      The Economy is going to Crash. Repent and turn toward The Lord Jesus.
      Spread the word.

    2. King Zingo

      Actually the banks are supposed to spend 2 trillion dollars by October 10th. It is seriously not looking good. They are going to get people’s property because the government somehow owns the land. Just prepare food and water because I think it is happening Thursday or the 24th again.

    3. Larry Sunde

      @King Zingo I’ll just get into cash instead

    4. Scott R

      @King Zingo Jesus saves green stamps that is about it

    5. Charlie Wilder

      @Majin Mist. This isn’t irony. Consult your dictionary.

  17. Naomi Talking Money

    Watching in October 2019… things like 90 years ago… YIKES!

    1. Alec Alberti

      I’m afraid it’s going to happen again. This time it will be worse. Ever since I was a kid, the old timers said it would happen again. They made it through the depression. The difference between then and now is that although they had more sense of community back then, at the same time they cherished self sufficiency.Many had gardens and livestock even if only a flock of chickens. Most people could plant and harvest vegetables, forage for food or barter labor or goods for food. They could take the fishpole to the creek or lake, take the gun to the woods and fields. Today, most of this generation doesn’t know how and even if they do it’s hard. When it happens it’s going to be hell on earth.

    2. Khaizer Republic

      Me too. Greetings from the Philippines! 🇵🇭😊✋

    3. agfagaevart

      @Alec Alberti Or they could take a gun to the local bank! :-0 You can’t even do that now.

  18. Sino Pino

    “90% of the stock market is borrowed money ” 14:19

  19. MrPwmiles

    “It is impossible to underestimate the impact…”, heard in intro. You just did dude. So long

  20. Ixu axuni

    Who is moving when they’re two months old? 🤦‍♂️

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