1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash


The most disastrous stock exchange crash in the history of the United States;
Its from my favored documentary by PBS – New York.

This particular part regarding Wall surface Street collision of 1929 is from episode 5 of the series with title: Cosmopolis
there are lots of archive images, footages and also illustrations throughout the series as well as in my point of view it was great work finished with locating them.

collection web site:

" Archival shoots occurred at numerous historic and social establishments, including the New-York Historic Society, the Museum of the City of New York, and also the Collection of Congress, and also focused on the shooting of specifically unusual or large-scale archival prints, lithographs, maps, and pictures"

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40 Thoughts to “1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash”

  1. VIRUSx17

    Here we go again..this time Greater Depression of 2009…

  2. xpez

    5:11 sounds like the recent govt bailout!!!

  3. CrizH

    This video sure helped me for studying on my great depression test.

  4. lucas pallan

    And Jesse Livermore walked away rich as

  5. InstTaxSolutionsLLC

    “Excess speculation.” That sounds familiar. It seems that in a sense history repeats itself.

  6. Sallie Mae

    Just like the professionals that advised on the 1929 Crash?

  7. FleetingDesireForBepsi

    4/10 would not bang.

    1. theo

      lol im one of the 4

  8. vettefever67

    Pretty funny to see these historians talking about the 20’s and how similar they are to now. Its the little guy vs. the oligarchs. 

    1. TheBooban

      Are farms going bust and sales going down now too?

    2. vettefever67

      Maybe not industrial farms but  certainly little farms. 

  9. Aaron Rollins

    what a coincidence that this was posted the same year as the next crash

    1. Jonathan Powell

      We may have another crash in the future. But this time, it will lead to only a minor recession – NOT a massive global depression

    2. Evan Lyons

      UserName0043 lol

    3. World Alternative Media

      There were a lot of crashes after ’29 leading to 2007. lol
      ~ Josh

    4. Itsaboutthewaterlife

      Jonathon: LOL Jerome Powell will print more money than there are stars in the sky. Alas, to no avail.

    5. Jason Gallant

      Aaron Rollins ?

  10. e james

    the same human psychology that fuels the boom………….can also fuel the crash.
    “there is nothing to fear………….but fear itself”.

  11. SGDeGalvez

    “..and then the bottom fell out”

  12. Dacian _23

    Who else is watching this because they have a project about it?

    1. Tyson Maas

      Nop not me I came from a Vivziepop video…😆

    2. Al Whistler

      me not fun

    3. Natasja Thygesen

      Dacian _23 lol

    4. Wicked King

      im procrastinating from it in the comments lol

  13. Abbie Panda

    Ironic how all the investors waiting to trade stood on Alexander Hamilton’s grave

  14. Freddy Cook

    You can’t crash unless you leave the ground????????? Wtf is she talking about

    1. no name

      Lol in her world there never was a car crash.

  15. Matt Jones

    They happen in the fall because that’s the 4th quarter of the year, when everybody reacts to the year-end realities compared to their hyped expectations.

  16. Twenty one panics at The pilot disco

    You know that moment when you watch this In class

    1. Beast from the East

      Yeah that’s when you put your head on your desk and take a nap

  17. Kile5061

    Who else watching in 2019

    1. R. D. Scholl

      Me, I am watching. Greetings from Germany

    2. Cole Hulden

      @R. D. Scholl Greetings from Arizona, USA

  18. Woo Hoo

    Listening to it I feel like I’m watching Unsolved Mysteries.

  19. Patrick O' Shea


  20. 42

    Wow. What these people had to go through must have been really devastating during this time. Just the thought that they almost knew what it was like to be a TF2 trader on July 26th, 2019.

    1. _zboncak_

      Im gonna miss the days when unusuals were actually rare

    2. Bruce Roberts

      Well, they got the sting they had been black people through. It will happen again. It’s called when the chickens come home to roost.

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